willy green

late-night conversations

Me:out of all the characters from the walking dead that would look like they aren’t into kinky sex but really is … who do you think it’d be 

Alex: Richard.

Me:tbh for me it’d be carl-


Introducing: Toy Kids!

That aren’t actually toys! Lol, just lil furry kids. I thought instead of one mascot, I’d make a lil colorful group of charas to feature on the coloring pages that are yet to come. I’m working on a bunch– so stay tuned for that!

If they remind you of a certain blue hedgehog and company– then you’re on the right track! They were inspired by the Sonic franchise.

All of these kiddos are non-binary, but they can be interpreted with whatever gender anybody likes! I wanted to make them this way, so that anybody who wanted to can have fun with them and stuff~ Any pronouns are okay for them!

You’re all welcome to draw them however you want as long as you’re respectful to their age! They’re kids, after all c:

Willis is a green bunny, Emi is a yellow fox, Miko is a pink cat and Charlie is a blue dog.