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Secret Idol Relationship With Rowoon

dating this giant dork just adds another stress in your life but in a good way lol because he’s always trying to find a way to meet you and its like ‘chill rowoon you make one mistake and we’re both going down because of it’ and he’s cutely pouting like ‘i just want to be able to see you every day if i can i hate the feeling of missing you’ and you just can’t help but sigh cuz he’s so cute so you can’t even fight with the kid

-on secret dates, his tall ass would just wear his sweats and a hoodie and the same with you but if there were a few fans around at night, he’d hide you inside his jacket as you two would scurry far away from those girls, snickering to yourselves cuz it’s like an action movie every time you guys go outside, him finding it a rush every time which is why he often calls you out for night walks but also because he loves holding your hand and swinging it back and forth (occasionally stopping to mischievously kiss your lips and running away after). And it’s like ‘god if your going to kiss me then kiss me correctly rowoon’ and you don’t hesitate to pull him down and actually kiss him slowly, his cheeks turning red as a tomato and opening his eyes slowly as you two stare at each-other for a moment under the street lamps that were the only source of light surrounding you from darkness making it seem as if you guys were kissing on stage under the spotlight. He would look at you like you were the most precious thing on earth and smile whispering ‘I love you’ and you’d smile back at him as well ‘i love you too you, you dork.’

-you were casted as the princess for an episode for lipstick prince and he was so ecstatic, he couldn’t keep still in his chair and heechul is just like ‘rowoon, you’re favorite idol crush is the guest for today’s episode, isn’t she’ and he’s just there nodding while looking down with a grin and as soon you show up, everyone starts to hardcore ship you two and heechul would make you sit next to roowoon and roowoons just sending eye signals like ‘thank you so much hyung’ but some members decided to make it entertaining by making doyoung sit on the other side of you and being a gentlemen and giving you water and fixing your chair for you and rowoon’s sending eye signals again like ‘but can you not’ and you couldn’t help but laugh throughout the whole ep because rowoon was so cute when he’s jealous cuz he kept confessing his love for you whenever doyoung does something and you would just roll your eyes and say ‘didn’t you confess your love to every other girl guest on this show, calling them beautiful and whatnot, i’ve seen the other episodes mr rowoon’ and everyones SHOOKED especially rowoon cuz its like ‘oh shoot my gf watches the other eps- i was only being nice to them babe, i didn’t mean it’. When it was time to finally do your makeup, he would not be able to stop himself from smiling as he gets to get super close to you, face inches apart. Back round music from the show would play a cute love song and you guys would both laugh and not really focus during the whole makeup session (him just looking at you and your lips, you guys staring and laughing at each other the whole time so when he was finally finished with your makeup it was just some lipstick and smeared eyeshadow). And When it was finally Doyoung’s turn, Rowoon’s extra ass would be coughing the whole time SUPER OBNOXIOUSLY whenever he felt like doyoung was getting a bit too close and everyone on the show would get the drift including doyoung and doyoung would just push his buttons even more, calling you cute up close as he bit his lips and that would drive rowoon crazy and he’d just be like ‘ OKAY I THINKS THATS ENOUGH MAKEUP ON HER GOOD JOB.

-Knows all of your group’s songs and lowkey know the dance moves too but only dances to it when he’s alone with you whenever he wants to cheer you up and etc. Invites you to his dorm often to have dinner with him and the members and he swears you’re a keeper because you and the members are so close like family and that’s a winner to him. Doesn’t hesitate to sleep with you on the same bed if you do sleep over secretly and you guys are on the top bunk so you both would have to be super snuggly if you don’t want to fall off cuz he’s so huge.(One time you guys had a tickle fest and you almost fell off but he caught you on time and you lectured him so hard). Loves sleeping with him though because its like sleeping with a huge polar bear, so comfy and warm but never during the summer though because it’s so uncomfortable how warm it is lol and you learned that the hard way.

