New Video! So excited to announce my very first Baking Line with @WiltonCakes  The full line comes out later this year. l’ll keep you updated!


I’m coming to Chicago for a meetup + updates! 


My first attempt at Royal Icing ‘flowers’.

These didn’t turn out quite how I was expecting but for a first go I think I couldn’t ask for anything more than this

Some tips I’ll remember for next time
- make sure the icing is a stiff consistency, otherwise the petals run together and form a blob.
- pipe onto either cling film or baking paper not 'lunch wrap’
- don’t do it when you’re sick.

Of course if I wanted them perfect I could have bought them or watched videos on how to make them yourself but I’m not that kind of girl. Haha


Got a lot of questions about what kind of bakeware I use on my show Nerdy Nummies. So I teamed up with Wilton and made a quick video! Hope you find it helpful <3