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What's the best way to get revenge on someone who manipulated and emotionally abused me? I feel so lost, I don't even know myself anymore - they stripped me of everything. I wanna win!

The best revenge: Begin by falling back in love with every inch of you. Heal yourself and forgive yourself. Start writing 10 things you are grateful for everyday. Exercise. Go on a cleanse fast. Read more books. Reconnect with friends. Take yourself out on dates. Find your passion and turn it into a purpose. Enjoy life again and raise your vibrations. The universe will reward you by aligning you with people who match your energy. Life will become brighter, but it will take some time, so be patient.

The revenge part isn’t in your control. But the best thing you can do is live the best life you can and leave that horrible person to linger in misery with their demons - until they decide for themselves that they want to change. Wish them peace and healing and keep it moving. 💛

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FIGHT! but not to the death-

Jyushimatsu: AHAHAH~!

Ichimatsu: is he really thinking of doing this…? then i guess i have no choice…damn he sure can move fast…i have to choose my next move carefully. i think that i can slow him down…by bringing those things in

Ichimatsu: i-it’s no use…i can’t summon them this way…i have to ge-

Jyushimatsu: POW! 

[Jyushimatsu is the winner! Villains: 1 Heroes: 0]

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using a white sim to model afro hairs? really? /: i admire you as a simmer, but that's really tasteless and i'm honestly disappointed

Hi! Are we going to get to this argument again?

I’m sorry, you’re disappointed, but I’ll leave this picture here just for you :)

What YGO character you should fight:
  • Jounouchi/Joey: Do you enjoy life? Do you enjoy LIVING? Jou is a great guy, sweet dude, but he is an ex gang member and will not hesitate to take your ass down. He's taken on multiple dudes & have won. Do NOT fight Jounouchi. Please don't fight him.
  • Honda/Tristan: If you want to. Honda is very chill, frankly the tallest member in the Yuugi gang. He can most likely hold his own in a fight but heaven forbid of Jou finds you fighting his buddy, then you'll have to deal with him too. Honda has punched the thief king before. Do not fight Honda. You'll die if Jou shows up.
  • Anzu/Tea: Anzu will kick your ass, not kidding. That dancer body is pumped full of strong feminine muscle. Don't fuck with Anzu, she has a lot of guts and will punch you in yours. You wanna fight her? Be my guest.
  • Atem: fight Atem. Sometimes he's depicted with a strong skinny muscular body, but we all know that ain't shit. He can defend himself, not so much on the offense. Possibly fast. Go on, fight Atem, he deserves it sometimes. But don't play a game with him, you'll probably be put in a coma or be set on fire.
  • Yuugi: in what world do you want to fight Yuugi? What did that child do to you? You know what? Fight him, fight him and you will win. He doesn't like violence, but be warned. When he is lying on the ground defeated, turn around and run. For behind you is Jou, Honda and Anzu cracking their knuckles waiting to knock your teeth out. Run. Fucking run as far as you can.
  • Kaiba: Who cares if you lose. PLEASE fight kaiba, fucking fight him. Punch him square in the face, that little shit. If you can of course, the guy can be slick with his movement and will probably fuck you up. Fight Kaiba, just do it.
  • Ryou: God knows Ryou has not done shit to you. Like Yuugi, why would you want to hurt Ryou? He is a sweet boy. Most likely you'll win. Yami Bakura knows how to use that body to his potential but Ryou is unaware of how much strength he has. Protect him, don't fight that child.
  • Marik: you have a 50/50 chance. Marik is a troubled kid, fight him if you want, or have some pity. Marik is a tricky one.
  • Grandpa Mutou: just have some tea with him. Grandpa has cool stories to share with you.
  • Yami Bakura: it's nice knowing you. Don't fight him. Don't fucking it do it man. There will be death and blood.
  • Yami Marik: also death and blood. Maybe saliva, who knows
  • Thief King: Honda punched him once. That says something.


Becky is doing a contest for a special Roy-Case DHMIS DVD! Enter a cReAtivE post and tag it with #ROYDVDFORME for a chance to win. More details (and a cool video) on Becky’s Instagram here.

