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Lionel Messi, Forward/Attacking Midfielder, often considered the best player in the world and rated by many in the sport as the greatest of all time, Messi is the only player in history to win five FIFA Ballon d'Or awards, four of which he won consecutively, and the first to win three European Golden Shoes. With Barcelona he has won eight La Liga titles, four UEFA Champions League titles, and four Copas del Rey, among other trophies. Both a prolific goalscorer and a creative playmaker, Messi holds the records for most goals scored in La Liga, a La Liga season (50), and a club football season in Europe, a calendar year (91), as well as those for most assists made in La Liga and the Copa América. He has scored over 500 senior career goals for club and country.


I feel like this would obviously start at a party. Like, you’re all a bit tipsy, and someone is like, “We’re already playing poker, we could make this much more interesting, though.” And suddenly you find yourself in an intense game of strip poker with all these popular kids that you barely even speak to. In fact, you’re not even 100% sure how you ended up at this party. But here you are, sitting across a table from Montgomery de la Cruz who is eyeing you up like a wolf about to run down it’s prey.

Little does that douchebag know that your dad taught you to play poker when you were, like, ten years old and it’s a common game you play whenever your family is together–family game nights and all that jazz. You’re also a pro at bluffing, because who’s ever survived high school without bluffing at least a little bit?

Ever so slowly people begin losing items of clothing, and you’re just sitting there, nice and comfy in all of your attire, and pretty soon you’re the one with the wolfish grin on your face as Monty becomes more and more disrobed and the rest of the kids playing slowly trickle away or get distracted by some other game at the party until it’s just the two of you alone, surrounded by people who aren’t paying any attention to the game, and Monty isn’t sure whether to be mad or impressed, because he’s in his boxers, socks, and sneakers and you’re still perfectly comfortable except you lost your hoodie a few rounds back.

“I have a feeling this wasn’t exactly a fair match,” Monty says, but he’s smirking, so he’s clearly decided not to mind too much, which means the gears in his head are moving and he’s come up with some sort of alternate set of rules. “Any card games you’re bad at?” he asks with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

You snort. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” you tease, laying down your hand, which is obviously the winning hand. “Shoes,” you say, nodding over at him.

He just huffs and leans down to tug off his sneakers, then throws his hands up in the air. “You’re about to see the goods, y’know,” he jokingly warns you.

The deck is shuffled and the cards are dealt and you shrug your shoulders. “Maybe,” you say before folding. “Or maybe not.” You raise an eyebrow at him as you strip of your shirt. “I’m not always good at poker.” You grin wide, a predatory grin, and Monty’s pretty sure he’s fallen in love.



what each sign reminds me of :-)
  • aries: band t-shirts, messy journals, fast food restaurants, fireworks, high school, playing fetch with a puppy, the song 'I miss you' by blink 182, smeared makeup, long car rides, thunderstorms, deleted messages, man buns
  • taurus: finishing homework at 3am, mid-day naps, blank sketchbooks, new shoes, the winning point of a game, smores, roses, breezy march days, camping trips, streams, watching horror movies
  • gemini: the song 'the city' by the 1975, long road trips in the desert, music festivals, graffiti, candy hearts, a child at Disneyland, mom jeans, big bathtubs, hot air balloons, dandelions, food courts, lip gloss
  • cancer: sitting on a lookout in the dark, large blankets, hotel hallways, long distance phone calls, group pictures, the song 'baby blue eyes' by rocket to the moon, acoustic guitars, iced coffee, Valentine's Day, sweater paws, pink lips, sunrises
  • leo: ferris wheels, prom night, gold eyeshadow, stacks of unread books, bass in a song, holding hands in hospitals, the beach, the smell of mint, sephora, 12am, taylor swift, black skinny jeans
  • virgo: nude lipstick, the song 'flawless' by the nbhd, thanksgiving meals, messy handwriting, finding really good lighting for a selfie, cologne, footprints in the sand, wine, the clacking of a typewriter, silk robes, the view from a penthouse, YouTube
  • libra: tall grass, airports, green eyes, one night stands, blushing, umbrellas and rainboots, solid colored sweaters, fire alarms, sleepy voices, the smell of musk, freckles, vans shoes
  • scorpio: blank grey gloomy skies, slush on the road after it snows, cold summer nights, the song 'lua' by bright eyes, morning grass, Sunday morning coffee, holding hands, dyed hair, acoustic versions of songs, tiny giggles, sleepy kittens, thunder at night
  • sagittarius: empty movie theaters, crowded buses, flicks of birds, chalkboards, getting tickets to a concert, taxis, city mornings, meaningless promises, damp forest floors, perfume, street lights, black hair
  • capricorn: black dresses, apartments, phone calls with your mother, hot tea, secret admirers, stacks of notebooks, 'i miss you's, traffic, alarm clocks, soft waves, varsity jackets, tally marks
  • aquarius: lakes at sunrise, crackling campfires, the smell of clean sheets, attracting strangers, unused paint, the song 'tesselate' by alt-j, shooting stars, empty libraries, bad jokes, flannels, mountains, holes in walls
  • pisces: fairy lights, the song 'breezeblocks' by alt-j, blue summer skies, tiny pink blossoms, golden retriever puppies, bunnies, new albums, blowing kisses, walking in a creek, photographic memories, peaches, pastel colors

Role Swap AU doodle (not pictured: Dex being forcibly removed from his sister’s laboratory). His shoes are actually tap shoes, which not only means he makes annoying clicking noises when walking, he’s also wrecking a perfectly good pair of tap shoes. Nobody wins in this situation.




