willys jeep


Yesterday, we drove to Yankee Doodle Lake to test out the off-roading finesse of the Freedom Fridge before we really start to work on it.

Met up with some friends, got stuck, tested the winch, almost drove off a huge cliff, hiked up to Yankee Doodle, and then got pizza. Good day for sure.

The road up to Yankee Doodle still has an snow drifts, making Doodle and the Needles Eye currently inaccessible to vehicles. However, the drive is still a good one, giving you a great view of Rollinsville and the valley.


Willys MLW-2 concept. This was an interesting concept that was killed off due to the war winding down and various technical issues. The wheelbase was stretched to 92 inches(just 1 ½ inches shorter than the future CJ7 would sport), rode on 36″ tall tractor tires which required the fenders to be highlined and sported a whopping 11.75 inches of ground clearance. The axles were almost 10 inches wider than stock and had 5.38 gears versus 4.88′s that were standard in the MB. 

I wish this would’ve made it into production, after all, who wouldn’t want a Flat Fender with more room and ground clearance?