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José Mario Carrillo, extremo del Ademar, sacándose la chorra.
Please help me make a dream come true!!

I have wanted to become a Certified Crystal Healer for years now. Ever since my own cancer diagnosis the stones call to me & I use them daily to meditate. I would love to be able to give back & help others connect with the energy the stones have to offer. So, please go to Instagram & like this photo to help me win. Also, if you could reblog this post I would be eternally grateful!

Intouchables Healing God, SpeXial Win

Nomads Of Dream Meadows

As the sun of the winter sets, Win appears with the looks of a “camel man,” and everyone can’t help but sing “Olive Tree,” “Don’t ask me where I came from… Wandering far away, far away…” Came alone to Taiwan from Japan, joined SpeXial, learning Chinese, Win has a greater courage to adapt and understand the environment that other members are already familiar with, as if he is a nomad on a desert, chasing the sun for his dreams.

This look is full of romany hints, with the long earrings, Win showed a bit of fetching behaviors, saying, “It looks good, I like it! I can’t wear clothes so thick in Taiwan, it’s been a long time since I’ve dressed like this.” Win has a unique view on fashion, and even with socks and sandles he can make it airport-fashion appropriate.

He rarely try cultural looks, but through this photoshoot, he honestly said, “This kind of outfits suits me pretty well! Very comfortable.” In middle school, Win tried Thai and Indian traditional style clothes, and likes to mix the historical style with women’s clothes. “At that time I really like making myself really flashy, wore second-hand clothes, and tried women’s coat, shirt, and skirt.”

Wandering In Europe To Find Himself

Earlier SpeXial performed EXID and Jolin Tsai’s choreography, revealing how much Win likes female artist choregraphy. He laughed, “My personality is not pretending to be handsome, it’s more reserved. I never danced to it before, now it seems so fun.” Japanese girl group Momoiro Clover Z is Win’s idol, and as for girl groups’ songs and choreography he is very familiar. He said, “The first time I heard them sing ‘Go Ahead’ I cried, I don’t know why!”

The more sensitive part of him makes him love wandering, coming to Taiwan for his dream. During his model era he went to Germany, France, Italy, England, and more countries to let himself go. “I went alone, and I worked while traveling! Next, I want to go to very cold palces, like going to the North Pole to watch aurora borealis.” He likes the winter with loneliness, but he also like “spring” representing new life. In the cross section of cold and warm, he laughed, “Ending is also a new beginning, when spring comes it’s like a new beginning.”

Not Knowing His Own Warmth

Representing the healing god, with Win’s warm smile and a hint of loneliness of a wanderer, he also revealed that privately he has a strong character. No one said he’s a sweet boy, and only when he sees a dog does he show his sweet side, but from details, Win doesn’t seem to realize his own warmth. Earlier when he rode the bus and saw an elderly with troubles getting on the bus, he immediately went to help carry their bags and helped the elderly on the bus. Everyone said he’s very sweet, but he just said, “It’s what I should do,” showing the manners of the Japanese culture.

Complimenting Evan As The True Sweet Boy

He doesn’t like to say much about helping others, but Win says that he actually gets help and care from other members more. An example of something a member did that makes you feel warmed up? He thought before answering, “A lot! Not just one.” He added, “Like my Chinese is not good, so at work when I talk I get stuck, and other members would translate for me, explain for me, then I won’t be awkward. A lot of things like this that they willingly help me, I’m really thankful.”

Who’s the sweetest in the group? Win said not only is Evan’s voice sweet, his attitude is also very good. “I love talking to him the most. He grew up in an English environment, his voice is very sweet, and he really understands how foreigners think, it’s really comfortable talking about thoughts with him. And then it’s Wes-ge! He’s experienced, knows the most, and for a lot of questions he’s more likely to have an answer.”

Article from ZFashion (16.02.04)
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I'm having a good day :)

I had such a good workout this morning. :) I did PRs in squats and deadlifts (5 reps with 55 kgs in squats and 2x5 reps in deadlifts with 55 kgs.) And this was despite waking up a couple hours earlier than usual after too little sleep. On the other hand I was powered by my new ultimate breakfast of overnight oats with protein powder, berries and oat milk. That stuff keeps me satisfied for hours and hours.

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Toddler Talk

Before I forget and before he stops doing it, I want to write down something cute Win does with his syntax right now. He tacks the object of his sentences on to the end. I find the development of language so interesting and these little quirks so endearing.

Here are some examples:

“I want to touch it, the bubbles.”

“Put it down, my bed!” (I was lifting his mattress to change his sheets)

“Wipe it off, my hands.” (When he means to say “wipe my hands off.”)

“I want to wash it, my hands.” (He is currently obsessed with hand washing.)

“I need it, the soap.” (Again, with the hand washing.)