Should you fight this Dragon Age woman?
  • Morrigan: hot mage with a voice that could melt butter. Would magically fuck you up and step on your corpse. You'll be happy about it. Do not recommend fighting.
  • Leliana: why tHE FUCK WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT YOU MONSTER but not recommened. DO NOT. She has the Maker on her side.
  • Wynne: WORLD'S FASTEST GRANDMA. Also no please don't she doesn't deserve it.
  • Flemeth: HAHAHAHAHHAA fabled witch of the wilds fight her NO DON'T FIGHT HER I WAS KIDDING
  • Isabela: pirate. A fucking pirate. Could seduce you to death. You have like maybe a 13% chance of winning. Also where the fuck did she go she's too fast.
  • Merrill: I mean... why would you even want to? Get away from her right now. Beautiful cinnamon roll. Too pure.
  • Hawke: would love to fight you. You probably won't win. More than likely. But will laugh it off if she loses.
  • Bethany: how dare you???
  • Meredith: She chats shit. Fight her.
  • Leliana (round 2): she's not fucking around this time, fight all you want but she will fuck you up.
  • Morrigan (round 2): no no no. Leave her alone. P.S. don't go near the water
  • Vivienne: could kill your corpse, I think that says enough
  • Josephine: cute lil chub ambassador who likes romance and frilly clothes. Easy to fight. Oh wait. Did I mention she was a bard? Lol good luck
Which Lego you should fight
  • Emmet: Despite appearing friendly, this is a tough call. On one hand, Emmet would never hurt a fly. On the other hand, he's a hard working construction worker with unbridled passion. If you catch him off-guard, you'd probably win. Then again, why would you want to fight Emmet?
  • Wyldstyle: She's fast and athletic, so fighting her might not be the best choice. She won't go down without a fight. It's hard to sneak up on her, too. Try not to fight Wyldstyle.
  • Vitruvius: Don't fight Vitruvius. He is blind, but he will mess you up. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  • Unikitty: If you fight Unikitty, you run the risk of making them cry or making them lose their temper. Either way, it isn't worth it.
  • Bad Cop: Bad Cop is like Wyldstyle, only easier. You'd have a good chance against Bad Cop if he can't call in for support. Fight Bad Cop.
  • Good Cop: Do not fight Good Cop. For your own well being, do not fight Good Cop. You will lose. Good Cop has much more confidence and free will than Bad Cop. Beware Good Cop.
  • Lord Business: Fight Lord Business. He only relies on his drones to do his dirty work for him. Catch him without his resources and you have an easy victory.
  • Batman: I will personally buy you a $37 cup of coffee if you fight Batman.
  • Benny: Do not. Fight. Benny. He's survived with a crack in his helmet for over 8 and a half years. He personally broke the walls between different realms. He dismantled half of a room and built a spaceship with it in less than ten seconds. He embraces the powers of gravity itself. Do not fight Benny. You will lose.
  • Metalbeard: You should fight Metalbeard. He's a big mound of objects that is practically falling apart. He's slow, but he's very hearty. You can't crush his spirit, but you can dismantle him pretty easily.

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Wow, U6's fortunes have seriously reversed. They've gone down the drain so fast I'm actually now thinking this might be a psych-out and they'll win the whole thing.

I haven’t watched the new episode yet, but I’m reasonably sure it won’t contradict my analysis here: They were always a vulnerable team.  They had some decent teamwork going for them, and managed to fly under the radar for a while to stay in the lead, but sooner or later they were bound to collapse like this. 

