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everyone lives AU:Akatsuki - The Last】extra concept sketches
✯ full Akatsuki designs here 

Most designs are inspired by past outfits or early character sketches by Kishi (for example, Obito and Konan, respectively). 

Things I want to happen:

01).  I want Maggie to call Alex out on her drinking.
02).  Maggie to be gay.  Not like TV gay, but actually gay.  Like going to pride, ones The L-Word on DVD, has a crush on Rachel Maddow, owns Melissa Etheridge’s entire discography, has a “Love Wins” t-shirt, and a print of the Queer Power posted framed in her apartment levels of out, proud, in your face gay.
03).  Kara teasing Alex over how smitten she is.
04).  At least one U-Haul joke.
05).  J’onn to be the one to make the U-Haul joke.
06).  J’onn to notice that Alex has come out and is dating.
07).  Winn to be super supportive.
08).  Kara and Maggie to be total bros.
09).  Kara goes to do the Superhero reveal like she did with Lucy, but Maggie freaks out when Kara starts unbuttoning her shirt, covering her eyes with both hands and is like “I’m dating your sister!”
10).  Maggie and Eliza meeting.
11).  Jeremiah to take out look at Alex and Maggie together, and be the proudest dad in the Universe.

their first “couples” shirts (naruto picked them out)

Living in a share house with the boys from 5sos would include –

- Late night chats in the living room

- “I’m cuddling on the couch with Y/N!”

“But she’s my girlfriend.”


- Dancing in your underwear with Michael

- “Y/N, can you guys not make out in every room in the house?”

- Movie nights

- Washing their socks and underwear


- Losing your bras

- Finding them hung up in the living room


- Play wrestling with Ashton

- “Loser of Guitar Hero has to clean the bathroom!”

- “Fucking hell Y/N how do you always win?”

- Stealing Calum’s shirts to workout in

- “Has anyone seen my…nevermind.”

- Making up songs with stupid lyrics

- Humming their songs under your breath

- Them thinking it’s the cutest thing ever

- Protecting the penguin from destruction

- Jump scaring Luke

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