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PETER MAXIMOFF (Quicksilver)

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X-Men Preference: What You Do On Rainy Days

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Charles: usually you guys play chess to pass the time

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Erik: similar to Charles, Erik likes to play a little chess during rainy days but you may have a few drinks as well

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Raven: raining days are just excuses for you and Raven to stay inside and train together

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Alex: you’ll play a few arcade games (it’s very competitive) and you might cuddle a bit as well

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Hank: when you can’t go outside because of the weather you go help Hank in his lab. He really enjoys your company

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Sean: you and Sean like to watch movies and eat snacks together when it’s messy outside

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Peter: you two like to listen to music and dance around and be silly

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Scott: you and Scott usually play video games to pass the time

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Jean: sitting by the fire and reading is always nice. Especially when you and Jean do it together

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Kurt: you guys actually like to watch the rain from indoors. You both find it very calming

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Ororo: why stay indoors? Ororo obviously loves the rain so why not go outside and run through it together

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Jubilee: you and Jubilee don’t really care about the rain. Who says you can’t do a few out door activities inside (cough Charles cough, but you know details) you even rollerbladed through the mansion once when it was raining

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Warren: you guys like to listen to loud rock music

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Logan: did someone say alcohol?

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Wade: you guys like to do stupid stuff. Like play board games

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Ellie: you guys usually just talk. Ellie particularly liked to complain

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When Universes Collide (part 6)

Paring: Avengers, X-Men X Reader

Prompt: In this story, Avengers Universe and X-Men Universe finally collide together during the Avengers’ Civil War.

Warnings: Some swearing

Length: 3,863 words

Intro / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

(For some odd reason none of the submit your name are working so give me some time to figure it out and make it work Thanks! (: - I.M. Now enjoy!)

Stepping out into the sunlight was slightly blinding as you peered out at the busy and crowded street. You stepped back into the alleyway as a police van drove past your position and you turned around to jump back away from a suddenly appearing Erik Lehnsherr.

“What the hell, Erik?!” You whisper-shouted at him and placed a hand over your heart which was beating so fast you were worried about heart palpitations.

“You said we would meet up so here I am.” He raised his arms out before dropping them to his sides and looking over your shoulder. He grabbed you by your shoulders and pulled you further into the alley.

“We need to go, come on. I’ve got a place we can go without the worry of police. But just in case,” Erik took out a pair of sunglasses and less than gently shoved them on your face.

He put on his own and walked around the corner. He pulled out of a duffel bag and placed it on the ground before unzipping it. Erik took out an oversized sweatshirt that was definitely his and he threw it at you. You caught it before it could whack you in the face and slipped it over your head. When you dragged it down your body it stopped midway down your thighs.

“Jesus …” You mumbled and fiddled with the large pocket in the front of the jacket. “This is kinda ridiculous considering it’s a bazillion degrees out here.”

“Have you seen the news? There are pictures of you everywhere, so this is the best bet.” Erik changed his jacket and placed a hat on his head. He took out a beanie for you to wear. He stood and pulled it on your head.

You adjusted your sunglasses with a hand and Erik turned back to his duffle bag. He slung it over his shoulder, walked over to you and grabbed your hand. He dragged you out of the alley and into the sunlight once again.

The sound of explosions shook the run down, barely standing apartment on the second floor of the two story complex. A twin sized bed’s wilted mattress with half of the springs and cotton missing with a multiple tears all throughout, lays on it. There was a chair in the corner of the room and a small wooden nightstand next to the bed. Across the room was an tiny open kitchen without any appliances. There was a countertop and a couple of cabinets two of which had no doors. There was a disgusting rotting smell coming from the kitchen; from the wood and from some unlabeled cans in one of the cabinets.

“(Y/N).” A soft voice made you open your eyes and your eyes focused on crystal blue ones.

“Focus on the now. Force yourself to be aware of everything in this room.” You observed every feature of the man’s face. First, his hair. It was a disheveled mess of brown shoulder length locks. Next, was his facial hair. Unevenly shaven beard that was more of a scruff than a full out beard. Finally, his eyes. Cold and frightening to most that have the misfortune of coming face to face with him, but was comforting in the episode you were having.

Another explosion which was closer than the last made him look away for a moment before turning back towards were you were laying on the dusty ass mattress.

You could see the distress in his eyes and the concern on his face. He didn’t want to rush you, because that wouldn’t help nor work so he just continued to coax you with soft words.

