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Here’s some trash from my first ever stream with the lovely @askbigben

The first one is what would Bendy’s version of Wilson from Castaway be? Its a bottle of Glenn’s Vodka (a super cheap vodka brand) with Bacon for hair. His name is Glenn. 

The second is Bendy really wanting to hate-fuck Dylan. (- @eliana55226838 ) Viihan,, the detective saying hi to one of his biggest fans. The rest speaks for itself. 

Tom Hanks made an iPad app

You may remember when Tom Hanks made fire. It was a big deal.

“Aha! Look what I’ve created. I have made FIRE,” he proudly exclaimed.

Apparently the awesome of that wore off, so now he’s made an iPad app. It’s called Hanx Writer, and he says it recreates the experience of a manual typewriter, but with the ease and speed of an iPad.

It’s not the worst thing in the App Store, that’s for sure. And how can you not be impressed by Tom Hanks creating an iPad app? And it’s free!

Some reactions to this news:

inmyownfiction  asked:

If you dont have too much, Jeankasa for me? ^^

Yes, I can, my friend!

  1. Mikasa asked Jean out first. They’d been flirting for months, dancing around each other, and Jean just couldn’t find the right way to ask the question. So, Mikasa got tired of fighting it, and just asked him out for coffee, as a date not just a hang out. 
  2. For the first few months of their relationship, Jean lives in a state of constant fear that this is a dream and he’ll wake up any second. He honestly cannot believe that the beautiful, smart, perfect Mikasa is dating him
  3. They’re big on those casual kisses all the time. Cheek kisses. Forehead kisses. Neck kisses. It’s so sweet, just quick little pecks here and there. 
  4. They have a special playlist for road trips, which they take as often as they can. It’s a mix of acoustic covers, indie pop, and 90s jams. They sing along to all of them, laughing and smiling as they travel the country (and the world) together. 
  5. Mikasa has mastered the art of getting Jean up in the morning. Jean is NOT a morning person, but Mikasa won’t give up until he rolls out of bed, regardless of the hour. She’ll sing to him, whisper in his ear, jump on him, rip the blankets away, or kiss him until he swats her away and gets up. 
  6. They take couples costumes really seriously at Halloween, and costume parties throughout the year. They have to be either the most creative, the cutest, or both. They’re all-time favorite costume they ever did was Chuck Noland and Wilson from Castaway. 
  7. They love to bake together. Jean’s not the best cook, but he knows his way around a kitchen when it comes to baking, and Mikasa’s just really talented at all forms of cooking. They make unique cupcakes and cookies, and spend the day having mini dance parties in the kitchen, smearing frosting on each other’s faces, and trying really hard not to spill flour everywhere. 
  8. Jean is one of the few people Mikasa naturally opens up around. She’s quiet by nature, but Jean makes her want to talk, and he just loves getting her going about things she’s passionate about cause the light in her eyes is so gorgeous. 
  9. They get in a lot of debates about literature. They’re both huge readers, and will often read the same book and have discussions about them, as well as debates.
  10. Jean compliments Mikasa all the time, out of habit really. He just thinks she’s really beautiful in every way, and needs her to know that. No matter how long they’ve been together, it still makes her heart flutter when he tells her that she looks pretty or he likes what she did with her hair or the way her voice sounds just brightened his day.