[VIDEO] 160925 SBS Inkigayo - Red Velvet Cuts

Russian Roulette

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Red Velvet 6th Win + Encore

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[TRANS] First, starting from Teacher Lee Soo Man then all SM family thank you so much, to many people who are always in Red Velvet’s side, supporting us and helping us a lot, thank you very much. Our fans who cheer for us all the time, thank you so much. And also to our members, you guys have worked hard. And to our family, thank you very much~

Trans. by: comeonwendy_

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An amazing compilation of our maknae showing his incredible skills and strengths in sports and games!

Another Monopoly Story

This is a larger group we are playing with this time, seven people in total. I know it is going to be harder to get enough properties to have leverage for trading and whatnot. This being the case, I ended up with one single property after about five rounds (Tennessee Avenue).

Now, Mediterranean and Baltic are the shit squares, let’s be honest. Most people won’t even bother buying them when they land on them. However, Mediterranean did eventually get snatched up, as did Baltic (by me). I made a trade, and a risky one at that, and paid the other player $300 for Mediterranean.

I was still loaded with startup money (because I had not had occasion to spend any of it) so I immediately got two hotels up on M & B. At this point in the game, my ownings included M & B with a hotel on each, Tennessee, and the Reading Railroad.

It is important information to know that we are playing with our special spin: the Last Will and Testament. Before the game, each player writes down the name of one other player. When one dies, all their belongings are given to the player whose name is written in their will.

Well, one of our players decided she really should put her efforts into working on an essay for class and forfeits. Her belongings go to the player I bought Mediterranean from. Closely after, another player forfeits to help the first player with her essay. His belongings go to the same guy. Every ball is in his court.

Meanwhile, another player has been putting all her efforts into building onto her only set of property: Oriental, Connecticut, and Vermont. She works hard, saving her Passing Go Money until she has a hotel on each one.

This is when she drops the bomb.

She decides that, just to see what would happen and to cause chaos, she is going to forfeit. She knows who she wrote in her will, and is known for her strategy of getting all the properties on one side of the board. She calls it death row. We all know she is going to be giving all her property to the player with the properties next to her, but on which side?

The reading of her will is dramatic indeed, and all her belongings go to me.

I now have an entire row of properties, all with hotels, but alas, they are on the shittiest side of the board. Still, this is better than I had before. I am grateful and promise to share my win with her if I get it.

And then BAM, another player decides to throw some more curve balls into the mix. She forfeits, reading her will, giving all of her properties to… me. Yes, me. I promise to share the win with her, too.

This move is powerful. With this move, she has given me Boardwalk and Parkplace. She had not had the proper funds to build on them, but I do. Oh, do I have the funds. I have enough to put a hotel on each immediately. Death Row™ grows.

One more player forfeits, her belongings being given to the last player besides me. The one who sold Mediterranean to me for $300. It is just us left.

He has a hotel on each pink property, I have hotels on all my previously mentioned properties, and all the other colors split up quite perfectly between us so that no more property can be built upon. My opponent does not believe that either of us will win soon and offers to share the victory, to which I replied SUCK MY DICK WE ARE PLAYING THIS OUT IF IT TAKES HOURS.

To which he sighed and agreed to play, reluctantly.

I see he is tired. It is 9:00 PM and that is apparently very late. I tell him that he could always choose someone to step in for him. A previous player volunteers: The one who put the hotels on O, C, & V. The first one to give me her properties in pursuit of Death Row™, even if it was not hers to profit off of.

This player is honorable. She has sacrificed everything to make the game interesting, and now she is becoming my opponent once more to give me a dramatic win. She says she wants me to eventually own all the properties.

We duke it out, and every time she lands on one of my hotels and can’t pay without mortgaging, I ask for properties instead. Every time I make a set, I build on them. We run out of hotels and begin to put unused player pieces in their place. Eventually, she has no more properties to trade and no more money to use, either.

I have won.