“Don’t let your powers overwhelm you. Remember you can control them … they can’t control you.” You were hearing what he was saying, but not understanding a word of it. Your brain was a complicatedly full of confusing noise that blocked all of your brain’s functions. You couldn’t move, think, hell you could barely breath.

“Come on, (Y/N). I don’t want to do this, but they’re coming and we need to move.” His voice was void of emotion which counteracted with what he was saying. “Don’t make me—” Another explosion louder than the next caused the entire room shake hard enough to cause some of the ceiling to crumble and small chunks of concrete fell towards you. The man raised his left metal arm to protect your face and the concrete bounced off of his arm with a clink.

“(Y/N)!” His voice had a tone of urgency and you closed your eyes. An internal force pushed all of the head noise out and with the sudden silence everything came flooding back right when the door to the apartment blew off it’s hedges. It flew across the room and froze a couple of feet away from where you laid.

A group of armed men entered the room, pointed their guns and tried to open fire, but none of their guns worked. They actually fell apart in their fingers and they stared at you with their eyes wide in fear.

You rolled over and stood up in smooth succession eyes a solid black as the room filled with a black smoke. You raised your hands and everything that was in the room and wasn’t connected to anything levitated menacingly around you. A monstrous voice growled out of your lips.

Time to die.”


You blinked and shook your head clearing out your mind from the sudden flashback. You looked at Erik, setting down his duffle bag on the bed of the hotel room, who had a concerned look on his face.

“Are you alright?” He walked over and lifted his hands to grip your shoulders, but choose against it and dropped his hands to his sides. “You sorta … dazed.”

“Yeah, yeah … I’m,” You swallowed. “Fine.”

He looked unconvinced as he turned away from you to walk over to the window and slide the curtains closed.

You took the opportunity to take off your sunglasses and beanie to toss it on the kitchen counter. You went to take off the sweatshirt, but shook your head and moved to sit on the bed.

Erik sighed and sat next to you. “What are you going to do?”

You stuck your hands into the pockets of the sweatshirt and frowned deeply. You glanced at him and turned away quickly when you saw his pitying look.

“God … I don’t know. I want to go back to the school and figure something else out, but also Steve’s out there with …” You shook your head not wanting to mention Bucky, “help. He may be human, but I trust him.”

“Steve? Rodgers? Captain America? You trust Captain America?” Erik scoffed and you looked at him seriously.

“With my life.”

His eyebrows popped up in surprise and he chuckled. “Okay, okay … I get it. Why?”

That forced you into silence. You had no idea why. You just did. Maybe it was his argument during the group meeting of the heroes. Maybe because he’s Captain Freaking America “God’s Righteous Man”. Or maybe it’s because he hasn’t really fucked up like you have so many times while stumbling throughout your life… . Okay, all of the above …

“ … I’m not entirely sure, but I definitely feel safer at his side than standing alone.” You moved your hands from the pocket and wrapped your arms around your stomach. A protective movement that made Erik back off a little.

“What about the Mutant’s? Your friends? …” He hesitated. “Charles?”

“No.” You cut him off before he could continue. “I’m sure as hell not going to drag any of them into this. I’m going to try and make them just punish me instead of all of the Mutants If I end up getting caught. If I drag anyone else into this then they would use that extra participation as an argument to place the ‘ban’ on all Mutants.”

You stood up and walked a couple of steps away before turning around. “I feel like the ‘ban’ is an empty threat, but I don’t want to push it too far just in case …”

You leaned up against the small table in between the kitchen counter and the bed. You set your jaw and twisted your lips in a way that gave you a soured look.

“I was going to offer my help, but seeing that you really don’t want even Charles to help you. I’m definitely not your second choice.” Erik looked at his hands and you couldn’t help the small smile on your lips.

“Erik, it’s not that I don’t want your help, it’s that I can’t have your help. You’re a wanted criminal especially after what happened with Apocalypse and it would turn out … horribly if you tried to help me. Even if you were just found at my side. There would be no way that I would be able to fix or convince them of anything. It’s best to keep you out of this. I’m sorry.”

Erik peeked up at you and nodded slowly understanding what you were trying to say. He sighed looking around the room before his eyes landed back on you.

“So is this it? Goodbye?” Erik stood up and walked over to where you were. He slipped his hands in his pockets and you placed a comforting hand on his chest.


It was easy to get to the school when you have super speed as a human or a dog, but what wasn’t going to be easy to face everyone there.

You stopped and shifted back into human at the front gate. You pulled it open and walked through. During your long trek up to the house, you noticed that there were no students hanging out in the fields around the house. The closer to the house you got, the more worried you became.

