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In Harry Potter, wands are considered important and not just in the need-for-a-foci kind of important. The wand chooses the wizard, not the other way around. Ollivander also likes to give a small description of people’s wands, and sometimes explain what they are good for.

Harry’s wand is 11 in. Holly wood and Phoenix Feather Core. Described as ‘nice and supple’.

I’ve noticed that in this event, the description and make of the wand, tend to match the personality of the magical they choose.

  • Harry is both kind and of good qualities(nice), but he is also flexible and malleable(supple) in mind. He was fashioned into a martyr without his own knowledge after all, so it is kind of obvious. 
  • Holly is very beautiful, though the berries are toxic to humans. Harry can be beautiful but also dangerous as well. 
  • In some places, Holly is considered invasive and is unwanted, much like Harry was to the Dursleys. 
  • Many animals use Holly as shelter from predators and shield themselves with it much like many use Harry as a shield and hide behind him in hopes of being protected from the DEs and Voldemort.
  • Several species of Holly are used as decoration. Harry was often put up on a pedestal and his reputation was flaunted.
  • Pheonix Feather(as described by Ollivander), is rare and considered a supreme core for a wand. They also don’t give allegiance easily and are very prickly when trusting. Harry isn’t unique in terms of his attitude. He’s a boy who has problems like others, but his uniqueness comes from the situation he was forced into his whole life, making his problem just a thousand times worse than those of other kids and teens. Harry has trust issues with people in general and doesn’t open up to adults(except Sirius) at all. He can be very moody toward others he doesn’t trust.

Harry’s wand fits him rather well.

Voldemort’s wand is 13 ½ in. Yew wood and a Phoenix Feather Core. The description is ‘very powerful’.

  • Voldemort is very powerful, just like his type of wand would need in a partner.
  • Every part of the Yew(sans the berries) is toxic to humans and very deadly. Voldemort is also deadly.
  • Yew is connected to the Elder Futhark Rune Eihwaz. The Meaning of the Rune is Yew tree, immortality, and death. In Divination, the Rune deals with Transformation, Asserting Power, and Death(among other things). Eihwaz is often said to be used to increase personal power and bring changes. Voldemort has shown to have an intense amount of interests in all of these things. An obsessive interest.
  • Yew is a softwood and is considered to have high elasticity(flexibility), which is why it is used to make longbows. Voldemort is good at many branches of magic and was apparently unchallenged in school. His skills expand far and wide without issue.
  • The core is so Voldemort. He never trusted anyone but himself, and it is impossible to win his allegiance.

Voldemort’s/Tom’s wand also fits him rather well.

Now we move on to why I did all of this. Harry and his wand are a good match. Voldemort and his wand are a good match. And there are similarities in their wands even beyond the whole ‘brother wand because of the cores’ situation. Holly and Yew are both considered Evergreens. Both are toxic. It’s like a deadly combo. Just like Tomarry and Harrymort.

Basically, even the wands draw them together. My shipper heart sings.


What the heck is the deal with wand ownership? We know that the wand chooses the wizard, but they presumably choose the wizard for a reason and don’t give up their allegiances so easily.

In PoA, Harry (and Ron and Hermione at the same time) disarm Snape in the Shrieking Shack. I just don’t get why Snape’s wand didn’t then become loyal to Harry (or Ron or Hermione) then when Draco’s does later on at Malfoy Manor when Harry’s captured and disarms him.

Does that then mean that it’s not just up to the wand? To me, that seems to imply there’s an element of the wizard’s desires that affect whether or not it switches loyalties. Maybe Draco wanted Harry to win. Maybe some small part of him was wavering, so that when the skirmish broke out, that small part of him was hoping–foolishly, childishly, impossibly–that Harry would live up to the expectation that he’d kill Voldemort and liberate not only Draco, but also his family from Voldemort’s reign of terror. That makes sense.

It doesn’t make sense that just disarming someone would switch the wand’s loyalties. It’s especially compounded with Draco “winning” the Elder Wand when he attempts to kill Dumbledore–I sincerely doubt that it would be that easy to win its allegiance, from Dumbledore no less!, especially if we consider that wands are supposedly somewhere on the spectrum between “deader than dad joke humour” and “full sentience”.

It would follow if Dumbledore willed the Elder Wand’s allegiance over to Draco in that altercation for a number of reasons–namely knowing his time was up anyway, not wanting it to fall into the hands of honest-to-goodness Death Eaters and so Voldemort, believing Draco to be on the cusp of goodness (or at least susceptible to manipulation, probably by Snape), the route of lesser evils, or out of the genuine belief that he’d be able to do something with it.

To be perfectly honest, the idea of wand mastership seems pretty useless to me: almost like an add-on JK thought of toward the end of the series to make things magically (hah) work out neatly. Am I missing something? Am I thinking about this too deeply? Does anybody aside from me care?

