All Better

DisraeliGears sent me this prompt ages ago: Jack is having a shit day. I mean a REAL shit day. He’s out for a game with a cracked rib, his freezer peed all over the floor overnight, his run was terrible and he ate the last piece of pie yesterday. If only there was someone to cheer him up… Happy birthday, @disraeligearsgoestumblin! I hope you have an amazing special day! xoxo

Jack would have to be out for a few games. Three tops, the doctor had said. Thankfully, his rib wasn’t cracked just bruised to hell and back. And it wasn’t even a check from the Preds. It was just a badly timed run in with Tater. Jack felt stupid, he was tired, hungry, angry, and was ready for this terrible, no good night to end.

He stumbled into his apartment, and flicked on the hallway light, wincing at the pain.

Jack hung his jacket up and walked toward the kitchen. If he drank, right now would be the portion of the evening where Jack would pour himself a scotch and throw it back. But he didn’t, so he couldn’t.

Instead, he’d have a slice of Bitty’s pie. That would do it. But then, damn it all to hell, he remembered he finished it the night before. Shit. Fine. A glass of milk, a bag of frozen peas for his side, and then off to bed.

Jack walked over to the fridge, opened it, and the light didn’t go on. He closed the door and opened it again, hoping it would magically fix itself. It didn’t, and when he put his hand in the fridge it was nowhere near cold.

“What the hell?”

Jack looked at the back of the fridge and noticed it was unplugged. It had to have been the cleaning lady, or gremlins, or just the universe telling him it hated him.

He plugged the fridge back in, and slammed the door shut. So much for the milk, the peas, the everything.

Just then his phone rang. It was Bitty.

“Sweetheart? I was in the library finishing up a paper – like you told me to – and I just saw the clip.”


“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine Bits.”

“Really? You don’t sound fine.”

Jack then sighed shakily, and knew he didn’t have to put up a brave face for Bitty. He knew he could just be.

“Bits, this day… it fucking sucked.”

“Oh no,” Bitty said, Jack hearing the concern in his voice.

“I smashed my finger this morning with a barbell. Then I was going to make my pre-game PBJ and the damn bread was moldy. I crashed into Tater and bruised my rib, basically looking like a damn moron in front of the entire arena. Then I came home, my fridge was unplugged, and now all my food is spoiled – and I had gone groceries yesterday. And then, I realized I ate all the damn pie, Bitty! There isn’t any!”

Bitty chuckled softly. “Oh, sweetheart. It sounds like you had a pretty rough day, huh?”

Jack felt his face burn.

Crisse, now that I hear myself I sound like a big baby.”

“No. Not at all. Can I do anything for you?”

“No… I’m just gonna go to bed. I’ll deal with the fridge and whatever, tomorrow. I’m just exhausted.”

“Are you sure?”

Jack bit his bottom lip. What he really wanted was to hold Bitty, and breathe in the scent of his hair, to snuggle in bed and have Bitty whisper calming words in his ear. With Bitty everything just felt better. No matter how awful things were.

“Yeah, I’m sure. It’s late, bud. We should go to bed. Call me tomorrow when you have a moment?”

“Of course, sweet pea. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Bits.”

How Jack loved his Bitty. So, so much.


“Good night.”


Jack had dozed off on the couch watching a baking show when he heard keys in the lock. (His preference for baking shows had grown exponentially since he had been with Bitty. Jack found they comforted him.)

Bitty came in, toed off his shoes, and walked toward Jack.


“Hey, you,” Bitty said as he put down his bags and bent down to kiss Jack.

“What are you doing here?”

“I took a Lyft. I come bearing sustenance, and pie,” he said brightly.

Jack’s heart clenched. This boy.

“But don’t you have class tomorrow?”

“At 11:00. It’ll be fine. Right now, I just want to take care of you.”

Jack could feel a prickling in the back of his throat, and smiled as he watched Bitty get up and take the bags to the kitchen. He unloaded some dishes, put them in the fridge, took out a pie and cut a slice.

Jack would never tire of seeing Bitty move though his kitchen as though he was born to be there.

“Scoot over, mister,” Bitty said as he returned with plate of pie.

Jack moved over slowly, and grinned as Bitty held a forkful of pie to his mouth.


Jack obeyed and let Bitty feed him.

“There,” Bitty said, almost a whisper, “All better.”