  • There’s at least four people in the tournament strong enough to beat Hit, and three of them are teammates. 
  • The Saiyans have shown remarkable potential, but that’s all it is: potential.  Their best bet here is that Caulifla or Kale can attain Super Saiyan Blue before the end of the tournament, and that’s a pretty tall order.  Even if they can do it, they’re still at a disadvantage because Goku and Vegeta were using Super Saiyan Blue before this thing started.  Right now, there’s nothing to stop Frieza from hunting down Caulifla and Kale and eliminating them just like he did Cabba.  
  • The Namekians appear to be decent fighters, possibly on par with Gohan and Piccolo, but I’m willing to bet that Gohan and Piccolo aren’t fighting at their fullest against them.  In any event, they really need to be circling the wagons with the rest of their team, and that isn’t happening.
  • Rota, Magetta, Frost, and Botama had no business being in the tournament in the first place.  The other teams have their share of weaker fighters, but they all had some kind of specialty to compensate, like U2′s sniper duo, or U4′s illusion caster, or Roshi’s vast experience.  By contrast, Magetta folds when he’s insulted, Botamo’s useless under elimination rules, and Frost is only effective when he can cheat.   Maybe Dr. Rota had some brilliant ace up his sleeve, but the fact that he got eliminated before he could play it says it all. 

In short, it was a pretty crappy team, at least by the standard set by Universe 7.  In a few years, the U6 Saiyans and maybe the Namekians will be a force to be reckoned with, but as it currently stands, it’s just Hit and nine other guys, and Hit was never going to win this thing by himself.   

Which Part 5 Stand User should you fight in a fistfight
  • Giorno Giovanna: While he is the prettiest JoJo, he's also probably the most hardcore one of them all. Dude's fifteen, and he drank piss out of a teacup, reattached his own eyeball without flinching, and became the boss of Passione, all within, like, two months. When I was fifteen, I still had a DeviantART. Don't fight Giorno Giovanna.
  • Bruno Buccellati: He killed two gangsters when he was twelve. In a hospital. Don't fight Bruno Buccellati.
  • Polpo: The only advantage Polpo has against you is his size. He is literally the size of a king-size bed. You could fight him, sure, but would you be able to hurt him is the question here.
  • Guido Mista: Guido fights using his gun only. All you have to do is hold up four fingers. He'll get so paranoid that you'll be able to knock him out easy. Fight Guido Mista.
  • Narancia Ghirga: He may be able to fly miniature airplanes but he sure can't do multiplication. Go ahead and fight him, if you want. Just remember how swole he is for a tiny tiny man.
  • Pannacotta Fugo: He can't even control his own Stand his only advantage is his anger fight the Swiss cheese mafioso.
  • Leone Abbaccio: Leone used to be a policeman, and he made Giorno drink his piss. Don't fight Leone.
  • Mario Zucchero: He got beat up immediately after Leone and Bruno found him. He's named sugar. He doesn't stand a chance.
  • Sale: The dude could keep his balance on a moving truck. I mean you'd win anyways cause he's salty and pathetic but he'd complain so, so much and he has impeccable balancing skills. Fight Sale anyways.
  • Trish Una: See, before Trish even realized she had a Stand, she was fighting Notorious B.I.G. using nothing but her wits and a lead pipe. This girl is both fashionable and scrappy. Don't fight Trish Una.
  • Formaggio: Formaggio's entire fighting style revolves around Little Feet and throwing shit at you. You could take him, easy. Fight Formaggio.
  • Illuso: Similar to above, Illuso's entire fighting style involves Man in the Mirror. Fugo killed him. Fight Illuso.
  • Coco Jumbo: This is a turtle. Like, not even a sentient turtle.
  • Pesci: I mean, you COULD fight him, I guess, but has he really done anything to you? He just needs some validation in his life. Let him win this one round.
  • Prosciutto: Prosciutto is neither particularly fast nor strong, but what you have to watch out for is his endurance. He was pushed out of a moving train and crushed under its wheels, and he still stayed alive through willpower alone. That's what's gonna kill you, so don't fight Prosciutto.
  • Melone: Tell him your zodiac sign and blood type, then, when he's distracted, go for the kill. Fight Melone.
  • Ghiaccio: He also relies on his Stand for the entire fight, because he believes it makes him invincible. You just know he'd go down in a single punch. Fight Ghiaccio.
  • Tiziano: Will only fight you if Squalo's there. He'll take all the hits you try to aim at Squalo, so just go for him anyways.
  • Squalo: A bit tougher than Tiziano, but he'll only fight if Tiziano's there. Will get angry if you take out Tiziano first. You'll still win.
  • Carne: He died three pages after we first see him. You'll win. Easily.
  • Vinegar Doppio: He's so nice and he will literally fall from a single punch. If you do fight him, be prepared for round two.
  • Risotto Nero: He killed a man at 18. He's the leader of the Assassination Squad. His Stand is named Metallica. He dresses like a stripper. Don't fight Risotton Nero unless you like getting impaled.
  • Cioccolata: He's all talk, but you know you could take him. Fight Cioccolata.
  • Secco: Okay, Secco's main advantage here is that you'll underestimate him, and that's your downfall. Secco is wily as fuck, and he also has some mean uppercuts. He's also a really great swimmer. Fight with caution.
  • Diavolo: This is round two of the Doppio fight. Doppio rips off his $500 boob sweater, and Diavolo comes out, wearing fishnet and looking like a Spiritomb gijinka. He will win, either through his smothering bravado or through sheer brute force. He is fragile, however, so don't be afraid to break a couple of his bones.
  • Scolippi: Don't fight Scolippi. Don't fight this poor, tortured man. He's literally dressed like Jesus. Don't fight Jojo Jesus.
"Lady and the Tramp" (1955) Sentence Starters
  • "What's"
  • "Just a cute little bundle of trouble!"
  • "Is something wrong, ____?"
  • "I should have been home hours ago."
  • "Open your eyes to what a person's life could really be!"
  • "Have you ever chased chickens?"
  • "It's for you, ____."
  • "It sounds wonderful."
  • "You win."
  • "What a dog!"
  • "What a perfectly beautiful/handsome lady/man."
  • "Oh, I love her/him."
  • "Stop that racket, you'll wake the baby!"
  • "No human is that cruel."
  • "You haven't fallen for that old line now, have you?"
  • "What's going on down there?"
  • "Not so fast, sonny."
  • "It's all yours, friend."
  • "Then you've never lived!"
  • "But we shouldn't."
  • "Start building some memories."
  • "Oh, the dames."
  • "I was so embarrassed...and frightened..."
  • "Hey, she's/he's a very sweet kiddo, ___."
  • "It wasn't my fault."
  • "I thought you were right behind me."
  • "Don't even mention that horrible place!"
  • "Oh, that reminds me."
  • "Who is ___?"
  • "I don't need you to shelter and protect me."
  • "I don't care if the police do pick you up!"
  • "If you get careless, don't blame me."

