wilmarie sena fan fic





I was sitting there waiting for them to show up, now we know it has to be something very important to make me fly out here to fix something that couldn’t be fix over the phone. I was sitting there just a waiting. I knew I was early so I wasn’t mad that I had to wait.



After about ten minutes I saw the sight that I’ve been waiting to see it was Erin big as a mansion waddling towards me with Alex she was holding his arm. I stood up and hugged her.



“Hey Angel” I say



“Hey mama” she says and Alex help her sit down and walk away.



“So how we feeling??” I asked as I rubbed her belly.



“Fat, tired and hungry” she said taking a sip of water.


“That’s just because your pregnant” I said



“Yes but this cancer makes me tired anyway and takes all my energy and now these babies are doing it” she said and I looked at her face and it was clear that she was dead tired and was in need of a small vacation before these babies come.



“I’m sorry but I promise it won’t last long promise.” I said and we sat there and talk for about 40 minutes when I looked up and saw Chris walking towards us and I stood up when he got to the table and hugged him “Hey my Angel”



“Hey mamma” he says and hugs me tight then looks at Erin who has her heads down pulling on her dress and Chris walks to her and leans down to her” Hey Erin”  and kisses her on the cheek and try’s to touch her stomach but she stops him. And sits down across from me and close to Erin.



“Well I think I’ll go” she said and looked at Alex and he came walking to her and she got up slow with Chris trying to help her up but she hit his hands away. “Don’t touch me”



“Alex no go away she’s not leaving Erin sit down. SIT DOWN!” I say in a stern voice and she slowly sits back down and Alex walks away “Now we are going to have a nice lunch together and be nice to each other if it kills us cause I’ll say this if I have to fly back here again and it doesn’t have anything to do with my grand babies being born oh yall are going to have to deal with me and I won’t be so nice next time. And I heard what happen last month and I’m disappointed in you Erin. I mean you was 6 month pregnant and fighting like you wasn’t as if you didn’t care about your life or the life of the babies. I met your mother and I know you was raised better than that and” I say but get cut off.



“No you don’t know how I was raised just because you hung around my mother once or twice you don’t know me and I was not in the wrong here he stood there everyone stood there and listened to Karruche call me” she says and starts to tear up “call me a whore and called my babies sick babies and hope they die and no one said nothing”



“I said something I told her to stop and I fired her” he said and she looked at him.



“You invited her there knowing good and well what was going to happen when we both was around each other you was all over me then when Kae got there you was all over her and played us both and I’m sick of it so please don’t tell me you know how I was raised cause as far as I can see you didn’t do so well when you raised a womanizer, you know what a womanizer is Chris?  A selfish, narcissistic, nefarious character who needs to manipulate and use woman to feed his own childish, self-serving ego. Has definite Mommy issues. Will often seek out girls far too young, in hopes that they’ll be too naive to read his intentions. Not only will this type of predator pursue women relentlessly—using time, flattery & displaying a sincere interest in becoming close on an emotional mental level—but will quickly lose interest once his true nature as a sodomizing bastard is uncovered. The fallout is ALWAYS the woman’s fault, as his ego cannot handle the reality of his own fucked up behavior.”



“Now you stop that, stop I will not let you talk about him like that he’s not perfect but you know that and Christopher you was wrong as well yall are too grown for me to be here and baby the both of you, you both was wrong and Christopher I raised you better than that I know I have and I didn’t raise you to disrespect any woman and not a pregnant one at that and the mother of your babies yall 2 are about to be parents and if together or not together yall will have to learn to get along and now I’m tired of it okay so whatever problem yall have yall better fix it now cause I will not be so nice next time.. Now I have somewhere I need to be like shopping for my grand babies yall behave” I say and get up and go to Erin and hug and kiss her and then to Chris and hug and kiss him and leave the restaurant.







I sat there alone at the table with Chris I was pulling on the table cloth and I could feel his eyes on me staring at me I just wanted to get up and get the hell out of there but I couldn’t I was sure Joyce was still around waiting to see if one of us left early.



“Have yall ordered yet?” he asked in a sweet voice. I looked up at him and shook my head no and he mimic me shaking his head no. “Okay well we better get you something to eat then”



“Yea” I said  After about 15 minutes we hand our food and mine was looking good and I had to change up what I had to eat which I hated but hey I had to go with the flow. “My food looks better than yours”



“You got 2 plates lady” he said and smiled.  “I wanna say sorry about what happen a month ago with Kae and everything I should have….” He said but was cut off



“Don’t worry about it” I said



“You sure” he asked



“Yes I’m sure don’t worry about it, cause it’s a fool who under estimate their appoint and she clearly under estimated me but she wont anymore” I said and smiled.



