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iKON Hindsight 20/20

You know what, I get it now! 

Just the other night I finally decided to watch “WIN” and “MIx and Match” because I wanted to get to know iKON and WINNER more. That I certainly did and everything started to make sense to me.

First off, I realized that it was sooo important that Team A became WINNER and not Team B. Despite the fact that Team B won almost every challenge from the judges perspective, Team A won over everyone’s hearts. It had to happen that way. Team A suffered but changed so drastically from the first episode to the last. They had so much more to loose. I’m glad they won and I’m glad that they stuck to the image that they have. They are sophisticated and mature and a fantastic vocal group and being able to see them train and compete has proved to me that they are unique to iKON and to other YG artists and I feel bad for judging their debut so harshly.

 I’m not afraid to admit that I was wrong and admit that I really like WINNER now.  

Secondly, I realized that iKON had to suffer more through loosing WIN and being divided on Mix and Match in order for them to mature and gain depth. iKON truly is an incredible team but if they debuted first, they would have felt invincible and potentially could have acted cocky. 

I also realized that all the hate that iKON gets for being the “Bobby B.I show” is ridiculous. If people watched “Mix and Match” and “WIN”, then people would understand just how hard working those two are and how strong of a leader B.I is. He is the next greatest leader in Kpop, mark my words. He is incredibly selfless and hard working and he suffers just as much if not more than everybody else. He’s human and flawed but through hard work has managed to create a fantastic reputation for himself. And for Bobby, people see what they want to see. People see him for his strong and charismatic stage performances which can come off a little cocky especially if you only know him through show me the money. However, in iKON, there isn’t a sweeter and more caring member. He is always the first to comfort, the first to compliment, and he is always ready to cheer up his members with his crazy antics.

iKON is a band of brothers! They has such incredible teem work. During Mix and Match when they added three new members, it was obvious from the start that Chanwoo was the perfect match for the team. He was kind, hard working, humble and the members felt the need to look out for him. He fit what iKON was all about. The other two were great talents, but Chanwoo was the little brother iKON didn’t know they needed. watching B.I challenge him and watching Bobby take such good care of him, watching Yunhyeong snuggle with him in the last episode, it all made sense. Those who thought Chanwoo was bullied by the members should watch Mix and Match and watch how bobby cried after he had to take Chanwoo to the hospital. I also loved when Junhoe took the time to help him with his vocals. He was so patient with Chanwoo and wanted him to do well too. They care so much for him and its so obvious.  

So yeah, those are my thoughts on iKON. I am official iKON trash and I can’t help it. 


Win’s Instagram Update (16.02.12):

今天開賣SpeXial Land的票♡


Thank you guys for the wishes~ ♡
I’m older again ♡
Today SpeXial Land’s ticket began selling ♡

Instagram Update:


Ah! Another picture! Haha
Don’t forget today ticket begins selling!

Much love from @qtrmstr.
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Simon’s Facebook Update (16.02.12):

今天除了演唱會門票開賣,還是我們的風田的生日。前陣子我和他一起去日本5天4夜同吃同喝同住還一起泡湯……很謝謝他在日本照顧我。當然,在台灣我也會好好照顧他。生日快樂喔SpeXial-風田 Win🎂

Other than ticket selling today, it’s also our Win’s birthday. Earlier I went to Japan with him for 5 days and 4 nights, eating together drinking together living together and were in the hot spring together…… Really thankful for him taking care of me in Japan. Of course, in Taiwan I will take care of him well. Happy birthday Win 🎂