win lose or tie

i don’t know how la liga will end up, probably real madrid will win it but i don’t really care in the end? i mean, i’m so damn proud of my team because this was one of those shitty seasons and they’ve been fighting until the very end, giving real madrid a lot of struggle. we still have beautiful matches to cry for and i’ll definitely tell my children how we made the most iconic remuntada against psg and the way leo scored his 500th goal for barça at the bernabèu. football is more than a game and it’s not only a matter of wins and trophies and the beauty of this sport is that there will always be a next season.
win, lose or tie, barça ‘til i die.

Which Sideman Should You Fight?

Josh (Chance of you winning: 50%):

Honestly, this could go either way. You won’t know if you would win or lose, it might actually end in a tie with both of you just forgetting this ever happened. Anyway, don’t fight Josh, he’s a dad. He’ll shut your ass down if he feels like it.

Simon (Chance of you winning: 80%):

He’s a scrawny typical white boy, of course you’ll beat him. Unless you’re into that type of thing and you’ll probably melt in an instant. If you love Simon with a passion, you would rather protect him, unless he actually gets a significant other. Then you’ll be sad, angry, and you would happily fight him and win.

Ethan (Chance of you winning: 55%):

I have a good feeling Ethan knows some moves, but it’ll all end up in a fit of giggles eventually. If you know a joke that’ll be certain to crack him up, he will be laughing so hard that he’ll be paralysed, then you’ll be able to pin him down and win.

Vikk (Chance of you winning: pls no):

Why????? Would you fight Vikk????????? No??????? Please don’t???

Tobi (Chance of you winning: 25%):

Don’t be fooled; his gentle personality will trick you into believing he is a cinnamon roll when actually he’ll Falcon Punch you right out of the world. Then he’ll come and find you, apologise and ask you to join him in a game.

JJ (Chance of you winning: no):

You better have a death wish if you’re fighting JJ. And even after he beats you, he will bring it up in every conversation you have. For the sake of your sanity, just don’t do it.

Harry (Chance of you winning: 110%):

Chances are he’ll probably join you in fighting him. Definite win.



me right now: i love FC Barcelona no matter what happens, win, lose, or tie this is my club.

me after the match: i don’t even know why i like FC Barcelona all they cause is pain and suffering in my life and i don’t need it

My Candy Love - Episode 33 Guide


-      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

/ or + Means my Love’O’Meter is at 100 so the result is either neutral or positive

If an answer does not have -, /, or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result

LOM: Love’O’Meter; Low LOM is around 75 points or lower. High LOM is 75 and over.

Action Points: 350-575 Action Points depending on how lucky you are on finding people within the episode.

Illustrations: There are 6 Illustrations in total. You can get up to two Illustration in one episode play; one Illustration is with Priya and Iris and the other is with the boyfriend. It will take 4 replays to get every Illustration.

Auntie: Found during the objectives: Bring the dishes to the living room/Isolate yourself to write down a dare. She can be found in the garden. The gifts are party props.

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Rival- Jack O’Callahan

Originally posted by hockeysbest

“(Y/N)?” you heard a voice behind you call. You turned round to see your brother’s teammate, Jack O’Callahan, heading your way. And God was he a dream.

“Hey Jack.” You replied. “You seen my brother?”

Jack shook his head. “Not around, no. He’s getting ready. If he knew I was here, I’d get killed.”

“Good and I know.” you said, getting up on your tiptoes to peck him on the lips. “I’m so glad to see you.”

“You too, sweetheart.” he replied, going in for another kiss. “I missed you.’

“I missed you too.”

Yes, much to the dismay and disgusts of the Boston-Minnesota hockey feud, you were dating your brother Rob McClanahan’s rival-turned-teammate, Jack O’Callahan.

This had been going secretly on for months. You met Jack indirectly through your brother and hockey when you went to go visit Rob as they were training in Minnesota close to where you were attending college. Jack caught your eye and you caught his. He nearly ended up skating into coach Brooks, which likely would have ended up very poorly for Jack.