-On Isac, he would be so competitive, winning alot secretly trying to impress you and everyones like ‘wow didn’t know rowoon had this side to him’ and he suddenly became popular with the idol ladies but not once did he bat an eye for anyone. Would sit near you in a very crowded place so it doesn’t look obvious and if everyone was watching a race, he’d just make it look like a casual conversation between idols- tapping you and pointing at the race and you both smiling. (but quit the act rowoon after lipstick prince, everyone knows you’re his idol crush so like ofc he would sit next you) Gifs and pics of you two at isac would be all over twitter and tumblr and your just like sigh rowoon you gotta ignore me for at least a few months for this to blow over okay and he’s just upset like ‘no i dont want to’

-Dates for 12 months before he does something stupid like has your picture as his phone background and kakao background and everyones always asking him if he has a thing for you and he just straight up said ‘i like her’ Fans are never sure if you guys were dating or not but for many years he and you just went on as ‘idols who has mutual feelings towards each-other’

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SLUMBER PAJAMA PARTY (dipper has no pajamas)

Temporary hair dye by Mabel

Mabel ORIGINALLY just invited Pacifica for a slumber party since she doesn’t know how to make summoning circles like dipper but when Tad saw Mabel and Pacifica having having a pillow fight and having fun he decided to poof in right accidentally being right between mabel’s and Pacifica’s Pillow and getting hit by the impact.

Bill and Dipper however were chatting upstairs in the attic (Dipper’s room now) talking about what to add to the journal and about the monsters in Gravity falls when they heard a thud downstairs so when they went down Bill saw Tad covered in feathers and laughed his guts out and then mabel shouted “GROUP SLUMBER PAJAMA PARTY!!”

and so they played Monopoly with Mabel and Dipper winning alot since Grunkle Stand had thought them alot about -ahem- everything thats fair in monopoly <.< you know what i mean. 

The teams would be ; The Pine Twins vs The Demons vs Pacifica (since she’s a CEO and she’s aloud to make any phone calls NECESSARY to win the game)

The game score

Pine twins 25 wins and the rest zero

Pacifica ; “I’m a CEO of a very successful company that’s already going global… how am I losing so much in Monopoly”


Tad ; “ok now I swear … i swear to god they’re cheating”

Mabel & Dipper ; “GET REKT.”

in the end they watch some Duck Detective while talking about what just happened in the show with Waddles sitting behind mabel and tad

Mabel ; “Oh c’mon bro-bro Duck detective is a genius! there’s no freakin way he won’t solve this case”

Dipper ; “what?! no, Mabs Detective penguin will beat him to the case, classic scenario”

Tad ; “well I think Madame dog is the killer”

Bill ; “No way, It’s definitely the Policeman i mean did you see how that guy back talked duck detective, honestly even Pine tree could figure that out in a second”

Mabel&Dipper ; “I know right! it has to be him!”

Pacifica ; “I honestly don’t know how you guys can’t figure it out, OBVIOUSLY Sir Cat was the killer, also did you guys just do the twin esp thing again ”

(fun fact the circlet of waddles head was mabel’s sweet 16 gift from Dipper it has an enchanment of long livety and it bonds waddles as Mabel’s Familiar so waddles can only die if mabel dies and he can feel when Mabel’s in trouble or find where she is at all times (I can’t let waddles die man i just can’t) Mabel also likes to enchant a growing rune on the circlet so waddles can grow big and she can ride on top of him like in the dream bubble)

@wwe since you can't seem to get your shit together, I present my🌟plans🌟

Brock retains.
Finn wins his match.
Finn vs brock for universal title(“i want back what i didnt lose” blah blah).
Braun vs Samoa Joe!!
Roman vs Bray.
Roman beats him for a while.
Shesaro retain.
Dean and Seth want rematch and lose(maybe a few)
“We need extra help to beat them by someone who wins alot” cough cough who?
Roman joins them= SHIELD reunion.
Shield win tag titles

Here is me and my friend’s Teamcomp. It looks really bad, but surprisingly we tend to win alot… I don’t know why I posted this…

Note: Our may switch to Reinhardt. Our Zenyatta may switch to Lucio. Our Junkrat may switch to symmetra, Hanzo, soldier. Our mccree never switches. Our mercy never switches. Our Reaper(me) may switch to genji, doomfist, Zarya but mostlikely won’t.

