wilson castaway

  • Sherlock: *sulking at the kitchen table* How long are you going to watch this?
  • Molly: *turning around on the couch* What? Castaway?
  • Sherlock: Yes!
  • Molly: ... It was on.
  • Sherlock: *walks over to her bookshelf, rummaging through DVDs*
  • Molly: Sherlock, would you just sit down -what are you doing? This is not the time to reorder my movies.
  • Sherlock: *tosses a DVD case on her lap*
  • Molly: So?
  • Sherlock: Castaway! You own the movie and haven't watched it in, from the looks of how dusty the top was, at least a couple years.
  • Molly: So?
  • Sherlock: You didn't even start from the beginning! He was already going crazy on the island by the time you turned it on.
  • Molly: Not everything is logical, Sherlock. Where's the harm. I'm enjoying it.
  • Sherlock: -And that ridiculous volleyball he calls Wilson.
  • Molly: *grinning* You don't like that part?
  • Sherlock: *sits down, looking away* I don't know what you're referring to.
  • Molly: When he loses Wilson?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *runs a hand over his shoulder, comforting*
  • Sherlock: *hiding his face with his hand* It's just a volleyball! Why is it that sad?
  • Molly: I know. *rubbing circles on his back* I know.
  • Sherlock: *angrily* He was his only friend!
  • Molly: *shuts off the telly* I'm going to pop out to the grocers. Want to come with?
  • Sherlock: *grunts*
  • Molly: We can stop by Decathlon on the way back. Get a beach ball.
  • Sherlock: Its a volleyball.
  • Molly: Sorry. Right. Come on. *pulls him up and drags him out the door*

Okay, so with the new Teemo skin, Omega Squad Teemo, I think I’m the last one who is now realizing this but… in this picture here, or one of his animations



Nice easter egg, Riot. I love it.

(Yeah, Teemo definitely went insane in that war)

We Go Together ~

With the Halloween party starting in just a few hours, Sousuke left after his shift at the station and headed for his and Rin’s apartment, making a brief detour to pick up some booze.  After all, what was a Halloween party without booze? The chief always put on some crazy parties, the details of which were always kept a close secret, but there was always good food and great drinks.  They were definitely in for a good night.

As per usual, however, Sousuke had no idea what he was going to end up going to the party dressed as.  Rin liked to do couple costumes and, over the past few years, they’d been PB&J, Tarzan and Jane, Batman and Robin, Chuck Nolan ( “Castaway” ) and Wilson, and just last year they went as Ketchup and Mustard and Rin dressed up their cat as a hotdog.  The cat wasn’t a big fan of  the idea.

Sousuke got off the train and walked to their apartment, but before he got inside, he got an idea.  It was something he tried every year without fail.  Pants. Just pants.  It was the easiest costume ever!  Plus, whenever someone asked him, “Sousuke, what are you supposed to be?” or “Sousuke, where’s your costume?” he could respond with, “I just came in my pants.”  It was genius!  It was simple, just how Sousuke liked it.  However, every year, he got shot down and forced into another couple costume.  One would think that, after years of trying, Sousuke would give up, but he was stubborn.  Even if Rin shot it down every year, he was going to try.

Before he put his keys in the lock, he took a moment to set what he’d bought down at his feet and pulled his shirt up and over his head to expose his chest. Then, he picked up his things and his shirt and opened the door and announced, “I’m home.” 

Walking into the living room, he found Rin and immediately paused to give a gesture to his own, bare torso with a sort of hopeful look in his eyes.  “Yeah?” He didn’t even have to say the punchline because Rin already knew the joke — he’d said it again and again for nearly five years.   Maybe this would be the year?