The Long Lost Friend [ Draco x Reader] Part 13

Summary: Christmas holiday is here and you can go home. That’s going to involve talking to your parents about Draco, right?

A/N: You thought I had given up on the story, right? I kind of thought so too, but here it is.

Word Count: 1.4k

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You scanned the crowd in front of you to see a particular pair of familiar faces, no luck on the first time.

“Are these your parents?” Draco asked and pointed to someone on your right. You looked at the direction but you still didn’t see them.

“Where?” you asked.

“If I’m not mistaken, I surely ain’t, then with the Weasleys,” he answered with a considerable amount of disgust in his voice.

“Oh… seems like it,” you said after finding your parents indeed next to the Weasleys. They seemed to be having a heated conversation. “I reckon you’ll leave me for a few days now?”

“Yes, until Christmas,” Draco smiled a smile that not many people throughout the history had seen, it was a mixture of his famous smirk and something more loving.

“Too bad,” you said and grabbed your gloves (that would still be on the train unless Draco had taken them with him) from him. He pulled you closer with only one hand, the other one was trying to keep his trunk from falling off the trolley that he had already put it on.

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The Long Lost Friend [Draco  Reader] Part 9

Summary: Potions with all your favourites goes wrong

Word Count: 1.6k

Part 1 Part 8 Part 10

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“Ah, yes! Pair up everyone! Pair up!” Slughorn’s voice was heard from the front of the class.

“Pansy will you…” you shut up when you saw Blaise and her together. Zabini had been keeping his distance since the incident. Not that you minded. Whenever you thought back at the day when everything started going downhill your blood almost started boiling.

“Miss Y/N and Mister Malfoy, you will work together I presume?” Slug asked while placing some ingredients on your table. You looked around and saw that everyone else had already paired up.

“Seems like it,” you muttered and exhaled dramatically. Drama queen, that’s what you are Y/N!

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The Long Lost Friend [Draco  Reader] Part 8

Summary: I’d just call this update ‘Unwanted knowledge’

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: Sorry for the slow update, life’s been hell

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“Good morning Y/N, has professor Snape already talked to you?” McGonagall’s voice made you turn around.

“Good morning, no he hasn’t. Is there something wrong?” you didn’t get much sleep at night so you had to try hard to concentrate.

“Oh, well it’s your about your father. He’ll be in Hogwarts for ministry business later today. Dumbledore thought that perhaps you’d like to know that,” McGonagall said with a smile on her face. She was always very nice to you.

“He is? When?” you knew that your parents would finally move back this week but not even in your wildest dream had you thought that you’d see one of them before Christmas break.

“Yes, in about 2 hours but the meeting with Dumbledore will also take up some time.”

“Can I see him?” you asked.

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