• Atsushi: -watching Ranpo try to throw cereal into Dazai's open mouth while he sleeps- "You sure this is a good idea? Can't we just wake him up normally?"
  • Ranpo: "Look, this is the best way. He'll either wake up to a pleasant snack or choke."
  • Atsushi: "But he could die if that happens!"
  • Ranpo: "So it's a win-win situation is what you're saying...?" -throws in more cereal-
  • Atsushi: "NO!"

when “no means no” comes up, you hear guys say “oh, but sometimes girls play hard to get” and like…. i guess, yeah.  men & women both can be really bad at being honest about what they want.  but just consider your options.

  1. the other person says “no” and means “yes” –>  you back down –>  they learn that if they want something, they have to clearly express themselves
  2. they say “no” and mean “no” –>  you back down –>  you’ve successfully respected their boundaries 👍👌
  3. they say “no” and mean “yes” –>  you ignore them –>  you’re perpetuating a pattern of bad communication & ignoring boundaries 👎 & given that you aren’t a mind reader, it’s really just luck that you haven’t coerced an unwilling person into sex
  4. they say “no” and mean “no” –>  you ignore them –>  you’ve committed sexual assault 🚨🚨🚨 do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars

unless you care more about getting laid than not assaulting people, respecting people’s “no”s is a win-win situation.  don’t be a potential rapist


We did a small gift exchange on on discord to cheer each other up and I got @chocoluckchipz ! <3


(I guess it’s a win win situation ‘3′)



Bts reaction to eating you out

Request:  Hey, could you make one with bts reaction to you asking them to eat you out? Thx!

Guys, I want you to know that I have a daddy kink and in most of my smut reaction there is at least one member showing of “Daddy” attitude. It’s also about this one. You have been warned. Proceed.


Jin is more of a cock person. He likes to make you crazy with his cock, but when you ask him to eat you out instead, he get’s a little nervours. Not because he doesn’t like to eat you out, but because he gets sloppy. Jin likes to know the whole control is in him and when he goes down on you, he loses it. Boy just gets drunk on you juices.

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Min fucking Yoongi. He knows how to use his tongue. He knows about the “tongue technology”. He’ll go slow, at a pace that can drive anyone absolutely mad. When he knows you are on the bring of screaming, shouting and begging, those magnifecent fingers will come in the play, his tongue will go faster and his biggest reward will be the fucked out face you’ll have, wihtout him even getting out his cock.

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*daddy content, read at your own risk*

He was having you at his mercy. Your hands were tied and you were following you Daddy with your eyes, praying to the God’s that he’ll be in a good mood and eat out your heavenly pussy. Thank god he was. You were so good for him the last couple of days, putting up with the fact that he had work and couldn’t always see you. The least he could do is eat his princess. It was kind of his special drink. He was one of those people who go really fast and then really slow, torturing the shit out of you. And only when you begged him like twenty times, he’ll smirk and finish you up.

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Have you seen his tongue? Boy can do wonders if he wants. The thing is he didn’t want to. He didn’t want to look like he is controlled by you. So when you asked him to eat you out, he didn’t want to at first. But then you begged him to atleast try and boy was happy to obligate. The fisrt time he licked, he was done. From then on Jung Hoseok took his time to eat the pussy. He also found out you came a lot faster on his tongue.

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Park Jimin lives off his tongue. He eats pussy every day and it brings him such a pleasure knowing that only his tongue made you cum more than two times in the time gap of 30 minutes. Kitten licks, tongue-fucking, you moving on his tongue, name it, he can do it.

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Behold the fucking king of fingers and tongue. Kim Taehyung teached the others about the tongue-fucking and guess who was the example when the others had to take notes. You. At first you were totally against it. Was he out of his mind? And then Tae suggested that you won’t see the others. And somehow you said yes. With a satin fabric around your eyes, Kim Taehyung pushed you on his bed and started teaching his students. He fucked you with his tongue every fucking possible way that the world knows and at the fifth time you came you lost count. At the end Tae kissed you, tugged you in his bed and told you that you did great.

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Jungkook works in deals. If you teach him how to use his tongue, he teaches you how to use your yhead. It was a win-win situation for bothe of you. What you didn’t know however was, how good Jungkook actually managed to control his tongue, to know where to use it flat and when not, which basically brought you to orgasm way faster than you wanted to. When you asked him if he actually needed a “lesson”, Jeon Jungkook smirked with his lips glistening from your cum “No, baby doll, I needed to taste you at least once. And I’m not dissapointed.”

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‘’Why is she wearing my hoodie?’’

A/N: Here is just another fluff bomb for you all, hope you it! Please let me know what you think. Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Bucky tries to figure out the reason behind his missing hoodie one day, relishing in the idea that might be a win-win situation for both of you.. but what might that lead to? 

Warnings: Fluff overload

Word count: 3745

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It all started out innocently enough, on a monday evening after a return home from a particularly difficult mission. Your feet brushed against the cold kitchen tiles, a shiver trailing through your body as you made your way to the fridge for a late night snack. You grabbed a plate of brownies, showing the fridge close with your elbow before making your way to the television room.

