Wilton Cake Decorating Tip Charts from Twist ‘N Swirl here. This must have taken so much time to put together. Her big chart (which was so long it reproduced fuzzy on Tumblr) has ten types of Wilton tips with corresponding numbers. I actually took cake decorating classes and was horrible at it but I could do a “basketweave” cake and no one could ever figure out how I made it (so simple).


Got a lot of questions about what kind of bakeware I use on my show Nerdy Nummies. So I teamed up with Wilton and made a quick video! Hope you find it helpful <3 


Got so many questions about how to make the frosting and icing colors I use on Nerdy Nummies, so I teamed up with Wilton to make a quick tutorial! Hope you guys enjoy it and find it helpful! :) 

We also created a new frosting based on my favorite pink color and named it  “Ro’s Rose” <3