Welcome to Wincestiel Week 2013!

The contests have now started! The categories are graphics(this will include videos), fanart, and fanfiction! Remember: the prize for each contest is your very own fanfiction written by the Mod Niko! You can submit your entries through the submit button or by tagging your entry with wincestielweek13! Remember, not only can you do Wincestiel, but you can also do J2M!

Let’s make this the best Wincestiel Week yet!

The Winchesters loves an angel instead

I felt like writing another wincestiel one shot

I were lying in my bed. The blanket pushed down to my hips. It was warm in the room even though the window was opened. My eyes were closed, but I could still see the light under my eyelids, that the sun still shone outside. I turned my head, resting my cheek on the pillow under my head. I breathed in the scent. It smelled like the ocean and new cut grass. It must have been the new fabric softener I bought not long ago.

On my right side I knew Sam was lying. Last time I checked he was lying on his stomach, bare chested, and reading a thick pocket. His hair hanging down except for the side who was turned to me, he had pulled it behind his ear.

Dean, on the other hand, sat by a small table, reading today’s paper and taking notes, looking for another hunt. I think this would be a calm day, at least it had been so far. We have all worked our asses off the last months.

I moaned softly and stretched my body out. My eyes opened slowly. Everything was the same as last time I checked. I rolled over buried my face in the pillow and wrapped my arms around it feeling the cool fabric underneath.

Suddenly I felt a movement in the bed. Then I felt something close and a hand landing softly on my back and it started to rub it gently. I relaxed under the touch, getting goosebumps all over my arms. And then I could smell it. The cologne who reminded me of punch. Sam always smelled like that and I swear I would never get tired of it.

Footsteps echoed the room and getting closer to the giant bed. The bed sank a bit as Dean laid down on my left side giving me a kiss on my scapula. “Cas” he murmured against my skin, giving me goosebumps all over my body. I lifted my head and turned it to Dean who was ready to catch my lips. I sighed into the touch. Sam had laid an arm around my waist, his face buried in my neck and I could feel his hot breath and his lips caress the skin there. Dean slid his tongue over my bottom lip begging for entrance. I separated my lips letting Dean in. I felt a hand locking itself in mine. Probably Deans.

I have never felt so loved as I did in the Winchesters arms. They touched me so gently, kissed me, whispered that I was beautiful, whispering my name. I’ve never heard someone pronounce my name so beautiful before I met them. After I realized that I felt human feelings I started to read human books and listen to music and fell for the words, the beauty. And some of the authors were right. Angels also need love and being taken care of… And as I understand it, the Winchesters loves an angel instead.

The Next Ten Days ~ for #wincestielweek13

Title: The Next Ten Days

Author: OpheliacAngel

Pairings & Characters: Sam/Dean/Cas

Genre: Romance/Family/Hurt/Comfort

Rating: Teen

Summary: Pushed to their breaking points, or whatever they call it these days, Sam, Dean and Cas move in together to try to create some semblance of peace and home between the three of them. Domestic AU. Human!Cas.

A/N: This was written for #wincestielweek13 on tumblr; there currently seems to not be enough love for this fantastic ship. 

Day One ~ Imagine

Nothing had ever felt more real as he held the key in his hand, a sole object, brushing the smooth, metal surface with his thumb until Dean snatched it away and reality had settled in permanently around him.

He never figured Cas would be good at this kind of stuff; he’s only been human for seven months and already he’s adjusted, or as adjusted as he’s ever gonna get cause let’s face it, there’s just some things about that used to be angel that are never gonna change, that should never be changed. A million and one reasons why Sam Winchester loves Castiel exactly the way he is, and he was only stupid enough for a second to imagine falling might change Cas in ways he wouldn’t like.

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I am SOOOO far behind on that verse it’s ridiculous. Hailey helped me map out the next part but I’m probably 2 or 3 parts away from Dean/Cas/Sam sexy times and I have a Moulin Rouge AU to get out of the way first.


The only thing I have to hold you over for now is this:

Dean tilts the camera down, recording himself as he strokes his cock a few times. A particularly loud “fuck” from Sam draws his attention, and the camera, back to the bed. They’re at the foot of it now, Sam damn close to fucking Cas right off with each of his hard thrusts. Dean moves behind them when Sam leans over to kiss Cas. Getting a great angle of Cas stuffed full of Sam’s dick.

“Get him wetter for me, Dean.” Sam says turning his head to look around. “Shove his alpha’s cock in his mouth, so his tight little hole gets nice and sloppy for me.”

Dean pats himself on the back for Sam’s dirty-talk, he’s taught him well, and walks over to Cas’s turned head. Cas looks up at him from the corner of his eyes, licks his lips and opens his mouth, tongue sticking out. How can Dean resist? He quickly zooms in on Cas’s mouth and slowly pushes his cock in. Cas closes his eyes and moans around Dean, sucking gently as Dean makes his way to the back of his throat.

“Thataboy, Cas.” Sam runs his thumb across Cas’s bottom lip, fingertips teasing at Dean’s balls. “Nothing like your mate’s fat cock in your mouth to make you wet all over again, huh?”

Results are in!

First off, let me just say thank you to EVERYONE who submitted something! The Wincestiel community is very happy over your contributions and you’re all appreciated. Every entry will be reblogged on the Mod Niko’s blog everything-wincestiel where Wincestiel isn’t just a week, but all year! Be sure to follow to keep up with the Wincestiel awesomeness!

And now, it’s time for the results.


For graphics, we have beatissofunny with As brothers we stand…

For fanart, we have apentomyheadandimdead with Marked

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! For fanfiction, we have…

charla8897 with The Next Ten Days

Congratulations to all the winners! To get your prizes, your very own specialized Wincestiel fanfiction, please PM everything-wincestiel so the Mod Niko can easily keep track of things. Your prizes however, will be posted on this blog here.

Thank you again everyone and let’s do this again next year!

I Won!!!

OMG OMG OMG… I cannot believe that I actually won wincestielweek13 (for the fanfiction part)! This just does not seem real, it has to be a dream. My first win! The artwork and graphic that won were both amazing, I can’t believe I’m among the winners. This just gives me so much confidence!

Now comes the hard part… thinking about what fanfiction I want.

Two Days Left!

Hello everyone! Today and tomorrow are the last days of Wincestiel Week and I am totally ecstatic with the amount of submissions we have! Of course, we could always use more. Tomorrow is the last day you can submit entries for Wincestiel Week 2013 or by tagging your entry with wincestielweek13 and will be judged by the two mods. Remember, prizes for the people who win according to their category will receive a Wincestiel fanfic with anything the winner wants!

And how about that season finale? My jaw wasn’t the only thing that dropped during that episode!

Wincestiel Week is Now Over!

What a great week we had! We just reblogged all the entries that were known to us. If you don’t see your entry there, so long as it was posted between May 12th and 18th, PM this blog and we’ll get your entry here.

Results will be posted in a few days(or perhaps even tonight) after deliberation between the two mods.