Here is a picture of my good friend Sarah! 

We just added this conch piercing to her existing forward helix and tragus. We used a new NeoMetal design, the 4mm Cabochon. (Up until recently, we could only get these up to 3mm.)

This new size combined with an opal really allows you to see all the colors within the jewelry. They truly are stunning.

Check out this stunning set ordered for our friend Krystal at the Dead Presients Lounge! 

These breathtaking pieces are from BVLA (Body Vision Los Angeles) We have two rose gold Choctaws with 3mm AAA smokey quartz centers for her paired nostrils and the Tesseract. A rose gold septum clicker set with 5 marquise cut AAA smokey quartz stones, accented by two 2mm genuine diamonds. 

Sets are a beautiful way of complementing pieces. Let’s figure out a set that is perfect for you.

New Year. New You. 

These braided rose gold choctaws from BVLA are for Will. 

After ordering several for our clients, he couldn't resist ordering them a pair for his own nostrils. 

They are a low profile bezel setting, measuring 4.5 mm with a AAA 2mm smokey quartz center.  

Smokey quartz is a personal favorite of his because it develops its grey/black/brown color from being in contact with natural radioactive elements in the earth when forming.

Check out this healed double forward helix piercing that I did a few months ago!

The Association of Professional Piercers indicates that looking at pictures of healed piercings is an important step in selecting a qualified piercer. You should always ask to see pictures of healed work.

These are a 2.5 and 2mm WCZ bezel ends from neometal