“Hey I was thinking since I fired her do you wanna take over running The Kill for me?” he asked and I made a face.



“Hell no I don’t wanna do nothing for that low budget clothing line that’s not out yet come on now your putting shit out on you line every other week and this chick can’t get nothing out at all no shirts or socks or hats and only the crew is wearing the stuff come on now, hell no you should bite your tongue for saying that.” I said and he started laughing cause he knew it was true.



“Yea you right she was dragging her feet with it tho.. Ummm next month I got a court date on the 16th I was wondering if you will come with me and my Mom just for support nothing else?” he asked and I looked at him.



“Umm no I don’t think that would be a good idea.” I said



“I don’t see why not I’m going to court and I rather have you there then have you on tumblr or twitter tweeting pray for Chris Brown and how you love me and you can really better no one else is going to be there but my Mom I would love to have you there by my side please” he says and I look at him.



“Okay I’ll go” I say and I see him smile hard as hell.



“Thank you this means a lot to me” he says and I nod knowing that it does mean a lot to him so I wanna be there.






I was sitting next to Chris in the SUV he was holding my hand tight as hell I knew he was nervous I was nervous for him too he was going to court and what happens here will defend if he will be going to prison for 4 years or not I felt sick more than normal I think he was trying to calm me down more than himself cause I would look at him and he smile at me. We pulled up and the media was there waiting.



It was so many of them you would have thought Chris had killed someone the way they was here and John parked and Pat came around and opened the door and Chris got out first then reached in took my hand helping and Joyce out of the car and we started to walk I couldn’t hear myself barely think thy was yelling questions after questions, I had my hands and arms wrapped around Chris’s arm he was holding my hand and we finally got in the building. Once in the court room I sat there next to Joyce and I tried to think of other stuff like my dress it was so cute.



But then I was brought out of my thoughts when the judge came out.



 After about 2 or 3 hours we was now leaving the judge ordered Chris to do 1000 hour of community hours and to be on probation for a year and I was happy because this means he wasn’t going to prison for 4 years we was silent when we left I was more so walking behind him and Joyce they was talking and I was with Alex holding his arm for balance so I wouldn’t bust my ass here. Once downstairs Chris turned around and looked at me and smiled and took my hand kissed my forehead then wrapped his arm around me as we walked out the courthouse and we was mobbed with media.



Finally in the car I looked at Chris and rested my head on his shoulder and I felt him touch my face and I looked up at him.



“You okay?” I asked and he smiled and kissed the bridge of my nose then my lips real soft.



“Yea I’m good.” He said and then pulled out his phone and tweeted: @chrisbrown: #FWPT fuck what people think.






We was at Chris’s house Joyce was cooking they really was having a small Bar B Q just the crew and I was glad cause some of his friends I hated to be around. I was standing in the kitchen being fussed at.



“Erin you touch one more thing I’m going to kill you” Joyce warned and I laughed  “Tina get her out of her please”



“Okay you heard her out, out” Tina says and I waddle out of the kitchen holding on to the wall when I felt hands on my side helping me and I looked back and saw it was Chris.


“Hey I got you I wont let you fall” he said and smiled and he helped me into the living room he was trying to get me to sit next to Zaria and Sarynn but I wouldn’t I moved and sat next to Blair.



“So how you feeling big mama?” Sarynn asked and I heard her but I wasn’t feeling her right now cause I just wasn’t close to them anymore.So I just didn’t answer. “It’s almost that time right one more month huh?”



“The fuck is up with that? Why is she trying to be your friend now?”  Blair whispers to me I just shook my head.



“Erin you need anything pillow, water, juice” he asked and I looked up at him and smiled.



“No I’m good tho thanks” I say and look at Teyana who’s sitting there making kissy faces at me and me and Blair laugh. “My feet fucking hurt shit.”



“I got you” Hood says and gets up from where he was sitting and sat down on the floor in front of me and took off my shoes and started to rub my feet slowly.. “How’s that?”



“Oh shit my feet are forever in your debt” I giggled and let out a small very small moan.



“Better stop here comes Chris” Blair giggles and Chris walks to us.



