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everyone lives AU:Akatsuki - The Last】extra concept sketches
✯ full Akatsuki designs here 

Most designs are inspired by past outfits or early character sketches by Kishi (for example, Obito and Konan, respectively). 

their first “couples” shirts (naruto picked them out)

….. once again the power of the 1D fandom…. we sold those shirts out in MINUTES. not hours… not days… literally the minute we got word they were up we were on top of it… and i’m just laughing ??? bc WE HAVE MONEY WE WANNA GIVE. we want to financially support the boys and their projects and it’s so much easier to do when there’s no bs or drama attached to it??


PSA: Lin-Manuel Miranda sells bird real estate.

….And his song is “very convincing”

Hi guys! Long time no see.

I was preparing for the art contest hosted by Blizzard Korea. There are so many talented people submitting their art so there is no way I would win anything but a t shirt hopefully XD

Topic was Class mount or hero of WoW, so I decided to do both. Huehue anyway it was very exciting and challenging in the same time. I am pretty satisfied with this piece, and I will hopefully see ya guys later with more wranduin stuff if I survive from college, peace

Ok guys, what you think of these? My custom minifigs are now on t-shirts! :D Give me a reblog & a follow & you could win one!

Whichever shirt you like, whichever colour & whatever country you’re from - sizes are XS - XXL & available in different colours. Click the link below to find out all the relevant shirt details :) 

I’ll be running this for a few days and will then pick a winner at random :) You can check out my tee’s and everything else I make here. Just navigate to one of my t-shirts to find out about size/colour and everything else you need to know :)