Winchester brothers- My boys

Title: My boys

Pairings: Winchester brothers x reader

Word count:1198

Request: Hey! :) Your blog is amazing and you are such an amazing writer! I’m requesting a oneshot where the reader is cranky and on her period and Sam and Dean lovingly take care of her, buying her snacks, watching her favorite movie with her and doing anything to make her smile. A lot of happiness and a comical atmosphere would be awesome, cute moments included. Thank you so much! Love you and your writing lots❤️❤️

A/N: I made this more humor than cute.. sorry xxx

“Stop moving!”

“Sorry Sammy it hurts!” You groaned your hands falling on top of Sam’s large one. 

“Quit your whining both of you!” Dean groaned. You groaned shuffling as you kicked your leg out that was resting on Dean’s lap. Your leg knocked Dean, making his balance sway. He looked away from the tv to glare at you. 

“I’m in pain Boob, leave me alone!” You groaned. Sam let out a booming laugh, his head falling back as his hand rubbed soothing circles on your stomach. You pressed your back further into his lap as you finally rested your feet still against the older Winchesters lap. 

“yeah boob, leave her alone she’s in pain” Sam mocked your words poking his pink tongue out at his brother. Dean turned to face Sam, a glare marking his face as he picked up the remote and threw it at Sam. Sam ducked. 

“I swear to God” Dean growled jumping up as he pushed your legs off him. Sam threw his arms up to shield himself from his brother as Dean dragged him off the couch. 

You watched as they wrestle, Dean trying to mess up Sam’s hair. “Noooo” You whined making the brothers freeze. Your arms wrapped around your stomach and they knew instantly what you needed. 

“Sorry Kiddo” Dean apologized as he pulled Sam back up onto the couch. 

“Well I don’t except your apology” You smirked turning your head away from the Winchesters. 

“oh come on (y/n)” Sam pouted, your head bouncing as his large hand petted your head. 

“I’ll forgive you on one condition” You drawled, the same sly smirk making your features. 

“I’ll go get the chocolate” Dean groaned, grabbing his keys off the side. 

“Thank youuuu” You called, head falling back on his shoulder as you pecked his cheek, giggling when the stubble ticked your lips. 


“Are you crying?” Sam flustered as he looked down at you. 

“It’s just so sad” you whimpered nuzzling deeper into Sam. 

“It’s an egg (yn)” Sam trailed off, a smile dancing on his plump lips. 

“hey!” you snapped jumping up, causing the taller man to jump too. “He sacrificed himself for the city!  Humpty Dumpty sacrificed himself so Puss in boots could rescue the city!’‘ 

You felt the slight bounce of Sam’s chest rise and fall as he let a soft chuckle fall from his parted lips. The ends of his hair dipped in his eyes as he looked at you with amusement. 

’'You’re too cute (y/n)” He grinned, ruffling your locks, which promoted a moan from you.

You were about to snap a comment at the moose, but you were cut off when the door opened. You looked over to see Dean struggling to get the thick brown bags through the door. 

“You buy the whole store Dean!” you yelped. “You can’t do that by yourself” You protested as the older man struggled. “Sammy, go help your brother” You smirked using the base of your foot to kick the giant hunter off. 

Sam gave you a narrowed look as he helped Dean put everything down.  ’'Yeah we’ll you eat like a pig, so I saved me and Sammy from constantly going to the store-(y/n). Shit. I’m sorry’' 

“Dude” Sam groaned as he made his way over to you, pulling you into his arms. “You know she’s already hormonal enough” Sam scolded his older brother as he tried to sooth you. 

“I’m sorry (y/n), you know I was only joking. Plus I think it’s hot how much you can eat” Dean reasoned. 

“It wasn’t you” You whimpered, as you yanked the older brother into a hug. 

“What then?” They said in sync, voice laced with concern. 

“I miss Humpty’' 


’'Piss off!” You snapped, throwing your pillow at Sam’s head. A umph feel from his lips as he slacked from the soft weight of the pillow. He placed his hands on the plump pillow, pulling it away from his face. 

“We’re going on a hunt (y/n), you need to go” Sam groaned. 

“Good God Man, don’t provoke it” Dean snickered winning a shoe to the face. 

“Hey!” Dean whined, rubbing the aching spot on his head. “Why does he get a pillow and I got a shoe!” Dean yelped. 

“Fine let’s go” You snapped, storming to the bathroom. 


“You saved a life (y/n), aren’t you glad you went on the hunt. You helped a lo-”

“Don’t get all mushy gushy with me Samantha” You snarled pointing your index finger at Sam. 