“The fuck nigga get her feet out your hands please, Erin come here” he said



“No I’m in a good spot I don’t wanna move go away” I said and waved my  hand at him.



“Damn it come here please shit” he says and move closer to me grabbing my arm and I moved my feet from Hood who stood up and Blair helped me up and I notice Hood and Chris was mugging each other. “Come on I wanna show you something please.”  We walked up the stairs with him helping me and we walked to one of his guest rooms and opened the door and I walked in. “What do you think?”



“Wow this is really really nice Chris oh wow” I said and walked more in the room and touched the stuff and looked back at Chris and he walked to me and touched my face and leaned down to kiss me and I pulled away. “This is nice really”



“I want you to see I’m taking this shit for real babies room is ready, so now can we…” he said



“Stop Chris just cause you got a baby room don’t mean anything and I need to go sit down I don’t feel good” I said and with that I left the room and struggled to get down the stairs Chris was still upstairs.



“Need some help” Hood asked as I was coming down the stairs and I took his hand and with that I passed out.



“OH SHIT ERIN!!” Blair yelled as Hood court me and carried me into the livingroom and layed me on the couch.



“Get her a warm wash clothe for her head yall back up give her some air.” Hood ordered and by this time Chris came running down the stair after Keeis texted him and told him to get down here fast.



“Shit, we should take her to the hospital where are my keys” he said patting his pocket.



“Nawl nigga she don’t need to go there all they will do is send her back home she only passed out so just chill with that shit.” Hood said and Blair gave him a warm was cloth and he puts it on my forehead. “She’s not bleeding so she’s good put more pillows under her feet they need to be leveled a little higher then her head.” Hood said



“No nigga that sounds stupid put them under her head” he says and Hood stands up and looks at Chris.



“At her Lamaze class they said have to keep her legs leveled a few inches above the head you wouldn’t know that cause your ass didn’t go so fuck off.” Hood says and Chris pushes Hood and Hood pushes him back and Joyce walks out.



“YALL 2 FOR REAL NOW!” Joyce yells and checks on me.. After about 10 minutes I came back to and sat up slowly holding my head. “How you feeling Angel”



“Tired, I think I need to go home” I said



“No stay here tonight” he said and Hood kiss his teeth and Chris looks at him then back at me.



“No what you need is to eat okay let me go gt something for you to eat” Joyce says and leaves the living room and Blair helps me stand up and Hood gets to me before Chris can.



“You want me to drive you home?” Hood asked



“The fuck is going here between yall two?” he asked and I looked at him.



“I don’t know what your talking about” I said



“Yea right yall two are too close I mean the fuck is up tell me right now yall fucking each other right?” he asked going in his pocket.



“Nigga your losing it” Hood says



“Am I? I’m not losing it with these fucking pictures yall explain that shit the fuck those are some personal ass pictures” he says and I sit back down and pick them up and look at them then at Chris.



“These are just pictures nothing is going on with me and Hood he’s just my friend so calm the fuck down” I said



“Really the fuck are yall doing going out of town together for?” he asked



“We had already talked about this and your ass didn’t wanna come and those pictures are just pictures if they was a secret they wouldn’t have been out.” Hood said



“Yea I wouldn’t have sat them on his dresser” I said and Joyce came to the door of the living room.



“So this one with you in a t shirt and underwear is just fine right?” he asked and I narrowed my eyes at him.



“I know you ain’t talking you’re the one who leaked a picture of his dick..” I said and the look on Chris’s face was priceless. “BOOYAA right in front of your mama and with that I say good day, Blair take me home please’ I said and she helped me up and I left after I told Joyce and Tina bye.







It was a week later I was in the living room playing video games with Keeis, Mijo, Rob and Jamal.



“Nawl nigga fuck that dunk on that ass.’ I laughed





“Hello baby, huh slow down when, when yall didn’t call Chris” Keeis said and I looked at him. “Okay, okay huh your already there okay we on our way…” click…. “Nigga we gotta go Erin water broke they on their way to the hospital”



“Shit I told her to let me stay last night but she wanted a girls night in with her besties” I said cutting off the game and putting on my shoes “Why didn’t they call me”



“They said they did but it went right to voice mail” Keeis says and I get my phone and notice it was off.



“Shit, I was letting it charge” I said as we was leaving and got in my car and drove off.



