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Plan To Win

A new blog post by Jen Brett | @oatsnjen

You won’t see those long term results if you don’t make those long term changes. In order to break your habits and create a new lifestyle, making a plan that will hold you accountable, help you find a way to win every day, and keep you on track is important to reaching your goals. Check out Jen’s blog post “Plan To Win” for advice on how to make a successful plan.

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This Week’s Pose is Toe Stand Pose (Padangustasana) round 3!

POST your photos on to #WIN two prizes this week!

🎁🎁The prize for this week’s winner is a kids yoga book called “Who’s Who in the Woods” written by Tamar Dakes from Beaming Kids School of Yoga

⏩🌟Check out this awesome prize at

🎁🎁AND the prize for the overall winner of Weeks 184, 185, 186 and 187 is one month Success For Your Teen program by Michelle Lee valued at $695 from UpnAway Career & Life Coaching. For a glimpse of this awesome prize, 🎀⏩check out this link

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