wilt tumblr is no place for you

And we sit so close
our knees exchange
kisses when no one
is looking and we’re
sitting on concrete
and bruises, gray
skies and cracked
buildings, but you 
laugh and suddenly
we’re in a garden and
I’m silent as you place
a bouquet of flowers in my
hair, trying to add color to
my empty mind, and I’m trying
not to fall in love, because we
both know these flowers will
wilt, and I’ll be left with thorns
rotting in my mind.
—  You.
People are like plants. Some wilt under the sun and live in shadowy, quiet places. Some can sting you if you don’t handle them gently. All have different, sometimes confusing & contradictory, methods of survival. But they all are beautiful and deserve to live and grow.
“Like Wilting Roses”-a spell to send love away from your target’s path

This is the first spell I’m posting on Tumblr, and I hope someone finds this useful!

The intent of the spell is to, basically, send love away from your target’s path. Family, friends, possible romantic partners, everyone, will suddenly stop loving them, maybe for a reason, maybe just because. Who knows. 

Ingredients You’ll Need:

♡ pink roses

♡ a jar

♡ vanilla

♡ thorns

♡ graveyard dirt

♡ black candle

♡ rosemary

Optional: blood from the target

♡ Place the vanilla at the bottom of the jar and then place slowly the pink roses on it, think about the target’s closest and dearest people. This curse isn’t meant to destroy them, so when you need to, just think of them as if ‘unloving’ your enemy. Add the rosemary, a herb commonly used to draw love to a person.

♡ Say:

“I, *your name, and any witchy title that makes you feel powerful*, 

curse *your target*, who thinks love is so important to them,

to lose the only enormous little thing they have left.

I, *your name and title*, am telling *your target* to forever dream,

while *the names of your enemy’s loved ones*, never feel,

*target* will always painfully remember 

the love that was taken from their heaven, 

“As wilting roses their love for you will wash off,

as black thorns they will place on you great hurt,

as cursed rosemary you’ll see what you’re afraid of,

like wilting roses, your love will die slow”

and as they suffer my unbearable agression,

they will finally, finally! learn the lesson.”

♡ With the candle, burn it. Be careful to extinguish the flame quickly, then dig a hole somewhere with enough place to make sure it’s fully surrounded by the graveyard dirt, and bury the jar.

♡ As for the incantation, when the “black thorns” part comes up, throw the thorns in the jar, over the roses.

♡ If you’d like to use your enemy’s blood, then simply fill the jar with it, but don’t bury it with the blood, just bury the herbs. As for the blood in the jar, throw it down the sink saying:

“This blood is cursed. 

Its owner is cursed.

Never again.”

Why? Well, this is for the “forever” part. This will prevent any new love to enter their life ever again. Don’t worry, it can also work without the blood, but it’s more effective that way.

Any questions, any experiences if you’d like to try it, tell me how it went! This is my first time posting a spell as my craft is too personal, so please tell me your opinions! Feel free to modify as you please.


I am all the colours of the wilting forest.
A simple façade to you.

I reach out and call this place home;
a moment, a roar—in nature it sounds like peace.

Let me be the wildness.

The shriek of the hawk. The rutting marsh.
I am all these fleeting moments

and I can smell the wilderness within.