Wooo! I’ve finally hit that milestone. That thing that, well, no one wants to gloat about or make a big deal about but OMG people are actually following me? I hit 100 followers yesterday and I’ve been planning to make a big post about it when the time came.

Following below, you’ll find the 25 followers that stand out to me most, for whatever reason. If you’re not on here, DO NOT FRET, I really don’t dislike you in the least! I wouldn’t be following you otherwise, haha. But I couldn’t do more than 25. Writing 25 took over an hour for me as it was.

Please don’t hate me! Trust me, you’re all appreciated. <3 And if you ever want to chat, I’m the friendliest and loudest neighbor around the block. So if you ever get an inkling to pester me, please do so!

This thing is really long so it’s gonna have to go under a readmore post. Please check the tags of this post. I tagged all 25 people that are mentioned in here, so even if you think you may not have been mentioned, you might be surprised. A good majority of people on this list are people I’ve never talked to before. But you still mean something to me regardless even if we’ve never talked (and even if you’re not mentioned!) What can I say? I have a Tumblr life. Anyway, here’s my appreciation to all you beautifulTumblr-ers on my dash. Stay wonderful and lovely and all that jazz!

So, to avoid picking by favorites or something outrageous like that, I’ve decided to go from those who have been following me the longest to most recent. Here we go.

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