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i know a lot of people make the easy comparison between yuuri and yuzuru hanyu 

for those people, I will be happy to tell you that Yuzuru Hanyu won the Grand Prix Final today for the fourth straight year in a row

if thats not hopeful foreshadowing, I dont know what is


David Bowie has just gone and done it again. Kicking ass from beyond the grave. Swept the floor at the Grammy’s tonight. Winning all 5 nominations for Blackstar!

I’m over the fucking moon I’m so pleased with this result.
After all the riff-raff with artists like Skepta winning over him in NME 2016. This is his moment. Wham Bam Thankyou M'aam!


hi hello CATS!!!! CANNOT!!!! BE VEGAN!!!!!

i cannot believe i have to fucking say this.

dogs are omnivore and IF YOUR VET APPROVES your pooch MAY be able to go on an APPROVED(!!!!!) commercial vegan dog food like the brand “v-dog” which has all the essential vitamins, protein, etc. (the oldest record winning dogs have been vegan)

cats are CARNIVORE and cannot fucking live on a vegan diet. a vet would laugh in your face and probably find some way to have your pet taken away from you because you’re obviously not fit to have an animal if you think you can feed a cat a diet based on your own ethics

i’m vegan but this is so fucking harmful.

it’s about minimizing your harm, not putting your animals on risky diets in an attempt to be perfect.



This man went from a “dime-a-dozen skater” (he is the top Japanese skater) that choked the previous year and getting last place, to beating his idol/fiance’s world record and winning the silver medal in the Grand Prix Final. Don’t tell me Yuri Katsuki didn’t have the ultimate development. Character and Skating wise. YURI KATSUKI HAD THE BEST DEVELOPMENT I’VE EVER SEEN. 

Asuka’s winning streak could surpass Goldberg’s
[February 22nd, 2017]

As of this posting, Asuka’s current winning streak in NXT stands at 146 victories, with zero pinfall or submission losses. Goldberg’s win-loss record was 155-0 (or 173-0 if we’re going by the inflated number announced on WCW programming) during his famous WCW winning streak between September of 1997 and December of 1998. If Asuka gains 10 more victories without a single loss, she’ll have surpassed Goldberg’s shoot winning streak, but she’s currently 28 victories away from surpassing Goldberg’s announced streak! Considering the amount of NXT live events, TV tapings, and the forthcoming NXT Takeover: Orlando, it’s entirely possible that Asuka may pass Goldberg’s streak within a month and a half!

In early February, Asuka became the longest-reigning champion under the WWE umbrella, with a reign that’s lasted over 324 days.

Which lazytown character should you fight


Who wins: Sportacus

The bad news is this guy has over 4000 confirmed jumps and boundless energy, strength, and speed. The good news is he probably won’t hurt you too badly. You will lose, though.


Who wins: ???

Robbie has a bad track record with winning fights, but that doesn’t mean he won’t give you a run for your money. This could go either way. But if you win you will feel awful about yourself.


Who wins: you

Stephanie has good speed and stamina, but she is lacking in brute strength. If you can hit her hard early on, this one goes to you.


Who wins: Stingy

Fight Stingy. He fights dirty and he’ll go right for the eyes, but he deserves to get roughed up a bit.


Who wins: you

Ziggy is erratic and pretty weak, as well as quite annoying. But he is a little kid and you probably won’t earn many bragging rights (or much satisfaction) from beating up a four-year-old.


Who wins: ???

The outcome of this fight completely depends on if you’re fighting irl or a video game. But why would you want to fight Pixel?


Who wins: Trixie

Trixie will obliterate you without breaking a sweat. Do not fight Trixie.

The Mayor

Who wins: you

It is actually physically impossible to fight the mayor. He does the job himself by tripping over his own feet before you can even make a move.

Miss Busybody

Who wins: Miss Busybody

Your greatest mistake is to underestimate Miss Busybody. When it comes down to it she has what it takes to deliver a smackdown, verbal or physical.



Who wins: Íþróttaálfurinn

Do you have a death wish. There is no way you come out of this fight with your dignity or your ribcage intact.


Who wins: ???

It depends what you mean by “winning.” There is no way this goes how you were expecting. Also, if he beats you he will step on your face in high heels.

Let’s not forget how Michael won 8 Grammy’s in one night and still holds that record. Even if someone does pass it he made history!

Fun Fact: The reason why Michael says he wants to thank his brothers and “including” Jermaine and points to him is because Jermaine claimed that he wasn’t going to win album of the year.

Not only did he win record of the year, he won album of the year, and won in three different genres of music for best R&B song, best male pop vocal & best r&b vocal, and best rock vocal. Then he won producer of the year all in one night !
Beyoncé could make history on Grammy night!

