I couldn’t put this in my vows because I didn’t want to upset people but here’s what I really want to say today. You opened my heart to me Sonny, you know where I was when I first came out - forget that I couldn’t admit I was gay. I was mired in so much twisted stuff with my family, with EJ, trying to protect myself and figure out what the hell was going on around me…in fact that pretty much describes everyday of my life before I met you. You cut through all the fog, it only looked like my life got crazy with Arianna and all that drama after we got together. The truth is everything was simple after I fell in love with you, I don’t know how I got so lucky to find a man who is so warm and generous and loving first time out of the gate. I promise to never forget what a gift you are, I’m honoured that in a few hours you will be my husband. All my love, Will
—  Will’s letter to Sonny [1st April 2014]