willy wonka golden ticket

  • charlie and the chocolate factory.
Astrology symbolism

Libra - Snow White

  • 7 dwarves / Libra rules the 7th house
  • Venus mirror glyph / Evil Queen’s Mirror 
  • Commanded to cut Snow White’s heart; Venus the lover is the ruler of Libra
  • Evil Queen wanted to be the most ‘beautiful’ symbolised by Venus 

Gemini - Charlie & The Chocolate Factory 

  • Trickster theme: deceit with winner of 5th Golden ticket, Slugworth, Willy Wonka entering with a cane and throwing it away to fool the crowd
  • Wonka’s ‘split personality’ on display in his room full of half figures - a half bench, mirror, ornament etc; to symbolise half of himself

Peter Pan

  • Peter and his ‘shadow’
  • Neverland, retaining eternal youthfulness 
  • “Lost Boys” being multiple personalities 
  • Wings of Mercury 
  • Hook’s hand cut off by Peter Pan, Gemini ruling the hands 

Sagittarius - Aladdin

  • The Genie of fortune symbolising Jupiter 
  • The essence of Sagittarius being ‘truth’ and Aladdin attempting to deceive this (masking himself as sovereignty). Genie instructs Aladdin that he must tell the ‘truth’ 
  • Use of various culturally rich items 
  • The carpet that can fly anywhere like the Sagittarius who travels everywhere

Capricorn - Cinderella 

  • Born into an early life of reprimand and duty like that of Capricorn
  • The evil stepmother, the critical side of Saturn who is oppressive and obstructive
  • The fairy godmother, the eventual blessings of Saturn, granting every wish, the Saturn alchemist  
  • The strict timing of the clock striking midnight, Capricorn being the ruler of chronos 

Cancer - Wizard of Oz

  • “Theres no place like home” 
  • The fairy godmother reflecting the Cancer archetype 
  • Meeting the Scarecrow without a brain, as she attempts to retain Gemini’s memory and the cowardly lion as she prepares for Leo in the next sign 
  • The ‘wizard’ being Cancer’s sister sign Capricorn, greatly feared and revered in the shadow 
  • The Dark Mother archetype of Cancer reflected through the wicked witch


It was the the first bit of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (like, all of it) and when it got to the part when they were all waiting outside the factory and Willy Wonka said, “Who am I? Well…” and the weird dolls came out, but it played ‘I Am The One’ and Willy Wonka did a bottle flip, he dabbed and made it rain golden tickets onto the crowd. I woke up crying.

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White Boy #1: "I think Nazi's are fucked up but like we should try and find common ground not punch them" White Boy #2 (aka the new love of my life): "Charlie if you think you can find common ground with a Nazi, I may have to re-think this friendship." Woke white boys are like Willy Wonka's golden tickets and I just found mine.


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Hi Mister. I just recently got into a new relationship with my Daddy, but it's not what I thought it was going to be like. He's almost constantly asking me for pictures or videos of me playing with myself and hardly ever just wants to talk to me and when he does, he'll bring up the fact that he's horny. There are times where he'll be the sweet, loving daddy I need and I think that's what's keeping me with him. Do you have any advice?


You’ve found yourself the common FAKE DADDY. And you should run away as fast as you can.

He says those sweet things to you because he knows you’re lonely, vulnerable, and seeking something that’s difficult to pin down.

He wears this cloak of charade well… appearing to be this gentle loving sheep, but sniff close enough and you’ll find his breath smells like blood.

That’s because he’s a devious wolf.. and he’s begun slowly devouring your soul. If you don’t get off his dinner plate soon, there’s going to be nothing left of you except a rotting carcass which he will then cast aside before moving onto his next victim.

A real daddy loves your heart and your mind. A real daddy builds you up and celebrates you as the princess you are. A real daddy cares more about your happiness and mental and emotional well being than he does your princess parts or relieving himself into the sleeve of his favorite jacket.

A real daddy treasures you and cares for you.. he makes sure you’re healthy in mind, body and soul. He treats the precious priceless gift of your submission like its the queens Crown Jewels.. the holy grail.. and Willy wonkas golden ticket all wrapped into one.

This person you’ve gotten yourself associated with is a dark evil cancer. It’s time to remove it.


A real life treasure hunt.

In 2004, Nintendo released a gold colored Game Boy SP to coincide with their latest Zelda release: Minish Cap. Gold Zelda themed editions are pretty common for Nintendo but here’s where it gets interesting.

Nintendo decided to play Willy Wonka and hide a total of 6 golden tickets inside random Zelda SP boxes. If you found a golden ticket, they would send you an actual 24 karat gold plated Game Boy SP!

To this day, no one has ever found any of the tickets and claimed the prize.

With special editions like these, a lot of people tend to buy them and keep them sealed in the box as a collectors piece so someone out there may have a ticket and not even know it.