  • She already became the most nominated female in history with a whopping 62 nominations.
  • She has potential to beat Alison Krauss in becoming the most Grammy awarded female in history. Alison has 27, while Beyoncé currently has 20. If Beyoncé win more than 7, then Beyoncé will surpass Alison Krauss and make history.
  • If Beyoncé wins 8 of her Grammys, then she will be tied with Michael Jackson (1984) and Santana (2000) for winning the most Grammy wins in one night.
  • If Beyoncé wins all 9 of her Grammys, then she will surpass Michael Jackson and Santana for winning the most Grammy wins in one night.
  • Beyoncé could break her own record in winning the most Grammys in a night by a female artist. Currently Beyoncé and Adele are tied for winning 6 Grammys in one night.
  • If Beyoncé wins 6 Grammys, then she will be the first female artist to win at least 6 Grammys in one night, twice.
  • If Beyoncé wins more than 6 Grammys, then she will be the most awarded Grammy female artist in one night.
  • She will become closer to becoming the most Grammy awarded artist of all time. <3

2016-17 Goals Game 60/82 (vs Minnesota Wild)

Goal 1: Toews
Goal 2: Panik
Goal 3: Schmaltz
Goal 4: Toews
Goal 5: Toews (4th career hat trick/2nd 5-point game of his career)
Bonus Gif 1: A happy Schmaltz after his goal
Bonus Gif 2: Toews celebrating his hat trick with this teammates on the bench
Bonus Gif 3: Crow’s amazing save on Zucker

**Game Notes** With this win the Hawks tie a franchise record of winning 7 consecutive road games.
- Coach Q notches his 400th win with the Hawks

one of my rivalshipping headcanons (platonic, romantic, or otherwise) is that they meet up incognito to play games at those chess tables in the park… kaiba’s wearing sunglasses and a kaibacorp hoodie #officialmerch and yuugi has his hair tucked under a beanie so they don’t get recognized and they stop to pick up drinks so yuugi has some caramel ice frappuccino thing and kaiba’s got a slurpee OR a 2 liter bottle of water. every week it’s a different game, so it’s backgammon or chess or checkers or two-player card games, and if it’s duel monsters then it’s old-school without holograms and they’re flipping cards by hand. and they just chill like that for an hour. they don’t even need to talk, they’re just quietly enjoying themselves

LIKE, i just want them to play games with zero stakes, without having to defend KaibaCorp/save their friends/save the world. both of them just LOVE GAMES! SO MUCH!! and it’s not their doing that somehow their passion for competition and games turned into life-or-death situations against evil stepfathers and the lord of atlantis. so I like to imagine kaiba and yuugi just doing their favorite thing and relaxing, zero pressure, texting each other like ‘you want to play chess today?’ ‘no. mokuba found our old mancala board’ ‘awesome! sounds great, see you at 2’ and having a nice time without being bothered by anyone. okay thanks


The Teiko Middle School basketball club. An incredibly strong team over one hundred members and three consecutive championship wins. Amongst their brilliant record, the generation of five prodigies was known as the Generation of Miracles.


Since there were SEVERAL friends of mine in tumblr who were asking about it, there is an event coming up with the help of my friend from the official VIP event planning staff (though it is no way affiliated) for all the international VIPS!!!  

To put simply, Bigbang began with 6 trainees all trying to claim a spot in the group that was once going to be named Diamond; all scrawny kids who barely had enough food and rehearsed till they were absolutely perfect. Day in and day out they went through hardships to become the award-winning, record-breaking Kings of KPop (title given by CNN, Billboard, Times, Forbes, Rolling Stones, Apple Music, Dazed, Washington Post, and etc.) Ten years later, they’re going on hiatus to serve their military duty to S. Korea after an amazing streak of music.

It’s going to be the last time we see them for a very long time, as all five of them, and they deserve the best goodbye that we can give them.

#SeeYouSoonBigbang project! Write them a goodbye letter on a post it, put your light stick or a photo of them in the background and tag it!! Upload it on sns sites


to let them know that they will be missed and we will be waiting for them to return, for however long it takes.

You can send photos to sysbigbang or tag them in the photos for a collage!! Event will end February 1st!!!

2006 - Until Whenever

  • Viktor: *skates* *wins five gold medals in a row*
  • Viktor: ok I'm bored. time to coach
  • Viktor: *choreographs the routine that breaks one world record and wins gold* *coaches the skater who breaks the other world record and wins silver*
  • Viktor: well that was fun. but maybe next time try skate... AND coach??

look at our sunshine’s reaction :)

With a total of 13250 points making it the highest score on Music Bank ever since a change in scoring system in 2013 <3