• [After Steve frees the team]
  • Scott: Impressive, Captain America!
  • Sam: What's the plan?
  • Steve: Step one, free the team.
  • Clint: What's step two?
  • Steve: Honestly I didn't think I was gonna make it this far.


I’m not wrong. right? it’s not road rage. not at all.

It’s Actually You (Part 1)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Words: 951

Warnings: none, angst?

Request: You know that bit in CACW, where Bucky and Sam are in the car, and Steve kisses Sharon? Could you write something where the reader is in the car too, and whilst Steve is chatting to Sharon outside, the reader is chatting to Bucky and Sam, and they’re both saying she should tell Steve how she feels. And the reader is getting nervous, but she’s really happy, and feels so excited to tell him. But then she sees him kiss Sharon, and her whole world crumbles? With loads of angst, and Sharon being a b*tch to the reader. One part where possibly a party, or event happens, and Sharon and the reader happen to cross paths in the bathroom, and Sharon totally ruins the reader? Points out all her flaws, including her weight, and her legs. Don’t know why I’m asking for this. But I’m hormonal, and I feel like hardcore heartbreak. Fluff at the end, or no fluff, don’t mind. If you like, maybe a series? Thanks darling;)  - for anon

A/N: this is the first part for a 3 part mini series. Hope you like it!! I had to change the plot of the movie a bit for it to fit the request tho. This part was kind of just introductory for the next parts so don’t worry, the next parts will have more action and angst.

You were able to escape.

Steve had saved the Winter Soldier, whom you began calling Bucky afterwards, and you were currently hiding together somewhere. Sam was there too. You were all frustrated, upset. No way someone could get away with something like what they did to Bucky on your watch. And yet, they had.

Bucky explained everything, from his days as part as HYDRA until now. He even confessed he had killed Tony’s parents years before. It was hard to hear how much Bucky had been through and how much he had suffered. However, this time would be different, because he had the Avengers to back him up. Or at least half of them.

The division had hurt every member of the team. All of you were separated from whom you cared about. Luckily, you still had Steve by your side. And that was something.

You both were inseparable. From your first day as a part of the Avengers, you clicked in a special way and became very good friends. You had developed feelings towards the Captain. He was kind and always near when you needed someone. Steve thought about others and fought for them. He had this kind of personality that helped you feel welcomed every time. You were too scared to let Steve know, though. What if he just liked you as a little sister? Things would get awkward and you didn’t want that to happen. The safe path was to stick to your plan and not bother Steve with your unrequited feelings.

After Bucky had finished talking, you made a plan.

You were on the move now. Sam, Bucky, Steve and you got an old blue car, too small for all of you to be comfortable and went to meet Steve’s contact from S.H.I.E.L.D. Steve parked in a parking lot, near a blonde woman who was expecting you.

When Steve got out of the car, Sam and Bucky began arguing, as they usually did. You found it funny most of the times.

“Can you move your sit?” said Bucky grimly, trying not to get pressed by Sam’s sit and his own.

“No,” Sam answered simply. You chuckled silently at their discussion.

Bucky moved to the sit in the middle, turned to his side, and stared at you. He was frowning.

“When are you gonna tell him how you feel, doll?” Bucky asked, curiosity evident in his gaze.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you replied looking away. You didn’t want to show the blush warming your cheeks.

“Oh, c'mon, y/n. The only one that doesn’t know about it is Steve,” Sam complaint as he turned around to look at you just like Bucky had done a minute earlier. “Don’t worry. He likes you too.”

“Oh, yeah, he does. I’ve seen how the man looks at you,” Bucky agreed. He looked at Sam with fake dreamy eyes. “ Like that. But real.”

Sam and you laughed. It was nice, having friends like them by your side. In a war like this, your only hope was for you not to be alone, and you weren’t.

“Stop it, he doesn’t like me,” you said with a smile. Deep inside, you weren’t smiling as much, and they both knew that.

“You should tell him, you know?” Sam recommended.

“You should. Steve is just shy and always late with this stuff,” Bucky explained. “Believe me. He likes you.”

“You know what? I’ll do it,” you smiled nervously. You bit your bottom lip. “I’m going to face Steve and say what I have to say, and hopefully, he’ll say the same.”

“He will, y/n.”

“Definitely, doll.”

You began mentally preparing for the future confession. You were nervous and anxious but the encouragement Bucky and Sam gave you was enough to push you to tell Steve how you felt. Nonetheless, your plans were cancelled as soon as you saw the Captain kissing Sharon, the woman that was helping you get your weapons and suits back. They both pulled away and smiled.

“Y/n…” Sam looked at you with a sad expression. Bucky mirrored him.

“No, don’t worry. It’s okay, really,” you said, praying for the tears that were threatening to spill, wouldn’t. “It’s okay.” You knew you were reassuring yourself, more than reassuring them.

“We didn’t know this would happen, y/n, we’re sorry,” Bucky said. He was mentally cursing Steve. Bucky knew Steve, he was his best friend and realized how much he liked you. Why would he kiss someone else? he thought angrily.