“Who she with? Sarynn and them?” Mijo asked



“Nawl with Blair, Teyana” I said



“Huh you said her besties nigga?” Mijo said




“Shit I know Sarynn and them haven’t been cool in months my nigga Blair told me that.” I said



“Oh yea Zaria said that there’s a problem real small but TMZ,E!and All the tabloids are all staked out at the hospital at all the entrances and exits” Keeis said.



“Huh how did they find out she just went into labor right and she’s early” I said



“They been staking out her place for the past few weeks remember” Keeis says



“Yes shit I forgot about them so I’m picking them up? Or is she already there?” I asked



“Blair got her we’re meeting her there.” Keeis says We got to the hospital we was all in the waiting area Pat showed up with my mamma and Edith and Ashley and Omar. They had to rush her in and I wasn’t able to see her before they took her back there and they wasn’t letting me in even tho I’m the Dad they wasn’t having it I kept pacing back and forth smiling and scared I’m about to be a father any minute shit!!  After what felt like hours.



“Mr. Brown I’m happy to say you’re the father of two beautiful babies” a nurse says and we all hug I’m happy as shit right now.



“Can I see them can I see Erin?” I asked and then I saw her face change from the smile she had a few seconds ago and the doctor walked up to us and she stepped back some and I looked at him. “What can I see them? Hows Erin?”



“The babies was born pre mature so they will have to stay a little longer just to make sure they are fine and umm with the stage of cancer the mother had we suspect that cancer cells had passed through the placenta the your babies It is important to know that this is extremely rare and only a handful of cases have been recorded. But because she had a tumor where the placenta was and with her not going to chemo or anything it had spread. But we’re going to run some test and see what happens.” The doctor says



“Umm so my babies my babies no no” I said struggling to stand and Mijo came up and leaned against me. “What did Erin say? How does she feel”  then the doctor looked at me then the nurse who shook her head no and then he looked back at me, and his face soften.



“Mr. Brown I’m so sorry to tell you this but she didn’t make it…” the doctor said and the room went silent I stepped back and looked at him and then at Mijo and then my momma I could hear them crying then I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see then I blacked out..

Chapter 19


“Are you sure?” I asked Mami and she smiled.

I was finally talking to her about these weird feelings I keep having. It seemed like everyday it was something different. The shit was really starting to scare me actually.

“I’m sure. Zaria you are my first granddaughter. I’m not surprised it’s you.”

“Why me is my question? Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the gift mami but it’s a lot to take in. Why not Kai?”

“It’s not mean for Kai it’s meant for you. What are you scared about?”

“I don’t know, it just feels a little weird.”

“Let me ask you something. You knew something was going to happen to Anthony?”

“Yes, I just didn’t know what. That’s why I wanted Kai to fix it I knew something was going to happen but I couldn’t tell what it was. Did you know?”

“I had a feeling but it wasn’t that strong. Same thing happened with my mother. She had the gift too but as mine was getting stronger hers got weaker. It’s just the way life works.”

“Wait didn’t you tell us that when you were at your strongest she passed away?” I asked and she nodded.


“Mami,” My voice cracked. “You’re dying?”

“Well technically we’re all dying. I just know when.” I knew she meant that as I joke but I really didn’t find that funny.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“You want me to worry all of you? You all had enough on your plates.”

“but you know you come before all of that you should have something. How long?” She wiped the tears that fell down my face before grabbing my hand.

“Close your eyes.” I did what she said and I felt her place her head on my lap. What I saw caused me to jump.

“Three months mami really?!”

“Zaria, look at me.” I looked at her and smiled. “I’ve taken care of this family for a long time. It’s your turn.”

“Me? I can’t take care of everybody.”

“Yes you can and you will.”

“Why is everything falling on my shoulders? I love my family to death bu-“

“But nothing, you’re stronger than what you think. Stop selling yourself short.”

“It’s hard, you raised me. It’s like I’m losing another parent.”

“You’re not losing me. I’m not going to here physically but I’m never leaving you. I’m just finally going to be at peace.”

“How are we not seeing this? I can’t even tell you’re sick. You take care of yourself.”

“No matter how well you take care of yourself when it’s your time to go it’s just that. Zaria promise me that you will take care of everyone.”

“I can-“

“Don’t even say that word. There is nothing you can’t do. You have to, I promise you Zaria if you don’t step up this family will fall apart.”

“That makes me feel so much better.” I said sarcastically.

“I know it’s a lot of responsibility but you can handle this just like you handled yourself when Alejandro died. Just like when your uncle died. Kai has a husband and she has brothers but you were what kept her sane. Stop doubting yourself.”

