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okay me and you, we're going to start a bi squad it'll be great it'll just be all hugs and kitties and being supportive of one another 💕 I hope you have an amazing day sweetie! and know that we all love you a lot for the amazing person you are

thank you so much!!! and yES BI SQUAD FOR THE WIN

this literally made me smile so much so now, i’m just grinning to myself in this cafe omg ahhhhhhhhhhh thank you <3 ily ily ily
Black All-Girls Chess Team Places 1st in Annual Chess Tournament
A team of Black youth won the 13th Annual KCF All-Girls National Chess Championship on April 24. According to The Detroit News, Jada Hamilton, an eighth-grader from Detroit, competed in the final round of the competition and led her team to victory in the “Under 14” category. Five students from University Prep Science & Math Elementary and Middle …

Five students from University Prep Science & Math Elementary and Middle Schools in Michigan competed: Jaidyn Hamilton and twin sister Jada; Lauren Bradford; Sa’Nya Burton; and Gisele Motley. Charisse Wood was also on the team. She is a fifth grader who played at another level. All six girls are active in the Detroit City Chess Club, which is composed of  elementary, middle and high school chess teams.

It wasn’t the first time the chess club has competed in the event, but  head coach Kevin Fite said placing first “was a significant win.”

“We’ve won a lot of other national tournaments, but we’ve never won this one. … We were considerably the underdog in that section,” Fite added.

Congratulations to these wonderfully talented young ladies! #Love it!