Steve was walking towards the car. All of you tensed, and then pretended as the previous conversation had never happened. Sam and Bucky didn’t act awkwardly in the ride back, which you were thankful for.

Captain America on the other hand, had a goofy smile playing on his lips all the way to the airport. You smiled back when he looked at you on the rear-view mirror. It was painful.

When you got to the airport, Sam and Bucky went to inspect the perimeter and Steve and you were left to take the equipment out of the small car.

“What do you think of Sharon, y/n?” Steve asked suddenly. He looked at you with hopeful eyes.

Damn. What would you say? “I haven’t talked to her,” you replied faking a smile. Steve knew when you were lying but he was so immersed in the thought of the woman that he didn’t even give you a second glance. Or that’s what you thought. Anyways, you were here to be supportive and that was you were going to be. Steve had helped you in countless occasions and you wanted to give back as much as you could.

“She seems nice, though,” you added. What a lovely fake smile you were wearing.


i don’t know about you but they’re the real life dynamic duo

Fanfiction Author Appreciation 2.0

So, I heard it was fanfiction author appreciation day again, so you know what that means: FANFIC AND AUTHOR RECS!!

So, I’ve joined a whole buncha fandoms since my last post, so there’s even more love and appreciation to go around this time.

Shoutout to everyone from last year’s post, which you can find here. I still love y’all, you’re the best! <3

With all that said, let’s get to it!

Boku no Hero Academia:

@saisai-chan her love for bakugou katsuki is only matched by kacchan’s anger at life. s’kinda like icarus flying to close to the sun. a very angry, spiky son. best known as Baku mom™, she writes beautiful, cute (but sometimes painful) fanfics that you can’t help but love. also, toshinko. and cute class 1-a family things. also found here, a forever love for kacchan’s sideburns.

@sevi007 smile again au has held my heart since i got into this fandom. read it, love it, cry with me about it. also writes guardian of the galaxy fanfics (but i still need to watch the movies, so i haven’t read them, don’t worry, sevi i’m gonna get to them eventually.)

@aoimikans and @swiftwidget TOSHINOUMU. I could wax poetic about the i am…series for hours but i’ll spare you this time and just link it down below.

@forgedobsidian I STILL HAVEN’T FORGIVEN YOU FOR CYCLAMEN but no for real forged’s fics are breathtaking and everyone should read them, specially if you love character introspection.

Hunter x Hunter:

@zenellyraen l is te n I aM CALLING YOU OUT! SHIMMER IN YOUR SHINE HAS CAUSED ME PHYSICAL PAIN I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY. But like that fic is really good and yall should read it. Also *whispers* let leorio be the dragon2k17.

@xyliane so like i’ve read all your fics and like everytime i’m just like this is everything i have ever wanted ever. you’re brilliant, and i love your leopika.

@tastewithouttalent i first found them through haikyuu *cough* ukatake *cough* but your hxh fics are also vv brilliant, once again, especially the leopika. Epilogue still hurts me but in a good way.

Haikyuu (especially things that are Tanaka Ryuunosuke related):

@rvuunosuke i live for all things tanaka and that’s basically what made me a forever fan. if you ever feel like there’s not enough tanaka content in your life (spoiler alert: there ain’t, everyone could use more tanaka) follow them. immediately. plus tanahina.

@notsuchasecret my go to for rare pairs. esp tanaka rare pairs. it’s so beautiful honestly. also i might be multishipping trash so there’s that. i ship everyone with everyone and so finding them was perfect for me.

once again, @tastewithouttalent UKATAKE!! Ukatake everywhere! Also other ships if that ain’t your thing. but really some seriously great fics.

Marvel (pretty much anything Sam Wilson related tbh):

@lunaaltare and @unclesteeb all imma say is buckboi. y’all know what y’all did. but you’re great anyway. luna i love your art!

Daiya no Ace:

@galaxyorbit i’m just in love with all the verses and the neverending fight for eijun’s love, although some of these can be painful (y’all are rude for some of these verses but i read them and love them anyway). beautiful fics 11/10 would recommend

That’s pretty much all I can think of as far as author recs go, so let’s get into those fic recs! These’ll probably be longer since there are fandoms that i’m into that i haven’t really talked about on tumblr, but have read a ton of fic for plus some updates for some older fandoms:

Keep reading



  • ISSUE #23 – Lenticular Homage (LH) Variant Cover by GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI
  • ISSUE #23 – Legacy Headshot Variant Cover by MIKE MCKONE
  • ISSUE #23 – Variant Cover by SCOTT HEPBURN
  • When Spider-Man learns that Deadpool is selling SHIELD tech on the black market it’s the last straw. Bromance? OVER. It’s time to hunt Deadpool! The two biggest characters in comics are facing off and it’s going to take them all over the Marvel Universe, no holds barred. As you can see from this cover, Deadpool’s even willing to use his laser-sharks. And it will all lead to the biggest Spider-Man/Deadpool story of ALL TIME! PLUS: Includes 3 bonus MARVEL PRIMER PAGES!
  • 32 PGS. (EACH)/Rated T+ …$3.99 (EACH)