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Find it on Netflix, Youtube, and beyond, but this film is a one of kind.  It shows an aspect of gay culture that is very much alive today.  While it may seem underground, there is most definitely a surge of continuously rising attention and involvement in the ball culture.  Check out this video discussing the uprising of ball culture since the 20′s:

And a recent clip of a ball below from Taiwan:



Paris is Burning (1990) 

Paris is burning is a documentary about the New York Ball scene of the mid-eighties and the communities involved.

The film openly and honestly deals with the realities of poverty, racism, homophobia and the hate driven violence the subjects face. Despite this the lasting impression Paris is Burning gives is one of community and creativity where drag is a complex mix of creative passion, fashion, performance and social commentary.

The Legendary RuPaul and the late Willie Ninja, founder of The House of Ninja, members were known for their artistic and elegant flair of voguing! Willie was nationally known for his style of voguing and appeared in many music videos ! 

 I met and partied with Willie before. Talk about nice! He was an awesome person. May he rest in peace.

Both have left a stamp in Black History, The Ballroom Scene/Culture,  LGBT History, Dance, and the Arts!


to the houses of new york 20 yrs on..


“Voguing is the same thing as like, taking two knives and cutting each other up but through a dance form. Voguing came from shade because it was a dance that two people did because they didn’t like each other. Instead of fighting, you would dance it out on the dance floor, and whoever did the better moves, was throwing the best shade… Vogue, because some of the movements of the dance are also the same as the poses inside the magazine, the name is a statement in itself. I mean you really wouldn’t go to a ball to do ‘the mademoiselle’… no way.” - Willi Ninja (1961 - 2006), The Godfather of Vogue


VOX - How the LGBT community created voguing