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New Again: Grace Jones

Andre Leon Talley: Do you realize that there are still people who think that you are a sex change?

Grace Jones: Oh, I love it.

Andre Leon Talley: Or that you never had Paulo as a child.

Grace Jones: Oh, I adopted, huh? So what does that make Hans?

Andre Leon Talley: You were one of the first with your style to cross over in your way of dressing.

Grace Jones: Androgynous.

Andre Leon Talley: There are people who say to me, “Grace Jones, she’s not a real woman, she’s a man, a drag queen.” How do you feel about that?

Grace Jones: I don’t care. I like dressing like a guy. I love it. When I was modeling I used to do pictures where I would dress up like my little brother. No makeup and I looked like a boy.

Andre Leon Talley: Don’t you think it’s passé the way society puts these sort of stigmas and labels, “boy,” “girl”?

Grace Jones: Very passé. The future is no sex.

Andre Leon Talley: You can change your personality.

Grace Jones: You can be a boy, a girl, whatever you want. I have a lot of man in me.

Andre Leon Talley: And you have a lot of woman in you too, darling.

Grace Jones: I have just as much woman in me as I have man. It’s just a matter of channeling the energy into which way you use it. [Read More]