You stepped up to the door and paused listening for any sign of any students. The silence made your heart sink even more and you decided to pointlessly knock on the door. There was temporarily silence before the door handle turned and the door opened revealing Charlotte, one of your students.

“Charlotte, hi.” You offered her a shaky smile and she just stared at you like she just saw a ghost. For a moment she just stared at you before surprising you by jumping at you and wrapping her arms around you.

“I thought you were dead.” She mumbled into your sweatshirt and you hesitantly hugged her back. Charlotte peered up at you and said. “We all did. The devastation on The Professor’s face …”

Charlotte stepped back and out of the way so you could walk inside the mansion. You looked around the room and there were a few scattered students sitting around. They looked up with surprised expressions and some started murmuring to each other. A little girl with pink pigtails ran up to you and hugged your legs. Three other students ran up after her and that started a group hug with all the other students in the room.


The students separated revealing Charles sitting in his wheelchair a couple of feet away. You walked over and bent down to wrap your arms around him.

“Welcome home.” Charles smiled fondly and held you tightly.

You took a step away while holding back some sentimental tears and sighed, “Yes, I’m … home.”

‘But for how long?’ A voice in our head made it’s sudden and slightly unnecessary appearance. ‘Great Happy Bo-Pappy has returned.’

‘What did you call me?’

‘Nope, I’m not going to talk to myself … That’s not … happening.’

“(Y/N)?” Charles’ voice brought you back to the now and you shook your head before looking down at him.

“Yeah, sorry.” You breathed. “Where’s Hank?” You looked around at the small amount of students around you.

“Hank? Someone’s here to see you.” Charles used his telepathy to contact Hank and spoke out loud so you could hear.

“Charles, what happened after the Accord’s meeting?” You crossed your arms and the murmurs of the students around you answered your question. It wasn’t anything good.

Charles cleared his throat and leaned forward resting his elbows on the armrests of his wheelchair.

‘When Hank gets here, we’ll talk in my office.’ His voice ricocheted within your mind and faded away. He frowned deeply and asked, ‘You remembered something new about your past, but I … uh … can’t get to that memory.’

“I wonder why.” You whispered giving him a displeased look and quick footsteps running down the stairs made you look up.

“Professor, who—,” Hank stopped in mid-sentence and in mid-step on the staircase when his eyes settled on you. “(Y/N) …”

You flashed him a charming smile as guilt stabbed you in the heart when you remembered the last word you told Hank was that you’d see him again soon. Then the explosion and you being pronounced dead. You knew Charles told Hank about you surviving the blast, but still … Hank must have been devastated.

After a moment of just staring at you flabbergasted, Hank leaped down the stairs and enveloped you in a bear hug. Of course, you hugged him back, after all of the harsh hits and punches from people who wanted to kill you, a soft and loving touch from the man you loved was like a breath of fresh air … which … uh … you were having trouble getting …

“Hank? … Er … You’re. Squishing. Me.” You coughed out and Hank released you immediately.

“OH! Sorry.” He apologized with a lopsided smile and you instantly forgave him. ‘I mean come on. Who could be mad at that face?’

Hank held you by your arms out an arm’s length away and looked you over looking for wounds. “Are you ok? Did anyone hurt you? What happened in Berlin?”

“Easy, tiger.” You let out a scoff and glanced at Charles’ to your right. Charles nodded and raised his voice towards the students.

“Ok, back to your rooms. Dinner’s at 7. Come on, to your rooms. We—” Charles turned to you, “—have a lot to talk about.”


You yelled, more like screamed thanks to Cassidy’s Sonic one, and Charles and Hank both covered their ears.

You placed your hands onto his desk and leaned down your voice falling dangerously low.

“The UN is closing the school?!” You took a moment to calm yourself and lower your voice once again. “Are you serious? You’ve got to be fucking with me.” Your voice had a slight growl to it and Charles didn’t even wince at your profanity nor your anger.

He just silently opened the side drawer to the desk and pulled out a small packet of papers. He tossed it onto the desk in between your hands and you sat back down into the seat next to Hank’s.

“That,” He gestured to the papers with a hand. “was with the mail when Andrew fetched it this morning.”

“God, I have a newfound hatred for packets.” You looked over the cover and threw it onto the desk once more. “No way in hell I’m going to read all of that despite my copy of Peter’s speed.”

“We have a week to get all of these students back to their parents or with a different legal guardian. We can’t have them stay here, well, not all of them. The more we can get them somewhere—” You cut Charles off.

