Inspired by @theblueskyphoenix‘s picture of Albert, Wilson, and Hayden having a family moment. It was so adorable, and I’ve been wanting to write some fluff, so that was what I did.

Albert belongs to @quoth143, Hayden to @dreamstormdragon and @theblueskyphoenix.

“Hey there, Wil. Woodie told me I should come first.”

Wilson beamed up at Albert, although his eyes still burnt conspicuously. He followed his brother’s soft gaze back to the child in his arms. He loved everyone of his friends, but he wanted to see him first before anybody else. Willow, too, who had become close friends with Albert. Having him beside him eased the remaining tensions left that curled around his frame. (Aside the coil in his chest, but that one felt pleasant-)

“So that’s Hayden, huh?” Albert gently ran his fingers along a tiny arm up to Hayden’s cheek. Wilson could only nod. He turned his body a bit so that he could reach better. The boy was still sleeping, suckling softly on the self-crafted pacifier Woodie had gifted to Willow on that impromptu party a few months ago.

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Audio transcript of the phone number from the Wilson music video. You can listen here.

[In Patrick’s voice yet again.]

Thank you for calling the Fall Out Boys. Please listen to the menu carefully to select your expensive mistake. 

Press one to take Franklin home. Press two for the fall out boys special commemorative set. Press three to get blown into space. Press four to order llamania. Press five to talk to someone from the mania corp. Press six to hear a joke. 

[press one]

We’re sorry, all Franklins are currently sold out. Check back again when the break’s over.

[press 2]

We do weddings, we do retirements, we do birthdays, we do it all! Go to to find out where we’re playing next on the mania world tour. If you don’t see a date near you, check back soon. And by soon we mean next week. Especially you, Chicago. 

[press 3]

T minus ten seconds until the roof flies off. Hold on tight, or don’t. You’re about to get blown into space.

[press 4]

Llamania! Llamania could be yours for free! Only 200 exist. Go to to try to get your very own today! That’s L-L-A-M-A-N-I-A dot com.

[press 5]

[Patrick, with an accent] Hello? I can’t hear ‘ya, can you- can you please say that again? [sigh] Well sorry, eh, we seem to have a bad connection.

[press 6]

How do you throw a party in space? You planet! [laughter]

When going to, it takes you to the Frosty and the Nightmare Making Machine website, which we explained here. It seems to be a sort of giveaway for llamania, whatever that may entail.