He was so handsome. Soft blond locks, sparkling eyes, and a smile that felt like home. To be honest, it sounded like something from a romance novel one of your friends read, but it was so true at the same time. There were about 2 things stopping you from asking him out as soon as you met him, though.

1. He’s your brother’s teammate.

2. He’s Bostonian.

Rob was always super protective of you even when you were a baby. He always warned his teammates that they are not allowed to ask you out or date you. You are off limits because you’re his baby sister. Next, you knew that your brother hated people from Boston University because of their massive hockey rivalry. So dating a Boston-boy hockey player who is now his teammate would be considered explicitly off limits.

And yet, here you were.

He ended up asking you out before he found out you were Rob’s sister. In fact, just after he asked you is when your big cockblock of a brother came over to say hi and introduce you to Jack as his baby sister. His whole face drained of color and he introduced himself again, this time normally without the flirting vibe. However, after your brother left, you told Jack yes. He was hesitant because he didn’t want to piss off Rob, but his affection for you was more than his fear of his teammate and his next words were “I’ll see you at seven.”

You and Jack met up secretly some nights, when you were able to drive out from college to see him, even though that wasn’t often. You two figured you’d also have to tell Rob eventually, but not now. Now was for just being happy and hopeful he’d approve and not completely lose it. Most times, you just used the phone in the dorms to call him or for him to call you. It didn’t cost much since he was so close by and since you really just had to pay a little to use it.

This stopped just after New Years, though. Jack wanted to focus on hockey for the games, since they were so soon. You still could call him, though. He called you his lucky star. You called extra with money you saved after he’d gotten hurt in New York against the Soviets.

Now, he was cleared to skate and play again just in time for the game. He looked beyond happy to see you.

“My lucky star.” he grinned. “Now I know we’ll win.”

“I just hope you’re right.” you sighed. “I know how important this is to you and my brother and, you know, the whole nation.”

“As long as I’ve got you, I know we’ll do just fine. And hey, you’re still my girl right?”

You smiled, pecking his lips once more. “Win, lose, or tie.”

He grinned before you two heard someone calling for him down the hall. “That’s for me. I should go.”


He turned his head to look you. “One last kiss for good luck?”

You nodded and tip toed up to give him one last kiss on the lips for a few moments before pulling back and smiling at him. “Now. Go kick some ass.”

He grinned. “Will do. I’ll see you later.”


You stared up at the scoreboard in disbelief. After being completely slaughtered by the Soviets merely weeks ago at Madison Square Garden, the United States was playing them again and leading the game in the third period.

The United States was winning.

You held your breath and looked at the clock. Ten seconds left. Only ten. The whole arena was going insane and you couldn’t believe the noise when the buzzer hit zero. 

Everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs and jumping up and down in celebration as the team including your brother and boyfriend jumped out onto the ice to celebrate. Jack ended up tackling one of his teammates and practically sat on him as they both hollered and whooped in celebration of something that should have been impossible and was considered so until the 4th goal.

You hurried away from your awed mother and father and ran towards the zamboni doors which had been opened and excited fans now began flooding in to join the team. You looked around in the small crowd that gathered to not see your boyfriend nor your brother.

“Jack!?” you called. “Jack!? Robbie!? Where are yo-!” You cut yourself off with a yelp as a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist and picked you up.

“(Y/N)! Baby, it’s me!” you heard your boyfriend laugh in your ear before putting you down and hugging you tight. “Holy shi- we did it! We fucking did it, baby! I knew you’d bring me luck! I knew it! Holy shit!”

You hugged him just as tight. “I knew you could! I knew so, baby!”

He grinned and lean down, stealing again,a kiss from your lips, this one much longer than any other you’d shared today. He tasted like mint, probably due to the gum he constantly chewed. You wrapped your arms around his neck as his hands planted on your waist, keeping you close.

