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what if this big online hockey game came out, and, given that they’re characters in the game, the falconers are given first dibs on characters in the first ever open games.

except, jack lets slip to the samwell mens hockey team that the games are going on.

so in the free character choice, the falconers get beaten out

first is jack, goes to pick himself but as soon as he clicks himself a little red cross comes up, the cheery little character already taken, pick someone else! message popping up in the corner. shitty texts the group chat two seconds later, jack your hockey butt is transcendent in this game

he picks poots instead, bc poots isn’t in the room and he doesn’t look like he’s gonna be playing

marty picks thirdy, thirdy picks guy, guy just shrugs and picks tater

kent, inexplicably in this au, picks marty, because all the falconers are going fast so it’d be more fun to be on a full team, he rationalises.

lardo picks kent, and when kent sees himself pop up on screen he just sort of lies on the floor for a bit because damnit

ransom and holster pick the aces’ d-men, ready to back lardo up even though they know she kills it at these games

tater points at the screen excitedly, says he’d always wanted to be a goalie, and picks snowy

snowy just shrugs and picks sidney crosby

Stiles Stilinski Masterlist!


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The One With The Fake Out  ( @leejongssuk )

Stiles is so close to admitting his feeling but fucks it up so reader decides to screw with him. Pretty great guys. Here’s her whole masterlist too. Its great guys.

Imagine… ( @imaginationkingdom​ )

Reader is jealous and Stiles is cute. 

Soul Mate Doodling ( @twpackimagines​ )

Soul mate Au. omgomgomg this is so frick fracking cute like kill me.

It’s Cold Outside ( @dunbarsweetheartxo )

I need Stiles to be real. Like shit why isn’t he real? I need a Stiles to cuddle it’s cold all the fucking time. 

Worse Than Werewolfs: Matchmaking Teachers @imaginesofeveryfandom)

This is literally so cute cuz Coach is a freak 

Recon ( @randomfandom-imagines )

Sweet, smol, terrifying babes Allison and Lydia force you to tell them who your crush is.

Heartbeat ( @adriannahobrien09 )

Scott notices Stile heartbeat around you its like dud fuck thats cute

How To Win Spin The Bottle ( @imagine-the-imaginable ME)

Stiles is stupid and suggest playing a game of spin the bottle at a party as an excuse to kiss reader. He gets pretty upset when it doesn’t work..ish


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Imagine…  ( @sincerelysaraahh

Damn. Just Damn.

Pack > Mates ( @thevirginwinchester )

Bam, bam chcken and ham. Jeep smut


Immature ( @beta-banshees

So like Liam chests on reader (kill me) and she’s sad an goes to Stiles and like damn. Here’s their masterlist. 

Don’t Touch Her ( @twpackimagines )


Let Her Go ( @selenabrien )

My heart. It  b u r n s. Why is he such a fucking good person???


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Dating Stiles would include~ 

X ( @melwritesshit )

X ( @dunbarsweetheartxo

Stiles Having A Crush on You Would Include… X ( @skygrounderprincess)

Imagine Going to McDonalds with Stiles. X  ( @ourteenwolfs )

How he teases you X ( @wolfy-smut​ )

Imagine wearing Stiles jersey X ( @b3autifuldisast3rrr )

Imagine Stiles Not Wanting to Stop Talking to You X  ( @ourteenwolfs)

Telling Scott & Stiles you have a crush so Stiles preps to fight X  ( @cheshire-asylum​) 

Imagine being Dean’s daughter and telling him you’re dating Stiles X @sincerelysaraahh) I’m still not sure how my mind processes this 

Imagine Wearing Stiles Shirt X ( @imaginationkingdom )

Imagine Stiles Cuddleing Up to Your Hand X ( @ourteenwolfs

Imagine Liam Flirting With You And Stiles Seeing X ( @ourteenwolfs​) Lowkey you should totally make a full fic for this.

“You could have told me you felt like this” X ( @wiccanthrope )

To all the writers on this list if you don’t want to be on it just message me but just a side-note you’re all amazing writers! Absolutely fantastic! And if anybody has more fics they write/ find they think should be added just sent it my way! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @stilinskxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So recently I’ve been feeling a lot of dysphoria due to misinformation and today was really nice because I felt so comfortable for the first time in a while. I hope you guys have an awesome day, stay positive because your positively amazing 💙👈

hello !! it’s meme ,, ur fav garbage disposal steph ( aka the mun behind the Messy™ choi haesoo ) n i’m jst throwin this out here 2 tell y’all i luv u guys sm n i’m glad to be in this cute lil fam 4ever !! also if we haven’t plotted w my lil bab quentin here since i can’t Exactly lik intro posts on this blog ,, pls pls pleathe come hmu on haesoo n i’ll sprinkle u w th cutest plots !! thanks , luv ya !!

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