Jack nodded.

It was. It really was all better.

Aid // [Tony Stark x Reader]

Prompt drabble:: Requested by: @luxdxvine (Prompts highlighted)

A/N: Sorry for the delay! Had writer’s block :/

“Tony?” you called as you entered the mansion that was now yours too since you’d started dating Iron Man himself.

You flung your purse onto the couch and made your way to the shared bedroom.

“What the-” you gasped, having noticed the philanthropist sitting at the foot of the bed. To his credit, he only smiled at the sight of you.
A small cut ran down his cheek and was still bleeding. His lip had a cut too and purple bruises surrounded his eye.

“Hey babe,” he muttered, wincing, as he lifted a hand to you.

“What happened?” you asked, ignoring his hand and running to the drawer that had the first aid kit.

He chose not to answer as you pressed the wet cotton to his cuts and began cleaning. You dipped the cotton into the antiseptic and pressed it to the cuts again.

“Who gave you the black eye?” you questioned, gingerly touching the bruises. He did not flinch, so it wasn’t very bad.

Tony gestured vaguely, letting out a puff of air.

You pressed the cotton again and the avenger whimpered. You muttered an apology.

When the bleeding finally stopped, you applied the antiseptic cream. The cuts didn’t need stitches, thankfully.

“Where else did you get hurt?” you asked, scanning his exposed arms. Apart from a few small cuts, they looked good.

He had been watching you fuss over him all this while.
“I’m okay, (Y/N).”

“Remove your shirt.”

“Really? You want to do this now?”
You gave him an are-you-for-real expression.

“C'mon,” you insisted.

The avenger huffed and started picking at the hem of his shirt. He lifted it but groaned at the pain. You helped him remove it, as he continued to writhe and groan.

“I’m not your babysitter,” you muttered under your breath. “Be still.”

“Hey but you spoil me,” Tony noted, finally letting you aid him.

“And that’s coming from someone who is a philanthropist,” you countered.


Once you were done patching him up, you made him lay down on the bed.
“Now please don’t move a lot,” you requested, sitting by his side. You ran a hand through his hair which was laced with sweat.

“How about you give me wash? And then we have some fun?” Tony asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

You grinned at the avenger and leaned down to whisper a “later” into his ear.
He grinned back at you, a grin that would always make you warm inside.
You pressed a kiss to his lips and stood up to leave.

“Is there any chance that the ‘later’ will become ‘soon’?” Tony asked, cocking an eyebrow.

You mouthed a “maybe” and left through the bedroom door, stopping only to smile at the “dang it” that reached your ears soon after.


Gaaaah it’s been awhile since I’ve posted new stuff, I’m sorry! It’s been rather difficult to write lately cause of my work situation and lack of motivation. But i’m getting back into the gear of things, so please excuse the rustiness of this!

Prompt; tending to an injury

requested by nonners!

“Oi, exactly what did I say about going on missions like this?”  

Levy winced, more from Gajeel’s gruff tone that the bruise that was currently forming on her wrist. He hovered over her, squinting as he scrutinized every inch of her relatively unharmed body, lingering over the swell in her belly. She sighed, her shoulders dropping in acceptance of whatever lecture that was sure to come her way from the protective dragon slayer.  

“Nothing that involves danger, and nothing too strenuous,” she muttered, biting her lip as she looked up at him, her lip beginning to pout. It certainly hadn’t been her fault, she had merely misjudged the step she slipped over, landing on her wrist. She supposed that she was lucky, it had actually scared her more than hurt her. If she had actually fallen, then… well, she didn’t want to think of it.  

Jet had been at her side an instant later, panic in his voice as he asked over and over if she was alright. Although irritated at his blathering, she knew he had a damn good reason for fearing for her, not including the currently scowling Gajeel.  

She huffed at him as he tsked, gently taking her hand and beginning to wrap it in a soft wrap. It wasn’t needed, but she knew it would make him feel better, and was rather calming on the nerves. He knelt down in front of her, glowering as he tied the wrap. Well, mostly better, I guess, she thought, nibbling her lip. She sighed, her shoulders slumping tiredly as she watched him.  

He glanced up at her, the scowl slipping from his face as he returned to his task. Once he finished tying the bandage, he kissed her palm softly, placing his hand on her belly. “I ain’t mad,” he murmured, tugging her closer to press a kiss on her cheek. “Just worried as hell. Y'know how scared I was to hear that you fell?”