“I swear Sammy, you love provoking her” Dean muttered, as Sam narrowed his hazel eyes at the older Winchester. 

“You know Dean, your talking but all I can hear is blah blah blah” You hissed, motioning chatty motions with your hands. Dean’s brows raised as Sam started to laugh so hard he was crying. 

“I’m sorry I love you guys” You cried out wrapping your arms around their encks and yanking them in. Sam’s cheeks looked like a chipmunks cheek from how much you were squishing him.

“ (y/n), my face is squished against your chest” Sam grunted.

“You shouldn’t be complaining about that Sammy” Dean smirked, flashing you a wolfish smile. 

If anyone was too pass now they would just see you squishing two chipmunk like men.


“Oh come on, give a smile” Dean begged. 

“No” you growled crossing your arms. Sam glanced up from his laptop.



’'Geez okay’' 


’'DEANEA MICHAEL WINCHESTER!!” You screamed throwing your half eaten cooking in front of his face.

“Deanea?” Dean questioned. 

“It sounds like I more angry if I use your full first name, but yours is Dean, and I always call you Dean so I decided to give you a different one” You shrugged in calmness before pointed to the cookie. 


“Owww!” Sam cried out hands wrapping around his stomach. 

“What?!” You and Dean chorused in panic. You looked up from your book as Dean looked up from his burger. 

“I have stomach ache. Ow God. You have no idea how much this hurts” Sam winced. 

“Oh really?” You glared through narrowed eyes.


“Your so annoying Dean!” Sam snapped. 

“stop being such a girl” Dean groaned rolling his eyes and shaking off his brothers annoyance. Sam growled before stomping over to the table and slamming himself into the chair. 

“Sam?” You called softly. Sam looked up annoyed. 

“you wanna borrow one of my tampons?”. As soon as you said this, Sam flipped the bird at you and Dean started to hammer his palm on the table, trying to catch his breath. 


“Thank you guys, I know I can be a hassle.” You smiled in relief as now all your pain was over. 

“It’s okay (y/n). We’d do anything to see you smile” Sam smiled. 

“I love you guys” You grinned. 

“We love you too (y/n)” They chorused as they sandwiched you in a hug. 

“I’m used to it, I have to deal with Samantha’s period too’' 


  •  “Lmao dis bitch be crying in the bathroom total loser am I right?”
  •  *At the banquet* “Oh look it’s that kid what does he want now?”
  • “Shit he’s good at dancing.”
  •  “Oh my god dis bitch can pole dance.”
  • *Insert Yurio going a bit gay for Yuuri here.”
  •  *Unholy shrieks from Yurio after seeing Yuuri grind his dick on Viktor.”
  •  “Viktor, where are you going?”
  •  “The FUCK did you say, now? You’re going to Japan to coach that weeb?”
  •  “Hoe don’t do it.”
  •  “He fucking did it.”
  • *Arrives in Japan for the Hasetsu competition* “ALRIGHT BITCH WHERE YOU AT.”
  •  *After the competition* “I think I did pretty well. No way that pig would be able to beat m—”
  •  “He won? HE WON?”
  •  *bombs the whole skating rink* THIS ISN’T OVER. 


  •  “Oh my fuck they actually did it. They actually fucking did it.”
  •  “Great now they’re gonna kiss everywhere and hug each other and do other sh—”
  •  Otabek: “I wouldn’t mind doing that with you, you know.
  •  *stereotypical tsundere anime blush* “BAKA! Who the hell do you think you are?”
  •  *Sees Otabek skating* “holy shit I am so gay for this guy somebody hold my knife shoes”
  •  *Wins the GPF* “NOTICE ME VIKTOR-SENP—”
  •  *Viktor and Yuuri are hugging each other*
  •  “BOI.”

But what about when you and Calum’s kid reaches the age where he’s learnt both the word “no” and the age old art of defiance and is putting them both into action as you stand at the front door, jackets zipped up and ready to go to the park except for one of you, who wasn’t willing in the slightest to put his teeny little slip-on converse on. You’d be fresh out of gentle pleading, wanting nothing more than to just put them on him yourself so you could all just get out of the house already but knowing he had to learn to do things for himself. Cue fast thinking Daddy to come bounding down the stairs, shoes under his arm as he zipped his own jacket. “Hey buddy, how about we have a race?!” He gasped excitedly, your son’s face lighting up already at the prospect of a game. “First one to get both their shoes on wins, okay?” He beamed, taking a seat on the floor before shouting “go.” Immediately your little boy was grabbing his shoes, tongue stuck out in concentration as he fiddled with them. Watching him carefully Calum moved painfully slow as he slipped on his shoe, doing everything he could to give his son the time to achieve something on his own. Which he did, jumping up and down with joy as he finally got them both on and did it faster than his daddy, who was the fastest at everything in his 3 year old eyes. “Ah, you beat me! Good job!” Calum cheered, high fiving him as he made quick work of finally getting to put his shoes on properly. You shook your head, adoring smile stretched across your face as he hopped up and shot you a wink and pressed a kiss to your cheek before opening the front door and running eagerly along with your son.