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Merlin deleted scenes otherwise known as:

“Julian, it’s just too gay, we’ve got to cut it, I’m sorry.”

Here are all the tidbits in the interviews Louis’ done so far in which he talks about his girlfriend, Eleanor Jane Calder

(mind you, all these were released in 1 day RIP ME)

“of course” -Louis replied immediately when asked if he and Eleanor thought about having kids

“so I try my best just to pick myself up when I can; Of course, there are times . . . and that’s why Eleanor has been so fantastic for me.” -Louis confirming that Eleanor makes him happy when he’s down

“Louis has decided to pour his heart out on his new album, including paying tribute to Eleanor. He says: “There’s another song on the album called Always You and it’s kind of about my story of traveling the world and just being a f*****g idiot and going, ‘Of course it was always you’.“Here’s the thing, when you listen to my album, you won’t have to read between the lines.You’ll know what’s about Eleanor, you’ll know what’s about me, you’ll know what’s about the fans, you know it might hint a little bit about the relationship with my mum.” -Louis confirming he wants to be honest with his music, including his personal life and that Always You is about Eleanor

“There’s a couple of songs that me and my girlfriend [fashion blogger Eleanor Calder] really like that’ll never be used for anything, so they’re kind of just for us. That’s really nice.” -Louis admitting that he’s written several songs for Eleanor and about their relationship and that some of those songs are just for them ♥

“A lot of the album’s about her, really. I wanted to make the album feel chronological, because that’s how I wrote it. You can hear my journey as an individual over these three years - leaving the band, then going out on to the really crazy party scene, and then I’ve kind of ended up full circle back with Eleanor, who I love dearly.” -Louis stating that most of his solo album is about Eleanor, because he wants the album to have a sense of order as to how things happened with him.

Oh, and he loves Eleanor DEARLY! ♥