“We can’t just give up, Charles.” You moved yourself forward and placed a hand on the desk again.

“We don’t have any choice—” “Wait.” You raised your other hand interrupting Charles again. “You got this,” You pointed at the papers, “THIS morning.”

“Yes, what does that have …” Charles paused and understood automatically. “Oh …”

“Oh? ‘Oh’ what?” Hank looked franticly between the two of you trying to decipher the looks you two were giving each other.

“This morning was the signing of the Accords. Either this was happening despite me signing or not or …” You explained and Charles finished for you.

“They sent this earlier and were going to intercept the delivery of this packet if she signed.” Charles narrowed his eyes and scoffed, “I knew the government was shady and untrustworthy, but this is … hmmm.”

You three sat there for a couple of minutes in silence and Hank was the first to speak, “What happens now?”

“I’m sure as hell not going to sign it now! I’m up to my shoulders in this mess and if I go back to them they’ll send me on a death hunt for St— Captain America.” You avoided Charles and Hank’s eyes after your almost slip up. Staring at your hands in your lap, you knew you had to go back to save the school from being closed. You just REALLY didn’t want to.

‘Acting like a child, (Y/N)? Kinda selfish, honey.’ That little voice is being a raging bitch today.

The doorbell rang and you traded a confused glance with Hank before settling it on Charles. He shrugged and held up a finger before disappearing out the door.

You turned in your chair to look at Hank and realized how many windows were in this room. An uneasy feeling gripped your stomach in a vise and you took a hold of Hank’s hand. It was a sudden movement that surprised him, but was a comfort for you.

“Oh God, what if—” You spoke up and paused when Charles’ voice echoed in your head.

‘(Y/N), there’s someone here to speak with you. Don’t worry, he says he’s a friend.’

You frowned and looked at Hank, who was completely oblivious with what Charles had just said. You let go of Hank’s hand and stood up. You walked out of the room and down the hall towards the front door.

You rounded the corner and saw a couple of students were peeking at who was at the door. Whispers were being shared around the room and you saw why.

“Steve?” Your eyes widened and you froze a couple of feet away from the door.

“Oh my gosh! It’s Captain America.” A couple of students whispered to each other astonished at the sight of Steve Rodgers standing in the doorway.

You shook yourself and walked up to the door. You opened the door wider and saw Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes standing behind him. Realizing that wanted fugitives were just standing out in the open you gestured them to come in with a swipe of a hand.

“Come on in.” You move to the right out of the way and Steve stepped inside the mansion.

Sam paused while walking inside to smirk and say, “Hey, transformer.”

You froze before breaking out into a sarcastic grin and said, “Hey, Sam. Where’s your wings?”

“Hilarious.” He narrowed his eyes at you and walked away. It looked like you hit a nerve there and you smirked. 

“Oh, I believe so.” You looked at him and Sam pierced his lips before walking over to stand next to Steve who patted him on the back with a half smile on his lips.

Bucky stepped up to you and stared into your eyes trying to think of something to say. You gave him a soft smile and arched an eyebrow in a gesture for him to enter the room.

‘We’ll talk later.’ You reassured him and he faintly nodded to show that he heard you.

He walked through and you closed the door without looking around outside to make sure that no one saw them, but come on, what is the chances of someone actually important seeing them. After you thought that you realized you shouldn’t have with your track record of bad luck.

‘Shit. Gotta make this quick.’ You turned to Charles and he nodded. When he opened his mouth to order the kids to go to their rooms once again, a couple of them walked up to Steve with Captain America memorabilia and a sharpie.

“Hey, Captain America? Can you sign my shield?” A little blond boy held up a small handmade Captain America shield that looked like it used to be a frisbee before he painted it with used wadded up duct tape as a handle. “You’re my favorite hero.”

Steve smiled softly and kneeled down to take the little boy’s shield. “Of course.” The older girl behind him handed Steve a sharpie and Steve began signing it. “Who do I make this out to?” He asked and the little boy was brimming with excitement while bouncing on his toes.


That made Steve pause for a moment. After a beat of silence Steve recomposed himself and finished signing James’ shield.

“There you go, lil guy.” Steve handed him back his shield and James looked over the autograph before jumping into Steve’s arms.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” James wrapped his arms around Steve’s neck gave him a squeeze before letting go and showing the older girl the shield. “Look Jenna!”

“That’s awesome, James.” She smiled down on him before looking at Steve. “Thank you so much. He’s never going to stop talking about this. You definitely made his day.” She placed her hands on James’ shoulders and said, “Come on, James.”