That is, until you heard someone clear their throat next to the two of you. You and Jack broke apart to find your pissed off older brother.

“Oh no. H-hey Robbie.”

“(Y/N). Jack. What the hell is this?”

“Rob, listen, I-” Jack began before getting cut off by your brother.

“Don’t “Rob” me! And what are you doing with my baby sister!?”

“Rob, calm the hell down!” you cried. “He’s my boyfriend!”

Rob’s face blanked. “Your what? Jack, what!?”

“We were going to tell you tonight, asshole.” he said. “We’ve been dating since September. For 5 months. She’s my girlfriend and I love her! I love her, Mack. I would never hurt her!”

You nodded and held his still gloved hand. “Please? Rob, I’m not you baby sister anymore. I’m just your sister. Please don’t make a huge deal about this.”

“Not make a huge deal? (Y/N), you’re my little-”

“And I’m only 2 years younger.” you snapped. “I’m an adult, Rob. A fully functioning adult who can make my own choices. And I choose him. You know him. He’s your teammate, your friend, but before this, you probably wanted to kill him. Just goes to show that opinions and thoughts can change. And he makes me happy. Take that into consideration.”

The three of you were silent for a bit until your brother sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Jack… If you hurt her ever, I swear to God, I’m gonna kill you.”

Jack stared at him in shock and awe. “Wait, you’re letting me date her?”

He nodded. “Only if you promise to treat her right.”

He grinned. “I have the whole time. I promise I will. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

You grinned and hugged your brother. “Thanks, you dork. This means a lot.”

“As long as you’re happy, sis. Love ya.”

“I love you too.” you said before pulling away and going back to Jack.

Jack smiled at you. “Told you it’d be okay.”

“You were right.” you grinned. “Come on, let’s go party.”

He grinned and took your hand. “Sounds perfect, babe.”

Spanish Vocabulary - Los deportes y ejercicios

This is a vocab list comprised of sports and exercise vocabulary.

This won’t be a totally complete list in that if I mention a sport I won’t go too far into its particular vocab like “forward”, “linebacker”, “quarterback” and so on, but it’s more for an overview… so I might not include everything you’re looking for.

And as always, if I know that a particular word is a regionalism, I’ll note it.


  • el deporte, los deportes = sport, sports
  • deportivo/a = sports / related to sports [ej. el estadio deportivo “sports stadium”, los zapatos deportivos “sneakers / sports shoes”]
  • el fútbol = soccer
  • el fútbol americano = (American) football
  • el atletismo = track and field
  • pista y campo = track and field [Caribbean]
  • saltar vallas / obstáculos = hurdles / jumping hurdles
  • el lanzamiento de bala = shot-put
  • el tiro de (la) pesa = shot-put
  • el salto con pértiga = pole vaulting
  • el salto con garrocha = pole vaulting [more Latin America]
  • el maratón = marathon
  • la carrera = a race
  • la esgrima = fencing
  • (las) artes marciales = martial arts
  • la lucha = wrestling
  • la lucha libre = professional wrestling
  • el baile / la danza = dancing
  • el ballet = ballet
  • el golf = golf
  • la gimnasia = gymnastics
  • la gimnasia rítmica = rhythmic gymnastics
  • las (barras) paralelas = parallel bars
  • las (barras) asimétricas = uneven bars
  • el levantamiento de pesas = weightlifting
  • la halterofilia = weightlifting / bodybuilding
  • el baloncesto = basketball
  • el boxeo = boxing
  • el béisbol = baseball
  • el softball = softball
  • el voleibol = volleyball
  • el tenís = tennis
  • el rugby = ruby
  • el críquet = cricket
  • el hockey = hockey
  • el hockey sobre hielo = ice hockey
  • el hockey sobre césped = field hockey
  • el automovilismo / el automobilismo = racecar driving
  • la equitación / la hípica = equestrian sports / horseback riding
  • el ciclismo = bicycling
  • la natación = swimming
  • los saltos [natación] = diving [when it comes to “swimming”]
  • el patinaje = (roller) skating
  • el patinaje sobre hielo = ice skating
  • el esquí / el ski = skiing
  • el esquí alpino = Alpine skiing
  • el esquí de fondo = cross-country skiing
  • el esquí de pista = downhill skiing
  • el tiro con arco = archery
  • el tiro (deportivo) = shooting / sharpshooting
  • el remo = rowing
  • el surf = surfing


