Warnings - swearing, humour, fluff.

Pairings - Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader.


It had been a tough week, a long week, and you were done with the whole prank phase Bucky had gotten himself into with Steve and Sam.

The last thing you ever expected was to return home from an awful mission which left you battered and sore, to then be assaulted by two super soldiers and a pigeon. By assaulted you meant getting pelted with paintballs and water balloons or water condoms as it were.

Their faces dropped when they realised you had gotten caught up in the crossfire, shrinking in confidence as your face turned red and your fingertips sparked with electricity. Wet H/C hair stuck to the sides of your paled face, your fingers pinched the bridge of your nose, and you tried your hardest to calm yourself. Four separate paintball explosions coated your chest and arms, and the sting of it made tears spring to your eyes, not only because it hurt, but also because you were past the point of exhaustion and you were extremely frustrated with how the mission went. Yes you got the job done, but it wasn’t as smooth as you would have liked it to be. And it pissed you off even more just thinking how they were messing around like children whilst you were in a country with your life potentially on the line.

“Fucking children,” you said under your breath before walking toward your bedroom, your bad held deathly tight in your grip as you stalked to the door, opening it before slamming it shut and making sure to lock it securely. If Bucky wanted to act like a child, then he could do it as far away from you as possible.

Without a second thought you stripped out of your gear and climbed beneath the black sheets of the bed, snuggling into Bucky’s scent.

That morning you thought he would have learnt his lesson, all of them, but when you opened the kitchen door and a bucketful of flour and eggs emptied over your head, coating your entire body, you were fuming. Tony entered the room from the other door and looked at your expression as you stood holding the doorknob, your mouth hung open and your eyes screaming rage and anger, “Bucky?”

You closed your eyes and sighed before shaking your head, “Nope, this was the Pigeon,” you hissed, “I’m gonna kill him,” you snapped as you headed down to the gym, lucky for you they were all working out together, three children on break time, “Hey, Wilson!” Sam turned around instantly at your booming voice before attempting to stifle a laugh.

There you stood, wearing shorts and a sports bra, with egg and flour stuck to your skin, “Hey, what’s up Y/N?” Sam leaned against the weight stand and watched your expression shift.

“What’s up?” You mimicked as you stormed over to him, “What’s up is that I’ve got your prank all over my fucking body,” you screamed, the electricity sparking at your fingertips again, “I got back from a really shit mission last night to be attacked with paintballs and water balloons made out of condoms, now I wake up and walk right into your trap, I’m fucking done with this shit-” Bucky reached out to you, wanting to calm you down but most off all apologise, you shook the Solider off as your fingers clapped around Sam’s wrist, allowing your current to shock his entire system, smirking as he fell to the floor, “You want a war? You’ve fucking got one,” you told them all as you walked away, leaving Sam jolting on the floor.

The rest of the week went on like that, they would pull and prank and piss you off more than before, you would retaliate and piss them off, you’d make up and go to bed, and then it would all start over the next day.

Bucky prized his hygiene, especially his teeth, and the one thing you knew was that his toothbrush was like his child. You loved Bucky’s white teeth and the smell of mint, but that day you wouldn’t be kissing him, or for the rest of that week for that matter. Bucky was in your shared bathroom, squeezing toothpaste onto the brush as putting it into his mouth and you internally gagged at the sight, smirking as his brows dipped in confusion and he removed the tool from his lips, inspecting it before carrying on with a frown, “What’s up Buck?” You asked as your eyes turned back to the book in your lap.

Bucky removed the brush from his mouth and turned to you, a towel around his waist which revealed his toned chest and arms, “I don’t know, my mouth tastes really strange this morning,” you hummed in response and watched from the corner of your eye as he turned around to carry on, still confused.

“Oh Buck?” You shouted and he hummed to say he was listening, “Remember yesterday when you ruined my favourite pair of panties by using them as a slingshot?” He chuckled and made a noise in confirmation, “Yeah well to get you back I brushed our toilet with your toothbrush,” he froze and looked at you, searching your face for any kind of joke, taking it out of his mouth, “And I did Steve’s too, and Tony’s, they’re really clean now, thanks for that.”

Bucky looked at his reflection before turning back to you, “You’re joking right?” He asked with paste dribbling down his chin, you shook your head and watched as he spat the paste out and gagged furiously, “Why would you do that?” He choked as he drank mouthwash from the bottle.

“I told you that this was war, didn’t I?”

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I Think She’s Just Clumsy

Request: Can I request a dad tony x reader where she’s been very accidental prone so he thinks something bad is going on. She swears it’s nothing so he spies on her for a few days and sees that no one has been hurting her. But she walks into things and trips on her own feet. He figures out she has bad eye sight but she was too embarrassed to say anything about it. Sadly this is the story of my life lol. 

Warnings: None

A/N: Pretend that all the avengers are friends.

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Tony had been noticing your strange behavior is month, and knew something was up. Especially one day when you came home when bruises and scrapes on your arm.

“Y/N? Are you being bullied?” He asked you seriously.

“What?!” You seriously didn’t know what made him think that.

He motioned toward your arm.

“Oh” You got quieter. “Um No, I’m not. It’s nothing”

You stood up and were walking to your room when you ran into a boulder.

Oh never mind, it’s just Steve. 

“Oh Sorry Steve” You said as you re-centered yourself. Steve shrugged and kept walking.
Once you were in your room tony turned to Steve.

“There’s something seriously wrong with Y/N. I think she’s being bullied or something”

“I don’t know, but I think we need to find out” Steve replied.

Tony had gotten Steve, Sam and Bucky to go with him. They had decided to just see what you were up to.

“There she is!” Tony said quietly and he ducked behind a bush. The rest of them followed his action.

“This is ridiculous, we’re grown men hiding behind a bush spying on a teenage girl” Said Steve.

“God Steve you make it sound so weird” Sam replied as he turned away from you.

“It’s not weird we’re just making sure she’s not getting into any trouble!”
And just on cue with Tony’s words you walked into a metal pole.

“Owww, that’s gotta hurt” Bucky said as he rubbed his forehead in the same place that you hit the pole.

They watched you trip over a chorus of things, but never had any of them seen someone trip over there own feet quite the way that you did.

“Tony I don’t think your daughter is being bullied. I think she’s just really really clumsy” Steve squinted his eyes as you walked into another person. Bucky and Sam both nodded in agreement.


“Hey Y/N? How many fingers am I holding up?” Tony held up some fingers dangerously close to your face.
“Uhh.. Maybe.. fou-”

“No” Tony cut you off.



You Shrugged.

“Y/N. you are so Farsighted that you can’t even walk without tripping over your own feet”

“That’s not true-”

“Okay then, wall all the way across this room without running into something”

“Yeah, no thanks”

“I am not going to wear glasses” You said stubbornly on the way home From the eye doctor.

“Y/N, you look fine”

“Oh hey Y/N!” Natasha greeted you as you came in.“Those look great!” She pointed towards your glasses.

“Oh thanks” You replied, you were on your way to your room when you tripped and fell over the side of the couch.Tony pierced his lips together.

“Okay maybe she is just clumsy”

Ok So I’ve been doing a lot of fluff lately. But tomorrow I have something super angsty

yeah so i have a gta cow chop au up on ao3 and i have just now gotten to telling tumblr about it, whoops. but i made a thing for it. im gonna just leave a link for ya here. its called Abate