wilson hates them

  • Wally West *about Slade Wilson*: Dick reaaallllyyy hates that guy
  • Wally West: Whenever he hears him coming he just gets up and leaves without a word. If he can't leave, he stops talking, goes all silent and moves as far away as he can, even if he was in the middle of a sentence
  • Wally West: I've never seen anyone vacate a room as fast as he does

ugly | spideypool texts

Wade: I just took the ugliest picture of myself

Peter: show me

Wade: no,, you’ve never seen me at this level of ugly

Peter: you see me at that level of ugly everyday it’d only be fair to show me

Peter: wait no stop

Peter: ignore that don’t get mad

Wade: inhales

Wade: I swear to GOD KAREN

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Sam Wilson :D

hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: mostly Bucky, but also T’Challa. I talked recently about how I really like the idea of Sam being attracted to T’Challa and being really angry about it. 

but I also love the Sam and Bucky dynamic as it played out in Civil War. Like, a lot. and writing them across each other in Remember This Cold (and to some extent in Halfway House) has only reinforced that.

also I kind of ship Sam/Riley. I went looking for fics about the two of them a while back and was disappointed to find that that’s not really a thing.

brotp: Steve and Natasha - I mean, both of those (but especially Steve) are the obvious ones. I do really like the way that Sam and Natasha play off each other, though - the little glimpses we get of their banter and their friendship. 

general opinions: #a national treasure. Writing Sam has been really fun - he’s a guy who’s compassionate and has a big heart but also a whole lot of snark, which is a combination I really enjoy. he’s direct, forthright, incredibly brave and practically overflowing with integrity. he’s just a genuinely good guy, and I don’t just say that because Anthony Mackie has a great face. (even though he does that.)

blog rate: 10/10. I bet Sam would run a great blog.