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Recopilatorio de padres del año.

En el sentido que prefieras :D

lowercase  l o v e


Frisk opened her eyes while he had been talking to Undyne her head laid on his chest as he signed to her. Her face turning red as ketchup as he confessed his love for her basically. and she did the only thing she could she kissed him while signing. [Oh sans….I love you too…I would give you the stars..the moon.. the whole universe if I could… You make me feel so wonderful just being in your presence.. Sans i know this seems silly but… I think we might be soul mates..I think this was…meant to be..]

As Frisk kissed him, his magical lips formed around hers. As they kissed he closed his eyes and caressed and petted her hair. He saw what she signed to him. He signed back [You know I’m feeling the same way. Even when i first met you, my soul ached to be around you. Thats when I knew I had to protect you. And I am fine with just having you. I don’t need the sun moon and stars. You are my universe. I’m just a broken old skeleton. But I’m your skeleton.] He closed his eyes, their lips were still touching. No one else saw what they were signing to each other. Everyone was just focused on the silly arm wrestling contest that was going on in the kitchen. Toriel was winning by a landslide. Undyne was getting mad but wouldnt give up. 

Sans broke the kiss and sighed happily. He remembered the words that Gaster told him. “Protect her she’s the future of all” and he planned on doing just that.
Girl wears costumes after her boss labelled her outfit unprofessional
June Rivas, a young office worker believed to be from Chicago, has been wearing cosplay costumes to the office to get revenge on her boss who banned 'cultural headscarves' and ponytails from the office.

Ms Rivas says the outfit above has been deemed ‘unprofessional’ by her boss

Princess Leia

A character from Fantastic 4 on one of the days

Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter

Bob’s Burgers

MS RIVAS’ NEW DRESS CODE?                                                                                 

*No straps

*No hats

*No sandals

*No cleavage

*No back out

*No lace

*No cultural head wraps

*No ponytails

*No pigtails

'Did she give any rules about wings? Because I have a fun Teen Titans Bumblebee cosplay you could wear!’ one woman wrote. 

Ms Rivas responded: 'Nope. I have fairy wings and Angel wings to try out next week.’


Fireworks flew high over PNC Park after the Pittsburgh Pirates gave the Milwaukee Brewers the #RaiseIt treatment (Beat the Brewers) on July 21st, 2016.

#‎ThisIsrhphotography‬ #rhphotography #RealMovingForward


Con dos cojones.

kingseijou  asked:

who are inx help me understand

theyre a 5 member group under NA entertainment and they debut on aug 2nd!

the original lineup didnt debut and if i remember correctly they all went diff paths/are in the army

there was a teaser that dropped last night but im pretty sure it was leaked so its deleted now and i cant find it… not sure when it will release officially but it will be on their youtube channel when it does!







follow the official twitter fancafe tumblr fy youtube instagram facebook

that’s pretty much it they dont have profiles or anything yet unfortunately. there are a few predebut pics and a vid of a member singing (not sure who it is since theres literally maybe 3 pics in existence of the members)

hopefully they will debut successfully they look like they have a lot of potential!


Wait for it…

[Sigue a la chica de rojo]