  • hacer ejercicios = to exercise
  • ejercitar = to exercise / to do drills or repetitions
  • ejercitarse = to get exercise / to exert one’s body
  • hacer ejercicios aeróbicos = to do aerboics
  • hacer ejercicios anaeróbicos = to do anaerobics
  • hacer la calistenia = to do calisthenics
  • hacer ejercicios de calentamiento = to do warm-up exercises
  • hacer sentadillas = to do squats
  • hacer cuclillas = to do squats
  • hacer zancadas = to do lunges
  • hacer abdominales = to do sit ups / crunches
  • hacer lagartijas = to do push ups
  • hacer pesas = to do weights
  • levantar pesas = to lift weights
  • estirar = to stretch
  • hacer estiramientos = to do stretches
  • correr en cinta = to run on the treadmill
  • saltar a la cuerda / saltar a la soga / saltar a la comba = to jump rope
  • brincar a la cuerda / brincar a la soga / brincar a la comba = to skip rope


*Please note many of these verbs have irregularities that I can’t simply list all at once, so you may want to consult WordReference to see their irregularities in the conjugation charts.

  • jugar al = to play (masculine noun sport; ej. jugar al tenís)
  • jugar a la = to play (feminine noun sport; ej. jugar a la lucha libre)
  • correr = to run
  • caminar = to walk
  • andar = to walk
  • pasear = to walk
  • dar un paseo = to take a walk
  • correr = to run
  • seguir = to follow
  • perseguir = to pursue / to chase
  • saltar = to jump
  • brincar = to jump
  • tirar = to throw
  • tirar = to shoot (a bow / a gun)
  • disparar = to shoot (a gun)
  • lanzar = to toss
  • lanzar = to pitch (baseball)
  • coger = to catch [Spain; NOT Latin America]
  • pillar = to catch
  • cachar = to catch [very Latin America]
  • golpear = to hit / to strike / to swing (baseball)
  • patear = to kick (soccer / football)
  • luchar = to fight
  • dar (un/unos) puñetazo(s) = to punch / to punch repeatedly
  • dar una paliza = to whoop (someone) / to give (someone) a beating
  • bailar = to dance
  • remar = to row
  • patinar = to skate
  • nadar = to swim
  • competir = to compete
  • hacer = to do / to make
  • hacer (ejercicios) = to do (exercises)
  • alcanzar = to reach / to grasp
  • lograr = to achieve
  • realizar = to make a reality / to finalize / to carry out / to perform (exercises)
  • obtener = to get / to obtain
  • conseguir = to get / to obtain
  • terminar = to finish / to end
  • comenzar (a) = to begin (to)
  • empezar (a) = to start (to)
  • practicar = to practice / to perform (a sport)
  • ensayar = to rehearse / to practice
  • entrenar = to train
  • adiestrar = to train / to instruct
  • aprender = to learn
  • enseñar = to teach 
  • doler = to hurt [functions like gustar when talking about a body part; ej. me duele la cabeza / me duelen las piernas]
  • torcer, torcerse = to twist / to twist or sprain (a body part)
  • lastimar, lastimarse = to injure / to injure oneself
  • herir / herirse = to wound or injure / to wound or injure oneself
  • sudar = to sweat
  • llorar = to cry
  • sangrar = to bleed
  • sentir = to sense (physical) / to see / to hear / to notice
  • sentirse = to feel (an emotion)
  • mejorar = to improve
  • mejorarse = for someone to get better
  • empeorar = to worsen
  • empeorarse = for someone to get worse
  • respirar = to breathe
  • aspirar = to breathe in / to aspire
  • exhalar = to exhale / to breathe out
  • inspirar = to inspire
  • alabar = to praise
  • adular = to flatter
  • ovacionar = to praise / to give an ovation
  • agradecer = to thank / to give thanks to