As she lead him away, James was skipping and naming all his friends that he was going to show the autograph to. “Ben, Josh, Albert, Kevin—”

“Kevin?” She interrupted. “I thought you didn’t like Kevin?”

“I don’t! That’s why I’m going to show him first!” James exclaimed and soon they were gone.

You snickered and shared a look with Bucky, who had a hint of a smile on his face. You turned your attention to Steve when he stood up and cleared his throat.

“Cute kid.” He smiled, but it had a sad tint to it. You noticed that you haven’t seen Steve smile ever and wondered if that was his permanent smile from being through so much.

“Yes, James and his sister Jenna. Two mutants whose parents abandoned recently. With what’s been going on with (Y/N) … human parents are getting …” Charles gestured vaguely with a hand. “Worried.”

‘Ooo … that physically hurt.’ You thought, trying to keep your face from showing the hurt feelings you were experiencing from that comment. It was your fault those two were abandoned. You started to have second thoughts and they weren’t good.

You crossed your arms deep in thought and Bucky moving to stand next to you brought you out of your … self pitying? (Meh … words are hard) You felt him grab at the sleeve of your shirt forcing you to look at him.

“It’s not your fault.” His voice was barely above a whisper and you sighed.

“Yes, it is.” You muttered back and a slight frown flashed on his face before disappearing leaving his normal emotionless expression in it’s place.

You knew he wanted to say something else, but before he had the opportunity to try, you stepped up and away from him announcing, “I’d hate to sound rude, but what are you guys doing here? If you’re looking for a place to hide this is the worst place to do it.”

“No.” Steve walked up to you and lowered his voice.

“We need your help.”

Note: Longer chapter than I wanted, but there was a lot of content that I wanted to get in before I ended it. I hope you enjoyed it and as always thank you for being patient with me in all of my long-ass-in-between-chapter hiatus.

One more thing! Please don’t go yet!

I made a post about continuing WUC into a Spider-Man: Homecoming type … er … thing. It’s going to be the same Reader partly following Peter, but also cameos with the other Avengers and of course X-Men because that’s how I roll ;) 

I’ve got an amazing storyline for it and all I need is some support from you guys! I wouldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for you, so I’d like to hand this off to you. So far I’ve gotten a couple of green lights from a few people and if you’d think it’s a good idea (or a bad idea) comment in my Big Announcement! post on my blog or if you’d like to keep it private message me instead! I look forward to seeing your comments and opinions! — I.M. :)

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Marvel Seven Minutes in Heaven

This is where all the links for the Marvel’s Seven Minutes in Heaven will be posted. Linked as they are written. ENJOY!!

Key: (S) = Smut (F) = Fluff


Tony Stark (S) (F)             Bruce Banner (S) (F)

Steve Rogers (S) (F)         Bucky Barnes  (S) (F)

Thor (S) (F)                        Loki (S) (F)

Sam Wilson  (S) (F)           Clint Barton (S) (F)

Pietro Maximoff  (S) (F)     Charles Xiaver (S) (F)

Erik Lensherr   (S) (F)        Scott Summers (S) (F)

Remy Lebeau   (S) (F)       Hank McCoy (S) (F)

Bobby Drake  (S) (F)          Alex Summers (S) (F)

Wade Wilson (S) (F)          Francis Freemen (Ajax) (S) (F)

Brock Rumlow (S) (F)        Peter Parker (S) (F)

Harry Osborne (S) (F)        Peter Quill (S) (F)

Johnny Storm (S) (F)         Victor Creed (S) (F)  

When Universes Collide (part 7)

Paring: Avengers, X-Men X Reader

Prompt: In this story, Avengers Universe and X-Men Universe finally collide together during the Avengers’ Civil War.

Warnings: Some swearing

Length: 5,094 words (I am so sorry! XD The next two chapters are most likely the last chapters before I move on in the universe and hopefully they’ll be much shorter.) - I.M.

Intro / Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Part 5Part 6

“We’ll lay low until the morning and that’s when we’ll meet up with the others.” Steve Rodgers explained as we headed towards the front door of the school.

“Others?” You questioned, because when he was explaining the Hydra super soldiers in Charles’ office he didn’t mention others.

“I’ve enlisted the help of a few others, because I believe Tony’s going to do the same to stop us. We’re going to need as much help as we can get especially if we have to go head to head with the super soldiers.” Steve turned towards you as he was walking and you frowned.

“Tony Stark? Why? Does he know what’s going on?” You cocked an eyebrow and stopped walking as you crossed your arms.

Keep reading