au where the entire samezuka team go out and Rin makes a remark on how cute Ai’s fashion sense is and then years later when Ai graduates he ends up studying fashion design. Fast forward to the year when Rin wins his medal on the olympics and he has the honor of showcasing the handmade uniform/swimsuit that his cute boyfriend made for him and they are both celebrities and happy ever after

The signs and their bad habits
  • Aries: talks too much when they're nervous.
  • Taurus: throws their clothes on the floor as soon as they get home.
  • Gemini: drinks the last of the milk and puts the empty carton back in the fridge.
  • Cancer: likes to bite their nails a lot.
  • Leo: spaces out while you're talking, they don't mean to it just happens.
  • Virgo: Always shuts off their alarm while they're sleeping so when they finally do wake they're late to class.
  • Libra: doesn't really wanna get up to do anything, even if they're hungry they would rather stay in bed than go downstairs to get food.
  • Scorpio: never stops playing a video game until they win the entire thing.
  • Sagittarius: eats their food so fast that they tend to bite their tongue while doing so.
  • Capricorn: doesn't come home by curfew because they lost track of time.
  • Aquarius: objects tends to fall out of their hands a lot.
  • Pisces: doesn't always look where they're going so they usually walk into something or hits an object with their bodies.

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I don't know if I still want to watch the anime after it...

But the new episode was so good!

It was super well drawn

And the fight between Cabbagedish and Sir Fancytopbottom was really suspenseful!

I don’t think any of us knew who was going to win. I spent the whole fight biting my nails in anticipation

And the episode covered a whole twelve pages of the manga! That’s two thirds of a chapter! It was so fast paced and action packed I could barely keep track of what was happening! If anything I wish they’d slow it down a bit. Adding MORE filler into the episodes wouldn’t hurt either. You can’t ever have too much filler mixed into canon content. It really only makes the whole thing better.

