I should mention I also had this idea going through my head last night while going to bed…

Reunion AU or Court of Miracles AU, your choice. The idea is that during the Earthquake of 1906 not only were Maxwell and Charlie pulled into Their world, but so were many other people including Albert and Helen Higgsbury. The Higgsbury bros were staying with their grandparents at the time. In the chaos of the Earthquake of the final act, shadow hands were grabbing people left and right such as two parents who shielded their daughter from the hands only to be taken and orphaning their child.

Albert and Wilson had attempted to sneak into the theater to see Maxwell the Great only to be caught by their grandmother. At that moment things went wrong the three of them attempted to make a break for it with Helen warding off the hands using a light spell only to be caught off guard and grabbed. Wilson and Albert attempted to save her but another hand came out of nowhere and grabbed Albert, knocking Wilson into a wall and knocking him out. 

Years later during the timeline of Don’t Starve Together, Wilson manages to find a new area with opals providing a dim light only the be injured by a cave spider. For a moment he thinks it’s all over until a mysterious figure cloaked in shadows kills off the spider using a shadow hand. Wilson thinks that the figure will attempt to attack him only for the figure to reveal themselves as Albert Higgsbury, still the physical age of fifteen but corrupted by the shadows, much like Charlie but to a lesser extent. 

The people who were captured in 1906 were all corrupted and forced to live underground in an old area of the ruins that many of them call the Court of the Queen. The ruins scattered around had been rebuilt to fit the needs of the people as shelter and Helen was regarded as the matriarch. The people there regard Charlie as their Queen.


I just want to make them dance. lol

1. Wilson & Willow (from Don’t Starve)

2. Zacharie and Sugar (from OFF)

3. Frisk Chara (from Undertale)

4. the batter and the queen (from OFF)

5. Frisk and Elsen (from Undertale and OFF)

6. Frisk and Elsen #2

7. Webber and Muffet (from Don’t Starve and Undertale)

8. Sans and Frisk (from Undertale)