Guilt flooded through her, and she leaned her head against his, nuzzling him gently. She’d been frightened too, but to hear Gajeel admit it made it crystal clear what could’ve happen. “I’m sorry,” she whispered, gulping back tears as she wrapped her arms around him the best she could. “Sorry, sorry, so sorry…”

“Tch, I get it,” he rumbled, soothing her gently. He smooched her nose loudly, rising and pulling her to her feet. “Just… be careful on the steps from now on, eh?”  

She snorted, guilt turning to indignation as she pouted. Now her overprotective dragon was going to hoard her away, she just knew it. That, or never leave her side.  

She could deal with the latter, honestly. But until the kids were born, a new side of Gajeel had been unleashed, and she was just grateful that he wasn’t carrying her all the time.  

Though she wouldn’t be surprised if he tried, the silly dragon.

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"I gove up. I see no point in living if i can't be beautiful" with Jack

Jack winced as you gently pressed the cotton swab to his cheek, dabbing carefully at the days old wound. You fought the slight smile that tugged at your lips as he tried to grab your attention, the flirty blonde from Iowa quite popular in the Red Cross camp he had been dragged into after the last big battle in Brussels. For what it was worth you were finding it difficult. Professionality,especially in these times was important, having to decide who was at deaths door and could be brought back or who was too far gone and had to ‘made comfortable’. You tried to keep a smile on your lips and a strong face but you knew without a doubt he could see the bags under your eyes and the exhaustion in your movements. Still, you would treat him to the best of your ability; set the broken index finger he needed to hold his gun, treat the bullet wounds that were already healing and make sure no infection attacked the rapidly stitching flesh. 

“Does it look alright Nurse?”

Your eyes darted up to his baby blues, mirth dancing in his tired gaze. Okay, maybe you could play along with this. 

“Well I don’t know dear”, you started, your other hand lightly turning your chin so that you could follow the scar that drew almost all the way to his ear. “This could leave a nasty scar…”

He gave a dramatic gasp, his hand lifting to his forehead, twisting to the side and away from you. His eyes squeezed shut tight and he gave a mock sob, the hand on his forehead pressing against his chest. 

“I give up”, he practically wheezed out.”I see no point in living if I can’t be beautiful!”

You froze for a beat before you snorted, your wrist jumping to your lips as you laughed hard. You doubled over, the forceps holding the cotton swab almost falling as your shoulders shook. Jack carefully propped himself onto one elbow, smirking triumphantly as he looked at your smiling, laughing form. The man had made it a personal goal to make people smile wherever he went and he’d be damned if he broke that today. 

The Fight

Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Ichigo/Orihime
Rating: T

Ichigo winced as the door slammed behind him, feeling a twinge of regret as soon as it happened; but it wasn’t enough to stop his stomping progress away from their apartment. He scowled ferociously at the solid concrete steps and their refusal to respond to his hard footfalls with the satisfying thump and rattle wooden stairs would have provided. His anger needed an outlet in noise and lots of it.

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Mr. Money in the Bank

Forgive me for any spelling mistakes; I’m only human.


Quick Baron smut -

Words: 1K




Unprotected sex

Maxine stood in the woman’s locker room, all the eyes in the room on the TV displaying the match. AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura stood on the ladder, exchanging blows. Carmella, who sat beside her, winced as AJ slipped down the ladder, barely catching himself. The man had scrambled back up, hitting Nakamura with his forearm. Maxine tapped her index finger against her collar bone repeatedly, a habit of hers.

“My money in on Styles.” Naomi spoke up, Charlotte nodding alongside her. “I think Shinsuke will pull through.” Lana told them. Becky shushed the woman, excitedly pointing at the screen. Maxine put her focus onto the TV, letting a gasp as she saw Baron Corbin, her best friend, had knocked the two men off and was now climbing the ladder. Her fingers wrapped in her light brown hair as he fiddled with the latch, struggling.

Finally, Baron had removed the brief case. Maxine had shot up, throwing her fist into the air. Baron had done it. Naomi let out a *holy shit,* looking at the TV as it showed some of the highlights of the match. The screen cut back to Baron, who was making his way up the ramp with his briefcase. “Oh fuck! I thought he’d be out their longer!” She cried out, dashing out of the room.