Who you should fight: BBC Sherlock
  • Sherlock: he may have a judo certificate on his wall but it's got someone else's name on it and while he may be pretty good at fighting, he deserves to have his ass kicked. fight Sherlock.
  • John: don't be fooled by his ridiculous jumpers, John is a man who kills without remorse and misses the war. don't fight John. do however mock him if he's strapped to bombs, it'll be good fun.
  • Mycroft: he sits on his ass all day and hates legwork, so you may think you can take Mycroft, but he's probably nasty once you piss him off. before you even start the fight he'll send someone around to invite you to reconsider and you're basically fucked if you so much as look at a security camera the wrong way. don't fight Mycroft.
  • Irene: while she is short, Irene will either whip you, drug you, have you trigger a boobytrap or threaten you with incriminating photographs. don't fight Irene.
  • Molly: why. why would you even think about this. don't fight Molly. she's so smol.
  • Greg: he's going to smile at you before and you're going to feel like a dick, but you'd probably do a decent job of kicking the shit out of Greg. fight Greg if you want to feel guilty forever.
  • Mary: she is sweet and bakes bread but she'd probably knock you out before you could even blink. don't fight Mary.
  • Moriarty: as long as he's out of contact with his empire, Jim is probably pretty weak. he's short af and even his sick arm muscles don't stand a chance as long as you move fast. you'll definitely win if you challenge him to a race in a swimming pool, as long as you don't ingest anything between your challenge and the start of the race. however, you will die after. fight Jim with a death wish.
  • Magnussen: he's the creepiest bastard ever, he may talk about blackmailing you, but even punching him will make you feel dirty when he gives you a fucked up smile. don't fight Magnussen or you'll have nightmares.
  • Sebastian: fight Sebastian. he doesn't exist and so you'll look totally lame punching at air, but you'd no doubt win and you can say that you beat up someone who killed a tiger.
My interview with Lance Bass re: Harry acting
  • Me: Hi, Lance. Last time we spoke, we were both hammered drunk and you were face down in Shannon Elizabeth's crotch at a Miami club.
  • Me: I think so. I was somewhere in Miami. Anyways, one time you were at the VMAs and One Direction were there. Correct?
  • Lance: I think so.
  • Me: It was literally the most recent time you've been invited to the VMAs, don't act like you go every year.
  • Lance: My bad.
  • Me: Did you see Harry Styles at all while you were there? Even if it was just on stage?
  • Lance: I guess so.
  • Me: Ok, so would you say your best friend Harry Edward Styles is going to win Best Supporting Actor at the Oscar's in 2021?
  • Lance: What? I don't-
  • Me: Don't think it's impossible? Ok, me either. Thanks for your time. Have to email this to Dan Wooten really fast. Bye, Lance. Tell Joey I said I love him long time still.

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can you link to your favourite h/l footie aus? i feel ilke there should be a tonne but i just keep rereading the same 3 over and over haha

Of course! It’s one of my favoriteeeeeeee genres, I want ALL THE ATHLETIC AUS!

I hope there are some on there that you haven’t read before! Enjoy!!

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Update on the poll: we're down to 76,8%. I don't think there's many people voting on our side.

yeah, I think so too.. it’s going down pretty fast considering that we had a lead of over 95% a few hours ago.. most people probably think that were going to win anyway with such a huge lead but Arizona/Eliza had only 4% then and they’re now at 20%.. also the poll just started today so there’s still a lot of time, there isn’t even a date for when it’s over..  anyway vote here !!!

DON'T... Just don't.

Are you fast?

Wouldn’t you rather sleep in?

Don’t you get tired?

Isn’t it too hot to run?

Isn’t it too cold to run?

You’re going to run… in the rain?

Why would you need so many different running shoes?

You mean you have fun?

Isn’t it unhealthy to run so much?

What about your knees?

So your knees do hurt?

How do you hurt yourself running?

Cross train? What’s a cross train?

But don’t you get bored?

Isn’t it hard?

How was your marathon? (5k) Did you win?

Why would you pay to run?

Why do you run?

And finally… “But how is that even a sport? All you do is jog…” followed by obnoxious cackling.