  • patrocinar = to sponsor
  • financiar = to finance / to sponsor / to provide money
  • infundir = to inspire / to cause / to provoke an emotion
  • emocionar = to excite / to fill with excitement
  • conmover = to excite / to fill with excitement
  • decepcionar = to disappoint
  • hacer una finta = to feint / to fake someone out
  • engañar = to deceive
  • fingir = to feign / to deceive
  • sorprender = to surprise
  • asombrar = to astonish
  • pasmar = to amaze
  • burlarse de (alguien / algo) = to make fun of someone or something / to jeer
  • reírse de (alguien / algo) = to laugh at someone or something / to jeer
  • mofarse de (alguien / algo) = to mock someone or something / to jeer
  • persuadir = to persuade
  • convencer = to convince / to persuade
  • engatusar = to butter someone up / to cajole / to get someone to do something with flattery or trickery
  • soñar = to dream
  • esperar = to hope [or “to wait” if applicable]
  • hacerse realidad (los sueños) = (for dreams) to come true
  • anhelar = to yearn for / to long for
  • usar = to use / to make use of
  • utilizar = to utilize / to make use of
  • aplaudir = to applaud / to clap
  • abuchear = to boo
  • aclamar (a alguien) = to cheer on (someone) [often takes an indirect object]
  • vitorear = to cheer
  • jalear a = to cheer on [Spain]
  • echar porras (a alguien) = to cheer (someone) on [Mexico]
  • animar = to encourage
  • animarse = to be inspired / to cheer up
  • desanimar / desalentar = to discourage
  • desanimarse / desalentarse = to become discouraged
  • silbar = to whistle
  • chiflar = to whistle [Mexico]
  • anotar = to score [in the context of games]
  • obtener = to score / to win a point [in the context of games]
  • marcar = to score [in the context of games]
  • ganar = to win
  • perder = to lose
  • empatar = to end in a tie / for the score to be even
  • ganar por una cabeza / ganar por un pelo = to barely win / to win by a nose
  • pisar los talones (a alguien) = to narrowly nose / to be a close second
  • llevarse de calle el partido = to win a match hands down / to completely win
  • felicitar = to congratulate
  • dar la enhorabuena = to congratulate
  • tener un don = to be gifted
  • tener suerte = to be lucky
  • tener éxito = to be successful
  • esforzarse = to make an effort
  • hacer un (gran) esfuerzo = to make a (huge) effort
  • valer la pena = to be worth the effort


  • el / la atleta = athlete [sometimes “gymnast”]
  • el / la deportista = athlete / someone who plays a sport
  • el jugador, la jugadora = player
  • el árbitro, la árbitra = referee
  • el entrenador, la entrenadora = trainer / coach
  • el patrocinador, la patrocinadora = sponsor
  • el jefe, la jefa = boss
  • el / la mánager = manager
  • el gerente / la gerente, la gerenta = manager
  • el director, la directora = administrator / director
  • el / la agente = agent
  • el público = crowd / audience [collective noun]
  • el equipo = team [collective noun]
  • el / la juez | los / las jueces = judge, judges
  • el nadador, la nadadora = swimmer
  • el luchador, la luchadora = fighter / wrestler
  • el corredor, la corredora = runner
  • el bailarín, la bailarina = dancer
  • el / la concursante = competitor
  • el animador, la animadora = cheerleader
  • el patinador, la patinadora = skater
  • patinadores sobre hielo / patinadores artísticos = ice skaters / figure skaters [can be patinadoras artísticas if necessary]
  • el aficionado, la aficionada = a fan
  • el fan, la fan, los fans, las fans = fans [man, woman, plural, etc.]

