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SpeXial Matthew and Win’s Cutest Height Difference

Popular boy group gain a lot of popularity through the “K.O.” series. They have experienced three generations of member addition, and now they are a 10-people group, full of spirit when they spread out in a line. Member Matthew finished his army service at the end of 2015 and joined the group in 2016. As 179cm tall he is the most petit in the group, and interviewed with the Japanese member, Win, who is 189cm tall, they were teased as the couple with the cutest height difference.

Matthew is spirited and is a member from the first generation. Win, a third generation member, just joined when he was preparing for military service, and only saw each other a couple of times without formally working together. Matthew laughed, “My first impression of [Win] is that there’s someone taller than Wes.” Win complimented, “My impression of Matthew is that he’s very friendly, spirited. I didn’t understand Chinese at the time, so some people were afraid to talk to me, but he still tried his best to talk to me.” Win also added, “I’ve never seen him not talk.” The additional shot was super funny.

The two “cutest height difference” members also revealed their personal interactions. Matthew said that when he returned from army service, he was really happy to work with his fellow members. Win is the tallest so he felt the safest to be around, and he likes to be “all up on” Win to create a better relationship. Win, however, shook his head and said, “I don’t like it, I’m not used to being too close to boys.” Matthew immediately replied, “I’ll still continue!” He also said, “Maybe the other members are used to Win’s accent, but when we were at dance practice together for the first time, I felt like his accent is so cute, and I would laugh whenever he opened his mouth.”

Group members spend a lot of time for a good relationship, would they have a difference of opinion and argue? Matthew said, “If we bump into something that we talk about passionately, everyone should express their opinion. The group things are decided by Ge [leader Wes].” Matthew also said now that they’ve spent a lot of time together, they know each other’s lines. At the beginning when the four members when to Korea for their training, there was an argument, “Even though it was a huge argument, it was for work, so we tried our best to keep calm. Now it doesn’t happen anymore.”

How are they spending the new year? Win said in Japan, the new year is January first and there’s no tradition of celebrating the lunar new year, but since he gets a break from work in Taiwan, he took the time to go back home to Aomori last year. Matthew invited Win to experience the new year’s celebration in Taiwan, “You can come to my house to eat reunion dinner.” The two also discussed about going to their manager’s house, and play the 13-tiles mahjong game that Win knows.

Article from ETtoday (16.02.09)
Please credit translation to stop_raining.

Win’s Facebook Updates

今天開賣SpeXial Land的票♡


Thank you for your well wishes~♡
Older again♡
Today is the opening of ticket sales for SpeXial Land♡

Toddler Talk

Before I forget and before he stops doing it, I want to write down something cute Win does with his syntax right now. He tacks the object of his sentences on to the end. I find the development of language so interesting and these little quirks so endearing.

Here are some examples:

“I want to touch it, the bubbles.”

“Put it down, my bed!” (I was lifting his mattress to change his sheets)

“Wipe it off, my hands.” (When he means to say “wipe my hands off.”)

“I want to wash it, my hands.” (He is currently obsessed with hand washing.)

“I need it, the soap.” (Again, with the hand washing.)