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I was tagged by Carlos! Repost this, then showcase six posts that are among your favorites.

  • my first decent text post, which hasn’t applied in a while tbh
  • my first video upload, one of the most hilarious scenes from parks and rec
  • my most noted post from bob’s burgers, which would be of tina omfg
  • my absolute favorite text post i’ve posted, which i’m so thrilled that others relate with
  • omfg i still see this one on my dash like once a month and i love it– walter white makes a commercial for alka seltzer
  • a video from spongebob i posted earlier this year on the day of the super bowl and i can’t wait to bring it back next year LOL

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anonymous asked:

Can you do an imagine where the reader breaks up with Reid and he tries to win her back? Thanks for your time

of course :) I loved this one!! x

It was the hardest thing (Y/N) ever had to do, but the reasons behind it didn’t give her any choice. She didn’t believe she was enough for Reid, her insecurities daunted her and made her do the one thing she never thought she would have to do: break up with him.

Upon hearing those words, the blood drained from Reid’s face and he stood still. He tried to understand it but he couldn’t, perhaps because she didn’t give him a valid reason. He gulped down a sob and tried to keep my composure as she walked away. Her heart broke into little tiny pieces; her tears were not quiet and controlled, they fell as fast as the fall rain but she only wanted the best for him.

Reid wasn’t gonna let her go that easily, though. He had known that to love deeply meant to risk great pain, but it was worth it with her, he had never looked at another, wanted another. The intensity of this heartache proved the strength of their bond and he could not bare to feel less.

The air seemed to be as heavy as the agonizingly long as days drew on, neither of them really knowing how to act around each other. They were trying to be friends and act professional during work, but everyone could see through their act.

Reid stared at her more than he ever used to, every moment they spent together flashing back with every glance. He needed those memories to stay with him, he needed them to soothe him when the realisation that they were now just memories threatened to erase all the traces he still felt of her.

He started smiling at her again, sparking up conversation, leaning into her touch. He was determined to get her back and deep down she knew it, but couldn’t stop him from doing so. He began writing her letters, leaving them at her desk every morning, pretending not to know anything about it and keeping his head down every time she opened them.

Reid wrote to her as if they hadn’t ever broken up in the first place, letting her know how loved she was, that he missed her, talking about interesting parts of his day which always contained something about her.

After one particular case which left (Y/N) doubtful of her abilities as an agent — no matter how much the team reassured her of her potential — Reid decided to write her a letter with the intent of reminding her about all the great things about her, and how he hated to see her insecurities get the best of her.

He didn’t, however, expect her to stand up abruptly from her seat and rush to the bathroom after reading it. Everyone’s worried gaze towards Reid was unnoticed though as he chased (Y/N) to the bathroom. Locking it behind him, he gently turned her to face him, noticing tears streaming down her face.

“Hey, hey. What’s wrong?” he carefully studied her face and felt his heart tug at how sad she looked.

“That letter.” (Y/N) said, her voice cracking. “It just reminded of our break up. And how I let my stupid insecurities get in the way of the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” 

“What are you talking about?” Reid shook his head, not understanding what she was talking about. She looked up momentarily and took a deep breath.

“I didn’t tell you the real reason I broke up with you. I did it because… because you deserve so much better, Spence. You deserve more than an insecure, not good enough, fool like me. And the thought of anyone else beside you kills me, but if she made you happy that would be all I cared about.” she admitted and looked down, trying to hide the new flow of tears that threatened to fall down and not wanting to hear Reid’s agreement.

Silence lay on the air like poison. Her words seemed to run through his mind and a frown fell upon his features before he spoke.

“You know, the worst part is at night. I put off going to bed as long as I can, but eventually I have to end up in bed all alone. When I reach my arm out for you in the night, there’s nobody there. I only feel a cold sheet. Although I thought I might like being able to have all of the blankets, I would give them up in a heartbeat if you were just next to me again. I have no one to say goodnight to, no one to kiss before turning out the light.”

(Y/N) bit her lip — a nervous habit, before looking up and locking eyes with the man still holding her.

“I don’t want the best, I don’t want perfection. Whether it exists, I don’t want it because it’s not you. You have flaws, you make mistakes. But they don’t define you and they sure don’t define my love for you. Every day your love binds me more deeply than I knew the day before: so that  no day is the same now, but each one a little happier than the last. You don’t need to be the best, you just need to be yourself because I love and accept all there is to you.” 

For the first time in a long time, he saw the twinkle in her eyes return. Although both of them wanted to kiss, Reid chose to pull her against his chest and simply hold her. Because she needed that, the reassurance that she was enough, more than that actually. The embrace was warm and the world around them melted away as (Y/N) squeezed him back, not wanting the moment to end. In each other’s embrace the world stopped still on its axis. 

“Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?” Reid asked quietly, kissing the top of her head. She simply nodded and hugged him tightly. She couldn’t help but thank him. A love like this was to be cherished for life. Finally, she was home again.

You consider gay people sinners and trash?

You, the one that says that ‘in the name of god and bible/kur’an/etc’, the one who calls himself/herself a believer but never goes to church and isn’t even sure what the bible looks like, the one who is so keen on sticking with old traditions that you curse and hate on daily basis, but still act like you’re so proud of them in front of society. You, who are maybe in a relationship with someone that might have been forced on you by society, or in a abusive marriage and claim that it’s love, but talk shit about people who actually love each other.

You that teach your children to hate something that they don’t even know about and don’t understand anything. You that threaten to disown them or even kill them, just because they can’t help but be different.

And you call these people trash and sinners for wanting to love someone and make them happy. For wanting them to have a normal life and a family of their own.

You call yourself a good person by calling them sick and wishing them death and pain?

Well, fuck you straight to hell.

I hope that righteous god of yours sends you there for you to burn for an eternity.

And those annons that keep bothering me about it, trying to make me see things their way, give up already and get the fuck off of my blog please. I’m not interested.

Today was a big day. Today was a historical day. Today will be one of those days kids will read about in the future and they’ll be as confused about why it was ever an issue as many of us are today about slavery.
But, as big as today is, it’s not the end. It was a big step, but there is so much more to do.
Because of this day, things will change. But not all the for the better. There are people who will see this day as a personal attack on them and their religion or beliefs and they will retaliate. Innocent people will be hurt. They may even be killed. Simply for falling in love.
Families will talk about how horrible this is, how it’s disgusting, how it’s this or that, while a child is forced to suffer in silence. Or maybe they’ll say enough is enough and they’ll stand up for themselves and their community. And they will be immediately kicked out. Or abused. Or worse.
For a while people will be physically and mentally attacked for this day. People will fight to get the ruling changed. Fight to strip basic rights from others.
Today was a such an important step in the right direction. But the fight is so very far from over. We have so very far to go still.
But if today has taught us anything its that, eventually, #LoveWins.

This is how I will win back your love

Also I put my dog on a treadmill once and he didn’t even try to walk on it he just fell off. I had it on the slowest speed, too. Iono why these dogs are so active and heart healthy that’s some bullshit. Yesterday my dog farted for a whole half hour.


yo wtf mine was a fart-factory too today?? it was H̻̠̯͉͔̙̩ͭ̏͠E̴͉̖͍̫̠̬̗̓̈́͞L̨̠͓͙ͯ͋̂͑ͫ͞L̠͙̮ͣ̓ͨ͠

anonymous asked:

I really hope we end up together in the future. We are so similar and you're just gorgeous. Lesbian love for the win!! Ps please dye your hair back pink and pixie cut it you look your best in pink 💗

wesbian wuvers!

anonymous asked:

79, 81, 86

79: What makes your heart flutter and brings a big cheesy smile to your face? Seeing people be passionate and compassionate, feeling wanted and loved by someone I care about, my best friend, quality time with the people I love, having someone be proud of me. My baby sister. The thought of someone admiring me the way that I admire them.
81: Has someone who had a crush on you ever confessed to you?
Yeah, I think so. That’s usually how relationships start, haha.
86: How can I win your heart?
Be honest, love wholeheartedly, don’t hold yourself back, and don’t be afraid to embarass yourself. I’ve kinda given up on the whole love thing for a while though.

I don’t know what to do anymore! I’m stuck in a shitty situation with no clear light. You say you miss me but act like you don’t care you say you don’t want to loose me but it feels so easy for you to walk away. Your turned my life upside down and gave me some of the best memories but at the same time gave me some of the hardest heart ache. I gave you my everything but I never had that in return even now when you say your doing your best to win me back show me you love me :( because it feels like you don’t and that’s what hurts the most

OOC; Personal Rant

Oh fuckity fuck fuck fuck there you go, you done did it. You let your emotions pour out of your big mouth you mental moron. Way to go, round of applause for you. Yes, you did very good Adelaide. Fucking, hey yeah, fall in love with me againbecause I’m trying my hardest and I’m emotionally over emotional and I love you and love me because I’m fucking needy. You should’ve just said that for christs sakes would’ve saved you about 400 words to type you mental moron. What a way to go and stride towards your goal of winning back the only person you love you fuck bucket. Get a life.