The 5s in Tarot
“You can’t have everything.”

5 of Cups
Crying over spilled milk.

5 of Swords
Winning to win.

5 of Wands
Wanting to be seen or heard.

5 of Pentacles
Severely lacking.

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Harrymort. "You were always meant to belong to me."

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Harrymort

Tags: Creepy!Harry, Obsessive!Harry, AU, Horcruxes are collected and kept, Dub-Con I suppose?

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Harry trailed a finger down the leather binding of the diary and smiled. He could practically feel it shaking. Tom was so moody most of the time and he just didn’t understand that Harry was taking care of him. He needed time to appreciate that Harry was doing him a favour by keeping him alive.

It was mercy. Harry knew mercy and he had found Tom to be someone who needed it. After all, his poor Tom had been raised by muggles too and had to turn to the Dark Arts all so he could get the help he’d always needed. His Tom had ended up becoming Voldemort because there was no one to take care of him. So Harry would be that someone.

“Tom, you need to behave and let me care for you,” he told the irate book. When there was no response, he sent a shock through the pages to test Tom’s attention span.

Pardon me, Harry. I am feeling mentally drained right now so I cannot do much.

Smiling, Harry closed the book and placed it in his pocket. His Tom needed some time. But that was okay. Eventually he would accept Harry’s care.

Harry stared at the locket he’d taken from Sirius’ Elf. It hissed, much like the diary did at times. Sometimes it would writhe in place and heat up suddenly. 

Some time after his farce of a trial, Harry had formed an almost bond with the object. Another piece of Voldemort. Another piece of Tom. Another piece to be taken care of by Harry.

Though the locket was much less mouthy in his opinion. Less rude and had less of a need for independence. The diary was too self-sufficient and it had ideas. But the locket wasn’t as troublesome. Harry knew that eventually he would sway the Tom inside.

He simply had to be faithful and prove himself. 

Harry had a lot of love and care to give.

The tiara was a lot more talkative than either the diary or the locket. Harry liked to sit in the Room of Requirement and just listen to it. He really had to thank Dobby for being so gracious and showing him the room. Now he could spend all of his time doting upon his Toms!

The locket was complacent always now. The diary still required some persuasion, but Harry knew. Harry could tell that Tom really liked having his attention and praise. And that was what Harry wanted. Tom needed to know that he was special and that Harry appreciated him. That Harry would keep him safe always. He was simply too stubborn to see it.

But Harry would make him understand. One way or another.

You love us? the tiara inquired one day.

“I care about you very much. You’re all mine to protect,” swore Harry with all conviction. “No one will take you away. I’ll never let you go.”

His promise rang true.

Harry had stared Voldemort down, feeling so very close but so far away. He was right there. The main one. The biggest piece in his collection. But how would Harry convince Voldemort that he needed Harry’s protection? How could he convince a maniac that he belonged to another being?

A hiss to the locket had the object warming in warning beneath his shirt. It offered no advice. The tiara and diary had been shrunk and stuffed inside said locket, and locked away with Parseltongue. Harry swore to protect those that were his and protection was needed against everyone. Including Voldemort.

The Dark Lord might want his toys back, but Harry’s Toms were stuck inside, and Harry would never let them go.

“Harry,” Voldemort greeted in an almost hiss.

Unbidden, a smile spread across his face. “You’re mine,” he told the wizard.

A look of confusion and mild disgust flashed across Voldemort’s face. Harry did not appreciate that. His love was not disgusting and his promise to protect his Toms was important! Voldemort had no business to think anything about it. He was not the one in charge!

Harry would make him see, just like he had with the diary. Harry would make Voldemort see that being with Harry was the best. Had he gotten the love and care he needed, he would have been different. Harry would prove that once and for all. Voldemort would be the final piece in his collection of Toms.

“You were always meant to belong to me,” Harry went on to add, stepping forward slowly. “All of you are mine, Tom.”

“Don’t call me that!”

A laugh that made even Harry’s hair stand on end, echoed through the room. “Silly, Tom. I can teach you like I taught all the other Toms. Even diary-Tom understands his place now.” Another giggle. “It only took a few hundred shocks for him to get it, but I’m sure you’re not as disobedient.”

If Dumbledore hadn’t interrupted, Harry would have been capable of so much! The old man was a problem. He kept Harry in the dark about something that made him somewhat happy in the end. After all, it proved that Voldemort was his! But to lose his godfather over the fool’s actions, now that was not so good. And Harry didn’t like losing his possessions!

So Dumbeldore would get his. In time.

Meanwhile, Harry would dream for the nest few months, of what it was like to have Voldemort inside him. To caress Voldemort with his feelings; to make him understand Harry’s goal.

And every night in Harry’s sleep, his mind would reach out to Voldemort and remind him heavily of how he felt and what his future would be.

“Harry Potter.”

