I'm back y'all!

So after a 3-week hiatus from dieting and blogging, I’m back, 7 pounds heavier.  It’s my fault, I ate Taco Bell like every day, fully aware of the consequences.  So here’s what’s happened in my life, besides gaining back silly weight:

  • My boyfriend and I moved in together.  Yay!
  • My boyfriend started the Dukan Diet with me.  Double yay!
  • School started - the kids come back on Thursday. 
  • I quit smoking in 5 days.  This may not actually work, though, because I have very limited self-control.

So @willzone and I are co-habitating and dieting together.  So far, at Day 1 of Attack, Will is hungry and had liquid poops (yeah, overshare, I felt the same way when he told me).  He stayed home from work and was all alone with the food I left him, which he ate, but he also ate a whole bottle of pickles.  I don’t know if I can keep pickles at home - he can eat a bottle a day.  He likes the food I cook (except Dukan oat bran cookie, that failed), but will complain and find any excuse to whine about the changes.  This is what we ate today:

Attack: Day 1

  • For breakfast, I had a 2 egg-white omlette with turkey and Will had FF cottage cheese
  • Egg salad (with FF Greek yogurt, whole grain mustard, pickles, and fresh parsley)
  • Grilled pesto chicken breast
  • Turkey deli meat (and I ate a leftover lean hamburger from a BBQ we had)
  • Garlic and peppercorn pork tenderloin
  • 1 ½ tablespoon oat bran chocolate cookie

I’m re-starting the diet (round 3….) with him to help (and me) stay on track and motivated.  I’ll keep adding recipes and advice for any couples dieting together.  Also, I’ll profusely make fun of Will.  That’ll be fun.

Double also, I know this is totally gay, but each day I live with him I love him more :)  Not sure how long the feeling will last, as he tried to shove the remote control in my butt crack, but co-habitating kinda rules!