wilson ball

unless klei changed the speech files since i last looked, nobody gives a crap about the stupid cubic zirconia ball.

a) Wilson is mistaken, and got all excited about nothing.

b) Wilson doesn’t seriously think anyone cares about this, he is just making a pun, as is his wont.

c) There’s a new character coming up that does care about the ball and this is a subtle hint to the players??

d) He was thinking of Wickerbottom:
TRINKET_32 = “Oh, I got my hopes up for a nice crystal ball.”,
…and does not have her know-how to realize the ball is fake and she doesn’t have a use for it.


Eighteen of the thirty-six founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1927.
Standing, left to right: Cedric Gibbons, J.A. Ball, Carey Wilson, George Cohen, Edwin Loeb, Fred Beetson, Frank Lloyd, Roy Pomeroy, John Stahl, Harry Rapf. Seated: Louis B. Mayer, Conrad Nagel, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Frank Woods, M.C. Levee, Joseph M. Schenck, Fred Niblo. 

Unanswered question:

Why is SM suing Luhan and Kris when their not in the company anymore?

Why did SM kick Jessica out of the Girls Generation?

Why is TS calling B.A.P liars? 

Why hasn’t Big Bang had a comeback?

Why did Russell Wilson throw the ball when he could have given it to Lynch?