She bumped into Randy Orton on her way to the curtains, stopping. “Are you alright? You tweaked your knee out there.” Randy laughed lightly, nodding. “I’m alright, thank you for the concern. Now go see your boy.” The brunette rolled her eyes, turning and continuing towards the curtains. As she arrived, Baron was already walking off in the direction of his locker room. Running up behind him, she jumped onto his back and wrapped her body around his. “I told you that you could do it!”

Baron laughed lightly, shaking her off then hugging her quickly. “Yeah I guess you did.”

The two walked back into his locker room. Maxine sat down on a chair, watching Baron dig through his bag. “Where the fuck is my shirt?” He grumbled, dumping the contents of his backpack onto the ground. His eyes skimmed over Maxine, noticing her grin. “That’s my shirt, isn’t it?” She nodded. Baron sighed, “I thought you said drinks were on you if I won?” “I did say that.”

“Then I need my shirt Maxine.” His voice was stern, him looking down at her. “I’ve actually decided that you deserve a better prize than a few beers.” She spoke, standing up. “Did you get me a new shirt?”

Maxine pushed Baron down onto the bench, running her fingers in his hair. Barons face had tinted red, him looking at her shocked. “What-” His voice disappeared once she had sat herself in his lap. Bring her face next to his, “All you have to say is stop and I’m gone.” Baron just simply nodded, shrugging off his shirt once Maxine had pulled it up. He watched as she lightly kissed from his collar bone to his hips, Baron brought her face up and connected their lips.

The kiss was rough, his lips taste of peppermint. Baron had his fingers wrapped in her hair, nipping at her lip. His free hand had slipped up her shirt, cupping her breast. She moved her hips against his, his mouth now attached to her neck. Maxine gasped as Baron gripped her shirt by the neck, tearing it open. He quickly had what was left of the shirt tossed to the ground, his hands already behind her back undoing her bra. “Rough are we?” She spoke into his neck, earning a small chuckle, “this is me playing nice.”

“Don’t.” She bit his neck lightly, her fingers working on undoing his belt. Baron stood up, Maxine wrapped around his waist as he pressed her against the wall. Once she had removed his belt, he kicked off his pants. She pulled down her own shorts, which Baron helped her remove. A smirk on his face as he looked down at her, “no panties?” She grinned, cupping him through the thin material. His fingers ran across her thighs, teasing her. Finally, they met her heat. Baron rubbed his thumb over his clit, grinning when her head back, her bottom lip between her teeth.

He sank two fingers inside of her, “Oh god, you are so wet. Is that all because of me? Do I turn you on Maxine? Does the idea of my cock buried in you make you wet?” Maxine nodded furiously, whimpering as his finger was brought back to her clit. “I want to hear you.” His fingers curled up and hit her spot, “Oh god! Yes yes yes, fuck Baron; please!”

Baron dropped her legs and pushed her again the stone wall. Pulling his boxers down, his length sprung free. Baron brought her down the her knees, her hair wrapped in his fingers. Maxine guided his cock past her lips, giving the tip a flick with her tongue before taking in more. Baron let out a muttered “holy fuck” as he used his free had to support himself on the wall. She took as much as she could, using her hand to make stroke the rest. Baron pushed his length in more, forcing her all the way to the base of his cock. Maxine gaged, a few stray tears leaking out of her eyes. “Do you like my cock stuffing your mouth?” Maxine nodded slightly, letting out a hum. After a few more seconds, Baron had pulled her back, letting her get some air. Spit leaked out of her mouth as she took him back into her throat, doing her best not to choke. This was hands down the sloppiness blow job she had every given but she didn’t think he even cared.

Baron pulled her back, a pop was heard was heard was his cock left her mouth. Pulling her up, he turned her much smaller body around and against the wall. He held his length in his hand as he rubbed it against her lips, getting a small moan from Maxine. He pushed himself inside of her, the both of them letting out a soft sound. “You’re so tight, holy fuck.” Baron buckled his hips, thrusting forwards while using his hands to hold her hips. “Baron, oh god! You feel so good.” Maxine was clawing as the wall, panting heavily as moans came out of her mouth. Baron pulled her towards him, his face now buried in her neck. “Baron! Shit; faster!” He slammed his hips forwards, holding her close as he thrusted into her. Maxine cried out his name, undesirable pleasure filling her body as she clenched around him. If it weren’t for Barons grip on her, she would surely have fallen. Baron grunted, pulling out. He came onto her back, breathing heavily.

