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I spent this past Saturday at the SacBrony Expo in Sacramento, I had lots of fun spending the day chatting with people in the dealers room and occasionally peeking in on the karaoke room to see which FiW song they were singing.

While there I got my copy of Mine’s Got Rocks In It signed by Ponywise, Sofas, and Willsun. I also picked up blind bag figures of Shining Armor and Cadence, a couple of stickers, and a sketch commission of Melody.

There wasn’t much else at the con I wanted to buy, I got a button because I’m pretty sure by law you have to at a pony convention, and I also bought another blank custom pony. After a while I met up with Mapii and elnachato, elnachato gave me two Sunil cards and two prestigious awards.

I had to do a ton of driving that day, but I’d say it was worth it. Special thanks to Ponywise, for letting us hang out at her table pretty much the entire time. And thanks to the staff which didn’t seem to care that we blocked an exit all day long.

  • Limelight (Mixed)
  • Kepi & Kat
  • Fluttershy's Rescue

Saving the world wasn’t easy. It never is. It was time to go to the club.

As he arrived, our hero found a bunch of hunky jocks hitting on poor Fluttershy. She didn’t mean to attract attention; she just wanted to dance. Just then, Limelight began to mix into the set. It was destiny. This would be their song forever.

After hours of dancing, the two left the club to speak privately. The weather turned wet just as the morning dew came. Dark clouds began to brood. As dawn crept slowly closer, it was time to part ways.

And just like that, he was gone.


Oh my god

williondollars replied to your post: Will somebody realise the statement that MGRII…

a lot of us are doing it in color, but black and white is fine too. we will probably print a few color ones for ourselves and all black and white ones for other people who might buy it

yeah but you can’t just create a grayscale picture by discarding colors. I mean it can look good, even very good, you can adjust stuff. but creating an image without having BW in mind creates a risk it just won’t work or there would be lots of work needed to make it work. just saying