• Merle: You guys really want to run away? You don't want to fight?
  • Taako: I have no- we have no-
  • Merle: You have magic! You have offensive magic! I have offensive magic!
  • Taako: I wanna tell you a story about the time there were three ogres, right? And then one hit me so hard I almost died. You were sitting up in some sort of weird laser just shooting flasks willynilly, and Travis was ripping the arms off of robots, and I got PUNCHED SO HARD I ALMOST DIED! I'm not gonna go toe to toe with a crab while you're armed with a terrible Scottish accent and Travis doesn't even have his shield! I'm out!

allegedly there used to be a bunch of variants of “will” in use including well and woll until like the mid 1700s or smthing when Will was kind of established, except for whatever reason so was “won’t” aka woll not instead of willnt or wint for whatever reason. “nill” also meant will not which i think is pretty great. the point is that Won’t ain’t a word

The Land of Cubes and Bees

A land for the Mage of Breath

Things are shaking up on LOCAB, the land of Cubes and Bees.

LOCAB is a land buzzing with excitement. Almost literally, actually. Thousands of energetic bees float to and fro, delivering information back and forth between cubes.

All across the planet are floating cubes. Some as big as a person, some as small as an apple, but most are roughly the size of a basketball. These mysterious cubes hover around the planet. Some are inches above the ground, others are high up above the clouds.

Valleys and mountains, there will always be an odd little cube floating around.

The consorts created the cubes to act as hives for all the bees. The bees, in turn, relay information between all the cubes. Basically bees relay information and act as computers, making every cube like a little computer connected to the world wide network.

The bees and consorts were happy… until the cubes started failing. Nobody is exactly sure what happened or why, mostly because the communication arrays are malfunctioning.

Though it might look like the cubes are just floating around all willynilly, they are actually following very precise and minute air currents. The bees, as a result, follow.

That’s where everything went bad.
There’s some kind of… delicate force altering the current. Something powerful enough to alter wind currents on a global scale, but skilled enough to do it without even the bees noticing.

The Denizen.

The Mage of Breath must scour the planet, understand the complex air currents, find exactly where all the cubes are going, and fix the information network!

Denizen suggestion: Hermes, Greek god of travel, communication, and trade. He served as the messenger of the gods

- The Jar
A massive glass cube containing hundreds of cubes. Like how bees go to a hive, the cubes go to the Jar.

- The Black Cubes
Mysterious black cubes can be seen off in the distance. When approached they quickly fly away. Perhaps they are the one sending new orders to the cubes?

Powers for the Mage of Breath

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So original writer is just willynilly, prefectly fine with child abuse? Going to write it like it's not a big deal huh.

(it’s almost like..

How interesting.)

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Work keeps changing schedule and I cant plan any routine for 2 weeks. Cant do chores willynilly, must plan so I know what must be done and, if it's a bad day, when allowed to stop and still be functional. Cant do this without strict plan. Now behind on all responsibilities. Disoriented. When try to sleep, tormented by what need to do but when try to plan any solutions forget what I need. Just Blank Confusion. Now hard even to dress or feed myself. Did not used to struggle so severely. Why now?

Dealing with change can be a very difficult thing for autistic people. It can even lead to burnout which it sounds like you may be experiencing now. Burnout involves the loss of skills that one previously had. I would suggest looking through our #burnout tag for more information on this subject. 


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  • a / age: 22
  • b / biggest fear: being possessed, not living my happiest, the unknown
  • c / current time: 6:18pm
  • d / drink you had last: diet pepsi!!!!!!! love
  • e / everyday starts with: checking my phone notifs
  • f / favourite song: well it changes all the time but right now its history but olivia holt
  • g/ ghosts are real? i believe so
  • h / hometown: otsego, mi 
  • i / in love with: jesse wesley williams
  • j / jealous of: people who have enough money to spend it willynilly
  • k / killed someone: ………
  • l / last time you cried: during an aquatic show at shedd aquarium my sentimental ass
  • m / middle name: anne (my grandmas middle name)
  • n / number of siblings: none
  • o / one wish: my one wish would be to have one wish every day
  • p / person you last called/texted: jules
  • q / questions you’re always asked: 'what are you gonna do now then?’ in reference to me graduating. shut up1!!!!!!!
  • r / reasons to smile: long weekend!!!
  • s / song last sang: africa….
  • t / time you woke up: about 9am or a few mins before
  • u / underwear colour: almost never wear underwear and im def right now bc i have on athletic shorts w them built in
  • v / vacation destination: hollywood
  • w / worst habit: im VERY judgmental
  • x / xrays you have had: teeth and foot
  • y / your favourite food: ice cream
  • z / zodiac sign: virgo

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I always feel like Levy is ignored when it comes to talking about the “strongest” Fairy Tail characters because, for a lot of people, when they hear strong they think “physical strength” and they understandably jump towards Erza or Mirajane, but I think it’s important people understand that Levy is the embodiment of a strong female character.

She’s the other side of the coin, the side that shows being a strong person isn’t solely about muscles. Her strength comes in her compassion, her intelligence, her wittiness, her kindness, and the love she has for her friends.

Her strength is shown subtly. And that’s something I loved in this chapter, it was literally a split second but we learn that Levy infiltrated Avatar without being caught and was information gathering. Like, that’s so huge, but people will overlook it because she didn’t run in guns blazing. And in addition to that, she’s working for the council like…that’s not a job role you can just waltz into willynilly. They saw something in her, the same thing Makarov saw when she was up for S Class…

Levy is so strong and I love how her strengths are portrayed in the manga as an alternative to the stereotypical “strong female” trope, without diminishing her achievements. Both can exist and ugh Levy is just so important i love her.

He Really Respects

In jacks detective Jack video when he was talking about how he really likes the community and was explaining things about his videos I noticed that he really knows what he’s doing. He’s not doing everything all willynilly he’s very careful for what he does and how it all works out. He’s not careless and he really has respect for people. When there’s something he doesn’t like he expresses it in a very polite tone and never uses any sort of violence or insults. And I’m not saying other youtubers don’t do that, I just wanted to point it out.

Story time

Okay so you know how your teachers always say “never use wikipedia bc people can change it willynilly”? 

well my old school’s library put on a presentation about it for new students where they went into a wikipedia article and changed it putting something silly in it like “charles cabbage was the man who invented the computer” hurrhurrhurr (instead of charles babbage). 

But when it came to my group, they couldn’t do it anymore because the wikipedia people emailed them saying “can you pls stop changing stuff its rly annoying we keep having to change it back immediately, if you keep doing so we’ll ban ur ip from accessing wikipedia” or something along those lines.

so basically, my school was trying to demonstrate how easy wikipedia is to change and what a bad thing it is to use for schoolwork, but ended up showing how efficient and on the ball the wikinerds are at keeping it an actual decent source of information.

TLDR; wikipedia is good, use it.

do kids who post their ‘cosplay nudes’ all willynilly on tumblr realize that they’re putting adults who use the website in a bad position? i’m 22 and i definitely don’t wanna see your underaged ass pls stop pls