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He sighed and looked up at Julian with concern, he knew he shouldn’t have left so swiftly, but like Julian he had a city to manage now. He was trying to figure the best solution to the problem because bleeding all over the place wasn’t exactly a good answer. “ Well we cant leave you like this i mean, its unsanitary to say the least… you just need a boost, a jolt something to recharge you “ He pondered on just what that would be. It cost alot to win that battle, and Julian bore the brunt of the damage. “ You are essentially and esper … If we could infuse with a large quanity of purified Mana… maybe a Mako infusion like i use for my SOLDIER project… only ya know… lethal— amounts sure it’d kill anyone else BUT you aren’t anyone else…” He pondered aloud. 


Hello taylorswift , So this is yet another post to you I hope you enjoy it. (And another selfie, I never take selfies and I feel very weird posting one) Taylor I have already introduced myself in my previous post but because you probably haven’t seen them my name is Nicola I’m 19 and from New Zealand. (Speaking of which you should totally come back sometime soon, there are so many NZ swifties who love and support you). I thought I would write this post to tell you a little about me and how you influence my life. I have loved your music for as long as I can remember. I took the same bus for 7 years to school (1 hour each way) and every single day I would listen to your album. I started with fearless , then moved onto speak now, speak now live, then RED. I know every single word to all of your songs and it got to the point where I was singing the next song in my head before the previous one had finished. At 15 I went to my very first concert with my best friends, your second speak now show here in Auckland. I came back from that in awe of seeing such a magical performance from such a magical girl. That was the day when I changed from a ‘fan’ to a 'swiftie’. Moving along (many sing alongs, tweets, bus rides, wall posters, perfume, merchandise later). Speaking of that, on my 16th birthday I got the best gift of my life WONDERSTRUCK it smells so magical. RED came out and I rushed to the shops to buy it. It is an amazing perfect piece of art , but then the media turned it into something that it was not. I was so devastated when you got so much hate and disapproval for pouring your heart out to the world. I hope you know that I fought back against it all. I want you to know that I stood up for you when your hands were tied. I never once gave up and it got exhausting and it hurt to see people cutting you down when they should have been building you up. Moving on you announced RED TOUR dates! My parents said I couldn’t go as it hadn’t been long since I went to speak now. I tried my very hardest to win tickets in every possible way. I called, tweeted, text, applied, wrote to every radio station that was having competitions but didn’t win any ( I cried alot at the thought of missing out on seeing you). Then THE DAY BEFORE the third concert I saw one more competition AND TAYLOR I WON IT ! I WAS SO HAPPY! so I arrive at the ticket booth on the day and GUESS WHAT my friend and I got asked if we would like seating or to stand IN THE PIT! WE GOT INTO THE PIT LIKE AN ARMS LENGTH AWAY FROM YOU! It was so magical. Moving along you announced the arrival of your 5th album with a video link. I topped up my internet with $15 dollars and sat in awe seeing my favourite person in the world announce Shake it off as the first single. I had a dance party in my room at uni by myself . From that moment on I felt so empowered to be apart of this movement in music for you. That took so much courage to write and publish 1989 . It was the start of an awesome era that I am proud to be apart of. Thank you for sticking up for yourself and believing in your ability. This album and all your albums have helped me grow stronger as a person and have helped me believe in myself and my own ability’s. You have made me a better person and for that I THANK you. taylorswift if you do read this, this is my story of how much you mean to me. There is obviously a lot more I would like to say but hopefully I can tell you all about that in person. I will stand by you forever and always . Love Nicola xxx

my boy for the win

in alot of ways wang so has been picking up the broken pieces wang wook keeps leaving in his wake. This isnt on purpose but by chance and timing, or the heavens make sure wang so proves himself everytime wook fails. The rain scene when wang so stands by her side is a perfect example. He is hae soo’s rock, no matter what happens with wook wang so is there. 

even when wang so and her have that falling out, when his mother lays a hand on hae soo he makes it clear she shouldnt have (haesoo doesnt know this, wang so does it because of his own feelings). He always has her back no matter whats happening between them, or between her and wook or the king

even a year away, he knows whats happening with hae soo, he makes it clear with the king he’s done. he left and made sure he told the king to look after her. 

i’ve said it’s my last post like 5 or 6 times but this time I MEAN IT!!! 

I’m incredibly happy that lineisy is winning. alot of anons have said to me “yeah the nepogirls suck but what can we do? nothing” … this just proves that we’re capable of changing things. vogue asked us “What mattered more this year – social media skill or runway expertise?” and we told them. i love u all. if we keep using our voices for good people will have 2 listen.

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