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// I haven’t seen anyone mention this but doesn’t this basically mean that KAIBA created the Yami B in the game? And that he’s being controlled by Kaiba? And if that’s the case…. then first of all, Kaiba why the fuck would you even? And second, I’m impressed.

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How often can you vote for zimbio? I'm getting to this late, like really late, but I've just been checking constantly and sometimes I can vote again and sometimes I can't.

Hi! Zimbio posted that you can vote up to 10 times per day. So for those who can’t access the website, your IP address (wifi) may have temporarily been blocked. This happened to me a few days ago. :)

Just keep at it. You can also use your phone/data to vote.

It would be awesome to win this poll because I know we’re TIRED of others “invalidating” Swan Queen, but truly at the end of the day, win or lose SQ will always be ours and no one can demean it or make it any less important in our hearts.

Haha, still always try and vote though. We’ll take this as far as we can and not give up hope. SWEN ON, lovelies!

concept: Marinette’s class have a Ladybug-and-Chat-Noir-themed trivia night

  • Alya was forced to sit out bc her Ladyblog was the source of info for most of the questions and answers
  • Nathanael knew the minutae of both superheroe’s costumes to a scarily detailed level, having spent hours looking up reference pictures for both of them (#artist lyf)

  • Sabrina got caught out looking up answers for Chloe on her phone, the irony here being that for once in her life Chloe didn’t actually need to cheat and was doing perfectly fine on her own 

  • Marinette thinks she’s got the prize in the bag but is constantly thwarted by how many weird things about her the public have managed to get wrong (Question twenty-three: What’s Ladybug’s favourite colour? (It is apparently light blue, though Marinette is pretty sure she’s never talked about favourite colours while in Ladybug mode, like, ever, and her personal favourite colour is PINK. Where the hell did these people get their ‘’’‘information’’’’ from?!)). 

  • There’s an entire section on her and Chat Noir together as a team and Mari about has an aneurysm when she realises that everyone else in the whole world just assumes she and Chat are an item to the point that everyone thinks she’s crazy when she splutters that THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT DATING, WHERE ARE YOU GETTING YOUR SOURCES FROM 

  • To everyone’s surprise, the final race for the prize turned out to be Chloe and Adrien

  • Adrien wins, bc of course he does, he is Ladybug’s #1 fan, he’ll fight everyone

  • Also unlike Mari, he’s a massive nerd, he likes to keep up with what the public thinks about him so he spends hours trawling the internet looking at what hilarious misconceptions people have about Chat Noir

  • Marinette spends a lot of time afterwards seriously contemplating whether she should out herself to Alya just so she could correct some of these ludicrous misconceptions about her. ‘Dating Chat Noir’, as if
I gave myself permission to care, because there are a lot of people in this world who are afraid of caring, who are afraid of showing they care because it’s uncool. It’s uncool to have passion. It’s so much easier to lose when you’ve shown everyone how much you don’t care if you win or lose. It’s much harder to lose when you show that you care, but you’ll never win unless you also stand to lose. I’ve said it before. Don’t be afraid of your passion, give it free reign, and be honest and work hard and it will all turn out just fine.
  • Some basic bitch: WWI was a pointless war that had no purpose where millions of people died for nothing.<br>
  • Some Belgian soldier in 1916: Germany invaded my country without provocation, raped and murdered tens of thousands of my people, destroyed our cultural heritage, and to top it off my wife and kids are still trapped somewhere behind their lines. I hope in a hundred years from now people will remember what we fought for.</p>

Akaashi: You spelled, “I’m an idiot who can’t remember to turn off the flash before taking a mirror selfie,” wrong.

Bokuto: Akaaaashi! Don’t say that. You’re not an idiot!!!

Akaashi: Thank you for proving my point, Bokuto-san.

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