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14.05.15 → 14.11.17: Monsta X’s First WIN!

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to MX on their first official music show win! Words cannot describe how proud and happy I am for you all! This win is well deserved, and as we all know, has been a long time in the making. These 7 amazing men have worked above and beyond their best, over the last 2 years! Through endless sweat; tears and blood, hours upon hours of practise, and a diligent work ethic to never show less than perfection, Monsta X have achieved a huge feat! I am constantly blessed by and in awe of all the things that MX do every day for us, and am honoured to be their fan/call myself a monbebe! Well done on reaching the starting point, of what is surely to be only the beginning of the amazing things you’ll strive to achieve in future. I am so proud and I love you all so much! Thank you for being Monsta X ♥

on a related note we were kicking around this last night cause i guess we just really enjoy Victor Suffering
  • lazulisong: imagine being an innocent man taking your fiance on a fancy date and you take off his coat in the resturant because it's That Type of Fancy Date and the asshole is wearing a backless blouse under his jacket and you just got blindsided by it
  • cafecliche: oh my god and then you have to SIT THROUGH THE ENTIRE DINNER
  • and it's a nice place!
  • we're talking four courses minimum!!!
  • lazulisong: and dessert!!!!
  • cafecliche: and that little shit is taking the tiniest possible bites of his flan!!!
  • cafecliche: Victor is NOT going to accidentally crush a champagne flute at this very nice restaurant
  • he is NOT
  • lazulisong: Yuri jusr sitting there looking at him from under his eyelashes like a bully
  • cafecliche : "Victor? Did you want to try my coconut sorbet?"
  • lazulisong: Victor can't actually say "if I can lick it off your back" but he thinks it real hard
  • cafecliche: oh my god
  • in his pure determination not to say it his response is actual word salad
  • lazulisong: Yuri knows he's in trouble and he's very happy
  • cafecliche: It's very hard for Yuri
  • Because he's disinclined to Big Spending but the temptation to call the waiter over and ask for the best wine pairings with dessert is almost TOO MUCH to bear
  • lazulisong: He seriously considers the espresso but like there's a nonzero chance victor is gonna have a stroke
  • cafecliche: It's hard to say goodbye
  • But at a certain point you need to end the joke, calls a cab, and say a silent but heartfelt goodbye to that shirt
  • lazulisong: 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