Baron pulled Maxine backwards, sitting the both of them down. “Holy fuck.” She spoke softly, leaning against Baron while he used the ripped shirt the wipe off her back. “Are you alright?” He asked, voice full of worry. She nodded, handing Baron his Boxers while she slipped on her shorts and Barons hoodie. “We are definitely doing that again.” Maxine spoke, watching as Baron got dressed. He nodded, slipping his duffel bag over his shoulder. “I am going to buy you dinner.” He stated, holding the door open for her.

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Bellamy couldn't sleep, not with all the tossing and turning coming from Clarke. "You okay?" he asked, hand automatically reaching for the curve of her round stomach. Clarke smiled, but it was broken by a wince. "Tell your son that he has to stop kicking me." Bellamy chuckled, drumming his fingers against her navel. "When he behaves, he's ours, but when he's not, he's mine?" "He didn't get it from me," she said. Bellamy kissed her and rolled over to spoon her. That usually helped. (it did)

he’s always got a hand on her stomach no matter what they’re doing. and he’s always pressing kisses to it and talking to it and telling the baby to behave because ‘come on now baby don’t you want mommy to get some rest? she needs all the rest she can get before we have our hands full with you’

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18. “Here, drink this. You’ll feel better.”

Kent set a glass on Jeff’s bedside table, probably not trying to make so much noise. “Here,” he said, and his voice was very soft. 

Jeff hunched his shoulders a little. His head was killing him. “What is it?” he asked. He sounded a bit hoarse, even to his own ears. The room was absolutely frigid, the air cranked down all the way. Every single light was off, and the sliver of light from the cracked doorway made him wince.

Fuck, his head hurt.

“Drink this,” Kent said, nudging the glass. “You’ll feel better. It’s just water.” He sat gently on Jeff’s mattress, the bed dipping under his weight.

“Nnngh.” Jeff rolled over enough to sit up and take the cup, draining it quickly. The water was cold, tasted good. He shut his eyes again.

Kent had never dealt with one of Jeff’s migraines before. He hadn’t really had very many since college, so he’d sort of thought they were gone. When he’d felt that familiar tingling on the left side of his face during practice, he’d known what was coming.

He’d thrown up as soon as he got home, anyway. 

“Yeah,” Kent said. He paused. “What can I do for you?”

“It’s fine,” Jeff said. He grit his teeth.

“You want ice for your head? Or – or I, um. I can press on your head where it hurts? I read that helps with migraines, sometimes,” Kent said. He was only trying to help. He was being intensely sweet, actually, and Jeff reached out for his wrist, curling his fingers around it. The soft beat of Kent’s pulse was comforting.

“You can try it,” he said. “Temples.”

Kent pulled his hand away from Jeff’s grasp, shifting on the bed so he was close enough to place cool fingers against Jeff’s temples. The pressure was gentle, not much at all, but as they sat there for a minute, the throbbing pain in his temples let up just a bit. Jeff sighed.

“It is working?” Kent asked, after a long stretch of silence. The sound made Jeff wince.

“Ssshhhh,” Jeff said. “Stay. Just – don’t talk, yeah?”

( 100 ways to say I love you prompts


Day five of our adventure -
I went to the museum first off today, to get info about the chapel site. Then we headed over there to see the site, and some bronze age standing stones which were nearby. People have been putting pennies in the biggest stone (my archaeologist side tries not to wince!) Later on we had a log fire and this is the view from my bedroom window right now!

god I’m absolutely going to hell I’m sorry guys 

I was at my friend’s engagement party yesterday and everyone was about to do cheers with these nasty ass shots of blue tequila but I don’t drink and I especially do not drink tequila, blue or otherwise, so I grabbed a piece of bread from the basket on the table and just tapped it against people’s glasses like it was a legitimate beverage instead of a wheat byproduct 

and one of my friends was like ‘ho what in god’s name are you doing’ 

and I didn’t know how to say I would rather slice off my own foot than drink tequila so I just held my bread up and said ‘I’m toasting’ 

and in that moment I felt my soul descend directly into the eighteenth circle of hell

The Choi Twins (& Yoosung Meowth) are blasting off at the speed of light!


Mekke øl + mutually failing at talking to their crush because they’re nervous