He smiled. “Hello, Tom. Come to be mine yet?”

“Stop this, Potter.”

Harry played with the locket, chewing on his lip as he did so. The barrier between he and Voldemort would drop within hours, but until then, Privet Drive was still his ‘home’ and Voldemort couldn’t come in. Not until he behaved at least.

“I don’t want to. I have to keep all the Toms safe and cared for. If you tell me where the others are, we can all be together and be happy.”

He didn’t like the small look of fear that flashed through crimson eyes. Harry was safe. He was good at protecting his possessions.

“Tom Riddle, you are mine and no matter how much you deny it, it won’t change anything. It’ll simply make this harder on both of us when you finally accept my love.”

“We are enemies!”

“Nope!” Harry said, popping the one letter. “You are mine. The prophecy links us and we can only die by each other’s hands. So neither of us die and I keep you safe. I always keep my possessions safe, Tom. We all benefit in the end.”


He sighed, ashamed of the man. As if he understood what power Harry currently had. As if he knew anything. But he would know soon enough.

“Tom, you’ll be with me always. There’s more of you in me, than there is in you.” He had sworn to keep the Toms safe and with him forever, Being inside him forever was the best option. Objects rust and wither, but Harry would thrive and so long as all of them remained inside him, they would be safe. Together.

“Your soul is so mangled that it wouldn’t take much to force you to agree with me. After all, it’ll just be your soul ordering you. And you cannot fight against yourself, Tom. The one with more control always wins.”

Lifting his wand, Harry intoned in an almost chorus-like voice, “Imperio.”

As Harry had stated. They would be together forever.

NOTE: In the end, Harry absorbed the 3 Horcruxes he had found so there ended up being a bigger part of Voldmeort’s soul in him, than what was in Voldemort. So the larger soul piece Imperio’d Voldemort’s smaller soul piece.

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Fandom: Descendants

Pairing: Ben x reader

Prompt: “I almost lost you.”

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If there was one thing that royals were really good at, it was getting in trouble with villains. So really it shouldn’t have been surprising when Ben got kidnapped. That didn’t make it any less upsetting however. You were, for sure, ready to strangle Uma with your bare hands. Not that you were going to because the lecture you’d get was not worth it. 

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Trans Snape Week: Day Two, Book Two

“Snape’s upper lip was curling.  Harry wondered why Lockhart was still smiling; if Snape had been looking at him like that he’d have been running as fast as he could in the opposite direction.”

Narration, Chapter 11

The duelling scene in Chamber of Secrets started me thinking about Snape’s relationship to power, and about how fighting, which is in the Muggle world strongly dependent on physical ability and therefore gender, is in the Wizarding world entirely genderless.

Violence is almost entirely dependent on magic in the Wizarding world, so much so that genuinely physical, non-magical violence tends to shock or elude altogether wizards who aren’t accustomed to it.  Draco and co., for example, completely freeze up when Hermione slaps him in Prisoner of Azkaban (ch. 15), and, as has been pointed out to comedic effect multiple times, Voldemort never even considers just whipping out a gun and shooting Harry in the face Sam Jackson style.  True, Millicent Bulstrode does put Hermione in a headlock in the duelling scene itself, but this seems to indicate more about Bulstrode’s similarities to Crabbe and Goyle (hulking and stupid) than anything else.  When wizards fight, bully, intimidate, or kill, they do it with wands, and any physicality beyond the ability to raise a wand has nothing to do with it.

The implication of this dependence on magic is that fighting is also entirely genderless – the best with a wand wins, and being the best with a wand requires (to paraphrase baby Snape in Deathly Hallows ch. 33) brains, not brawn.  Clearly part of the reason Snape is so desperately glad to be a Wizard and not a Muggle (like his father) is that magic offers him an avenue to power that a skinny, poor, neglected boy from the north of England would otherwise be denied, and this would be especially true if Snape were dealing with gender dysphoria (of any kind) along with poverty and neglect.  A Snape of any gender identity would be offered power divorced from gender by magical fighting – trans man Snape could be powerful without testosterone; trans woman Snape could be powerful without risk of having her gender identity declared invalid because of it; gender fluid/non-binary Snape could be powerful without having to worry about gender expression for five damn minutes of their life.

Canonically, Snape is good both at formal duelling and practical fighting.  He humiliates Lockhart with ease, obviously, though of course 12-year-old untrained Harry Potter could do that.  What Snape can also do, however, is hold his own (albeit briefly) in a duel with McGonagall, Flitwick, and Sprout (Deathly Hallows ch. 30), and anyone who can do that has to be damn good at duelling.  The genderlessness of magical fighting wouldn’t do anything to help trans Snape deal with the four-on-one bullying of Snape’s days at Hogwarts, of course, any more than it helps canonical Snape, but it would offer a kind of power trans Snape might otherwise be denied, and would make Snape’s total refutation of any Muggle heritage even more pronounced and important to the self-formation of Snape’s identity.

