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Absolutely stoked about this announcement. I think everything about this guitar is great, from its street price of $1899 (which is well under what many “professional” instruments cost these days) to the shape, pickup complement, and the fact that Annie Clark and Ernie Ball came together to make a guitar with the female body in mind. Having never been a woman myself, I can’t speak to how comfortable most guitars (designed by men) might be for them, but the note from Annie about there being “room for a breast” is really exciting. Seriously, well done AC and EB! I totally want one. #guitar #ernieball #eb #annieclark #stvincent #design #feminism #feminist #signature #model #minihb #win

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It is with pride that I present the St. Vincent Signature @ernieball MusicMan Guitar. I wanted to design a tool that would be ergonomic*, lightweight, and sleek. So excited to be working with Ernie Ball. *There is room for a breast^
^Or two (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)


Hardwork and Determination Will take you anywhere. #fitness #FitnessBeauty #Fit #Wegihts #WeightLoss #Win #WarBaby #HeatSeekingMissile #FighterJet #GoldenChild


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