You were surprised to find it empty, smiling to yourself as you relished in the idea of being able to pick a movie for once as you planted yourself on the couch. You placed the plate on the sofa table, bringing a brownie to your mouth as you browsed through the selection available on Netflix until you found something of your liking. Another shiver trailed down your spine, your body being tired and drained of energy from the mission and you reached over to the blanket at and brought it over your legs. Your eyes landed on a grey hoodie, figuring it was Steve’s you contently threw it over your shoulders and enjoyed the warmth and smell of the large garment that covered your figure.

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Carousel | 01

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➤ Character: Min Yoongi x reader

➤ Genre/word count: Angst, Future Smut/Mature scenes, Arranged Marriage! AU / 7,174 words

➤ Summary: He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?

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How Astrology Predicts BTS’ Comeback Success #LoveYourself

By creating a natal chart for BTS using their debut date (June 13th, 2013) and looking at transits on the day ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ releases (September 18th), I was able to find many aspects that confirm it will be a major success, one greater than anything BTS nor ARMYS could ever imagine! 

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1) There are multiple aspects that confirm BTS will be a force to reckon with on music charts and all social media platforms:

Transiting Mars sextile their Saturn

  • This blessed the boys and their team with a large amount of patience, discipline, and concentration.
  • There will be a lot of attention to detail and analysis of everything they release
  • Nothing will be done without a great amount of thought (get ready for theories!)
  • Work is meticulous, neat, with few mistakes. 
  • Choreography will be complicated and difficult, but appear to be effortless
  • This aspect ensures a lot of strenuous activity and hard work, but also grants them the strength and dedication to endure it

Transiting Mars trine Pluto

  • Their ambitions and goals will be met with little to no challenges or resistance; the competition truly stands no chance.
  • This creatives an explosive and intimidating energy. 
  • They will hold a lot of power and influence in the industry with this album
  • Their confident and charismatic aura will win respect and admiration from non-fans, and even their haters
  • Passion will be felt throughout every aspect of this comeback; from the mvs, to live stages, the album songs, and more.
  • The blood, sweat, and tears put into this comeback will be very clear.
  • Pluto is the planet of transformation, so it’s no wonder they’re trying out a very different concept.
  • Like Namjoon said, this will be a turning point in their career

2) From a business point of view, this comeback will be extremely profitable. They will outsell all the competition, break records, and probably crash a few ordering sites along the way:

Transiting Mercury sextile Venus 

  • This aspect grants them with extra charm and social grace
  • This is a great time to make friendships and form partnerships
  •  They will receive many offers and opportunities to work with other people
  • This aspect also favors business and increases occurrence of win-win situations 
  • This makes it very likely that their collaboration with The Chainsmokers (no matter how controversial) will be a big success
  • It will propel the boys even further up the ladder of success, and both parties will benefit greatly
  • Foreign travel is also likely

Transiting Jupiter trine Sun

  • This is a long term transit that’s all about luck, good fortune, and expanding horizons
  • It also encourages great creativity and is a fantastic time to make plans for the future
  • A plethora of amazing opportunities will be available for the boys to choose from
  • A very successful time for business negotiations, investments, and other financial dealings
  • As I mentioned before, this is a time for expanding horizons
  • Upcoming collaborations will introduce their music and image to a much broader audience, and bring a lot of new fans to the fandom
  • World domination is truly imminent 

3) There are even transits that confirm that the musicality and artistry on this album will be superb:

Transiting Neptune trine Venus

  • This is a long term aspect that heightens sensitivity to the arts, beauty, and romance
  • Creativity flows easily
  • I see some breathtaking stages and performances being done 
  • A lot of tracks on the album will have a dreamy, magical quality
  • And deal with topics like love, relationships, spirituality, introspection, and the natural world
  • Many whimsical, ethereal beats and synths (i.e. Serendipity)
  • Critics and professionals will have raving reviews about this album

Now the only question left is: Are you ready ARMY?

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I actually thought about this a while ago, since I posted that one drawing of these two www and I had been restraining myself from getting too much into this… but reading @pocket-luv101​‘s post about World End slipping in the Sham vs Tsuyuki fight got me all pumped up about this teeny tiny possibility…

TANAKA-SENSEI PLS ((( ≧ʃƪ≦ )))

Preparation is key 🔑 it literally takes 20 minutes (give or take a few depending on what you’re making) to prepare meals for tomorrow if you plan to be on the go. ‘I don’t have enough time ’ is NO excuse for spending $50+ dollars on take out a week because you were too lazy to buy and make your own food. Food that you know exactly how it’s cooked and what it’s cooked with. Who knows what exactly you’re getting when you buy food out? Even if you believe it’s healthy-may not be as good as you think. So instead of scrolling through Instagram for half an hour, or watching two extra YouTube videos, or watching TV, use that time to make your breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks for the next day if you’re going to be on-the-go all day. (School, work, etc etc). You’ll save a heap of money and notice better results for it. HEY, you could even prep your meals whilst you watch TV/YouTube and so on…win win situation right? Some Inspo in this photo is some of my favourites! Yoghurt, muesli and fruit for brekky and some brown rice, chicken and Veges for lunch! If that’s not what floats your boat, come up with another idea for your meals and snacks! Omelettes, smoothies, Sandwiches, leftover dinners, stir fries, salads, fruit, Veges and hommus, homemade protein brownies/muffins/bliss balls, ETC! So many ideas. Just spend the time to prep your meals and you’ll feel much better for it-and your purse will too 😜😜