Cuando eres repartidor de comida pero siempre quisiste ser futbolista.


TWICE won Song of the Year with Cheer Up on 2016 Melon Music Awards!

“It’s been about a year since TWICE debuted.
We couldn’t even imagine being able to stand at this position. We’re so, so thankful to ONCEs and everyone for giving us so much love. We are thankful to JYP PD-nim and the company staff and our staff for working so hard, thank you so much. We will work hard to become a TWICE that continues to be qualified for this award. We are so thankful to everyone for loving our music so much and we will continue to work harder in the future.
Thank you!” | trans.

Could you give this lonely little dragon a home and a hoarde to be proud of?

Made of microfleece, and able to devour over 70 standard dice without breaking a sweat, this adorable little lizard needs a new home.

Colours - Black for the head, body and wings, Raspberry for the spikes and detailing, and Charcoal for the belly and lining.

To enter for a chance to win this little cutie pie:

  • Follow the Wayward Masquerade tumblr (Important),
  • Reblog this post
  • Tag Wayward Masquerade in the post (if possible),
  • In the reblog text - say why you need a dragon in your life. Maybe a name suggestion, talk about the dice hoard you need guarded. Go nuts ^_^.

A winner will be picked in December.

The winner will need to pay for shipping.

For every hundred new followers I will expand the prize pool to include a discount on any commission for a runner up.