anonymous asked:

What are your favorite blogs?

carlycapricious (I’m still kinda surprised she follows me, I dunno) 

blazinghawk10 because he cool 

one-short-girl i like

willtwerk4doughnuts cool also

helloevyndelaney good blog

xourwillbedonex she cool too

squint-182 also cool

f0rest-f1re has an impressive beard

ianbrunner ian cool also

booksandowls this blog is really relatable (to me)

gaskarthandbarakitty has been following me most of my tumblr existence 

dizzie-hurricane also has been following me most of my tumblr existence (thank you both)

marywinchesteronfire good blog also

Those are my favourites I may have missed some but I went off of who I mostly reblog from and/or like ^.^