Last words in Harry Potter (books)

James Potter: Lily, take Harry and go! It’s him! Go! Run! I’ll hold him off-!

Lily Potter: Not Harry! Please, no, not Harry — I’ll do anything!

Frank Bryce: ‘My Lord’, is it? Well, I don’t think much of your manners, my Lord. Turn around and face me like a man, why don’t you?

Cedric Diggory: I dunno. Wands out, d'you reckon?

Sirius Black: Come on, you can do better than that!

Albus Dumbledore: Severus…please…

Charity Burbage: Severus…please…please…

Gellert Grindelwald: Kill me, then! You will not win, you cannot win! The wand will never, ever be yours–

Peter Pettigrew: Stand back. Stand away from the door. I am coming in.

Dobby: Harry…Potter…

Vincent Crabbe: Like it hot, scum?

Fred Weasley: You actually are joking, Perce… I don’t think I’ve heard you joke since you were–

Severus Snape: Look…at…me…

Bellatrix Lestrange: What will happen to your children once I’ve killed you? When Mummy’s gone the same way as Freddie?

Tom Riddle: Avada Kedavra!

Merope Gaunt: I hope he looks like his papa.

Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.

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a particular type of pixel art that appeals to me and which to some extents feels like a road not fully developed on is that with some level of uncertain back and forth between colour and line; dense, scratchy prints layered on top of uninterrupted swathes of colour, or which are slightly out of sync with the underlying colour pattern (as in the colour bleeding of old Spectrum games). i think the emphasis within contemporary pixel art is firmly on the mark-making side of this dynamic, where every part of the screen comes across as written and inscribed upon, chipped away at, and where even the simple outlines of more abstract or retro styles the emphasis is on the precision of their outlines and on seeing how each pixel is placed to build up the whole. the result is a kind of richly solid plane, whereas hybrid forms like the NES port of King’s Quest V give the impression of at least two forms of perception being superimposed, in a way maybe reminiscent of Paul Klee paintings where fields of colour identified with the “cosmic” are constantly marked and shaped by more earthly, creaturely scratches and imprinting shapes. or at least (as well as) things like game-&-watch carts or early arcade games which really did use multiple layers with a mix of static and computerised digital components (the arcade game Golly! Ghost! actually had a physical dollhouse inside the cabinet, with videogame characters projected onto the seperating screen…!).

since i like the style it’s something i tried experimenting with in things like magic wand and the harmony hardpack tape, your mileage may vary with the results but i enjoyed it and found to me even when conservatively applied it helped modulate the singular, self-contained aspect of the different modular sprites in favour of something that could be read more fluidly, all bleeding into different parts.i think a similar affect is achieved by newer games which layer postprocessing effects on top of pixel art. i like that mostly but i also feel there’s something specific to be said for the comparative clunkiness of the colour washes from Castlevania 3.

I think that the first time Sirius spoke to James, he hated him, but then he realized this dork with messy hair and glasses could tell some damn good jokes and likes quiditch. So he thought, “Alright, well act as friends until the sorting. You wouldn’t want to hang out with a Slyhterin.” Because he undoubtedly thought that’s where he’d be sorted. They talk and talk and make epic comebacks to Snape as we all know, and Sirius really doesn’t want this little friendship to end.

So he begins to wish to be placed into Gryffindor. For the first time in his life, he sees what life is outside his family and he wants it. He wants that freedom, wants to be brave, wants to act like himself instead if his family. So when he was placed into Gryffindor, he immidiatley latched onto James like he’s known him forever. Because James showed him that the life of his family isn’t the only one there is.

The tale of Sirius Black didn’t start with him rebelling from his family. It started with a boy with messy hair and glasses with enough bravery and courage to face a fight he won’t win without his wand. His tale started with his second real brother, second because of Regulus. It started with James Potter.

Last night I slipped in the bathroom and knocked myself out on the sink. I’ve got a concussion, and if I wear this one pair of glasses I have, I am Harry Potter. Featured in this picture is Lucy the Orchid reprising her award winning role, “wand”. 

The elder wand theory makes no sense. How did Draco win the wand just by disarming Dumbledore? More importantly, if the elder wand recognizes a new owner by power and defeat, how is disarming Dumbledore defeating him? No way would the wand think Draco stronger. And how did Harry become the owner just by snatching DRACO’s wand from him? How is THAT defeat? How did the ELDER wand pass to Harry by snatching a DIFFERENT wand? And if disarming is defeat, how many people still own their own wands?

sometimes when I spend too much time thinking about harry potter I’ll realize that I’m past the age of being able to attend hogwarts and I’ll never be able to be a witch and live in this world and I get really really upset and the moral of this story is to never get so deeply attached to a fictional world because it is painful.