“Who am I supposed to come to when you’re gone?”

“You can still come to me. I will always be here.” I put my head on her shoulder while she hugged me.

I felt like that 13 year old girl again and it was scary. I don’t know what was going on with my family and how everything was spiraling out of control but somebody had to fix it. I just didn’t want to be that person. Not because I don’t care, it’s because I don’t want to fail. Like she said everything is on my shoulders if something goes wrong it’s my fault. This was too much for one person to take.


“Zion I swear to God you’re about make me fuck you up. Sit down some fucking where!” I yelled at my son.

This little nigga has been running around like he’s lost his fucking mind for the last three hours. I was just happy Egypt was with Kai or I would be going crazy. My kids are no joke, especially Zion. This is the first time I’ve been with him this long by myself. Usually Trell has TJ with him over here or Zaria has him. Now I see why he’s always getting his ass whooped.

“Where’s mommy?”

“She went to see her grandmother don’t change the subject up. Sit down if you run past here again it’s going to be a problem.”

“You sound just like mommy.”

“Yeah and I see why she always getting on you. Learn how to sit the fuck down.”

It was a little over a hour before Zaria finally walked in the house. When she did she didn’t even bother saying anything she went straight upstairs.

“Zion stay down here.” I told him before going up after her. “What’s wrong with you?” I asked Zaria after making it to our room.

“Nothing.” She answered while lying back on the bed.

“When did you start lying? Tell me what’s wrong.” I got on the bed and pulled her onto my lap.

“I’m just overwhelmed.”

“With what?”

“Remember Eli and them were saying I might have the same thing going on as mami?”

“Yeah, but you brushed that shit off.”

“I know that but when I was at Kai’s house the other day and all that shit with Candace went on I had a feeling. I knew what she was talking about before she could even say it.”

“So what are you saying?”

“I talked to mami and she said I am like her.”

“Are you serious? You don’t see everything like she does.”

“That’s because its just starting. She said it’ll get stronger eventually.”

“Alright.” I nodded. This was some weird ass shit for real. “That doesn’t explain why you’re overwhelmed.”

“It’s a lot to take on. Everything will fall on my shoulders.”

“Everything like what?”

“My family, all of it is on me. She said I would have to step up and take care of everybody like she does.” She answered as tears went down her face.

“Why are you crying? Taking care of your family is not a bad thing.”

“It’s not but it’s the reason why I have to that has me crying.”

“Are you going to tell me or are you going to keep talking in riddles?”

“Mami is dying.” She said before breaking down completely.

I didn’t even know what to say at the point. All I could do was hold my wife while she cried. I was confused as to what was even going on right now. It was too much for one nigga to understand. First she tells me she’s psychic and now she’s saying their grandmother is dying. It’s always something with their family.

“Who told you she was dying?” I asked Zaria once she finally calmed her crying down some.

“She told me. She said that what I’m dealing with is the same exact thing she went through when her mother died. The stronger she became the weaker her mother got. That’s why she didn’t feel anything when my uncle was about to get in that accident and I did.”

“Wait so her mother was a psychic too?”

“I guess so; it must be a girl thing with us because now I have it.”

“Wow, but she knows for sure she’s dying?”

“Yes, she said she knows for sure but didn’t want to say anything so we wouldn’t worry.”

“That didn’t work too well. How long?”

“Three months.” She said before crying again. “I can’t lose her too.”

“Z chill, you haven’t lost her she’s still here ma.”

“Not for long. I can’t keep doing these funerals. It’s too much.”

“Baby you have to be strong alright. You think she would want to see you cry?”


“Alright then,” I wiped her tears then kissed her forehead. “You’re going to be good, I got you.”

“How am I supposed to tell my brothers this? What am I supposed to say to Anthony and them? They just lost their father and now mami. When is this shit going to stop?”

“Unfortunately it’s not Z. You never know when something is going to happen you just have to be strong enough to make it through?”

“How? I have to be there for everybody every time something happens. I have to sit there and hold it together like nothing is wrong.”

“No you don’t you just think you do. That’s what makes you just like your grandmother. You’ve been doing what she’s telling you to do for a long ass time now, you just not looking at it like an obligation.”

“It’s not one.”

“Exactly so stop doubting yourself. “

She nodded. “Thank you.”

“No problem ma. Now stop crying.” I wiped the tears from her face then wrapped my arms around her again. This was fucked up.