    Note: For many “players” of sports, you can easily say el jugador de ___ or la jugadora de ___. There are some sports that have an -ista form which are unisex, but they tend to be a bit more formal.

  • el / la futbolista = soccer player / football player
  • el / la tenista = tennis player
  • el / la baloncestista = basketball player
  • el / la beisbolista = baseball player
  • el / la velocista = speed skater
  • el / la comentarista = commentator
  • el comentarista deportivo, la comentarista deportiva = sports commentator


  • el gimnasio = gym(nasium)
  • el estadio = stadium
  • el campo = field
  • la pista = track
  • la cancha = a sports field / court / track / pitch
  • el campo de fútbol = soccer/ football field
  • la cancha de fútbol = soccer / football field
  • la cancha de tenís = tennis court
  • la pista de tenís = tennis court
  • la cancha de baloncesto = basketball court
  • la pista sobre hielo / la pista de patinaje = skating rink
  • la pista de hielo / la pista sobre hielo = an ice rink (for hockey or skating)
  • el premio = prize
  • la medalla = medal
  • el oro = gold
  • la plata = silver
  • el bronce = bronze
  • la medalla de oro/plata/bronce = gold/silver/bronze medal
  • la meta = personal goal / objective
  • la meta = finish line
  • el juego = game
  • el partido = a game / match
  • la pelota = a ball
  • la bola = a ball (often used in the sense of bowling or billiards)
  • la piscina = swimming pool
  • la arena = arena [or “sand” if applicable]
  • la victoria = victory / a win
  • la victoria pírrica = Pyrrhic victory: a victory that comes at a very high cost
  • la pérdida = a loss
  • el empate = a tie / when the final score is even
  • el punto, los puntos = point, points
  • la anotación = the act of scoring points
  • contra = against
  • con = with
  • versus = versus / vs.
  • físico/a = physical
  • violento/a = violent
  • sangriento/a = bloody
  • el deporte sangriento = blood sport
  • fuerte = strong
  • débil = weak
  • alto/a = tall
  • bajo/a = short
  • gordo/a = fat / large
  • flaco/a = skinny
  • delgado/a = skinny
  • grande = big
  • pequeño/a = small
  • mejor = better
  • el / la mejor = the best
  • peor = worse
  • el / la peor = the worst
  • atlético/a = athletic 
  • deportista = sporty / athletic
  • los músculos = muscles
  • la cabeza = heat
  • el cuello = neck
  • el hombro = shoulder
  • el brazo = arm
  • la pierna = leg
  • el tronco = torso
  • la cadera = hip
  • la cintura = waist
  • el muslo = thigh
  • la mano = hand
  • el pie = foot
  • la cara = face
  • la oreja = outer ear
  • el oído = inner ear
  • el ojo = eye
  • la nariz = nose
  • la boca = mouth
  • la frente = forehead
  • delantero/a = front
  • trasero/a = rear
  • la complexión = physique / build
  • el cuerpo = body
  • corporal = relating to the body / corporeal
  • la diversión = fun
  • el entretenimiento = entertainment
  • divertido/a = fun
  • entretenido/a = entertaining / enjoyable
  • los Juegos Olímpicos = Olympic Games
  • las Olimpiadas = The Olympics
  • la salud = health
  • el espíritu deportivo = good sportmanship

anonymous asked:

I don't see how jill still here... I'm mean god awful in the olympics, fucks up own tournament SheBelieves, already fucking up ToN, If no win today they lose either way. A tie will not feel good in any way. You have amazing players(Some best in the world) but chose to play players like Allie n Carli for popularity it saddens me to think of it. I hope jill is watching Euros because she is in for a rude awakening soon, can't be good on an emotional lvl for the gals to be in this situation.

ussf doesn’t care…or sunil hates firing people, I don’t know. even with jurgen it took him putting world cup qualification in jeopardy for him to get fired