wilson chang

and now, a haiku for the holidays.


Cherish our present,

the gift that is Sam Wilson;

Keep him safe and warm.


“This is a black hole. It consumes matter, sucks it in, and crushes it beyond existence. When I first heard that, I thought that’s evil in its most pure. Something that drags you in, crushes you, makes you nothing.”

So, Kent, my faithful companion, what do you think?” —
Is… Is this for real?


David Tennant and Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs - down through the years.

- NME join Interview with David and the Kaiser Chiefs from 2006
- Jools Holland’s Hootenanny from Dec 31 2007/Jan 1 2008
- The Brit Awards (2008)
- Bring the Noise (October 2015)

Who the hell are you?”  —
Just a delivery girl. Who’s ordered a crispy Courser’s head here?” —
Ha-ha! Des, please, can we keep her?