“God, (Y/N)…why haven’t you come to me about these things..”

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thank u!!! u voiced my thoughts perfectly. even garnet says that fusions aren't two people they're like their own entity. i mean thats what babies are??? when human babies do stuff they aren't like "ur mom willed u to do that" it's weird so why do they do it to garnet???

yea ! It’s just like. Garnet is their beautiful strong baby child. she’s her own self and just has those traits of both Ruby and Sapphire. she isn’t one of them mech robot things, garnet performs her own actions independent from the two gems

People really don’t get what it’s like to see a parents love for their child. My mom was willing to kill this guy who walked into our house while being chased by rhe FBI. Emma and Snow killing Cora and Cruella is what a person would do to protect their family especially a parent. You never heard of the term Mama Bear? That shits real.

And bitch plz Emma is always threatening someone’s life if they fuck with what’s hers. Look at what she did to Snow Queen. She was willing to kill her. It was Elsa who wanted to find another way. Y'all better recognize. How can you claim to be Emma fans and not known this? She grew up in the streets where she had to protect herself.

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fatitis I need your help!! I want to create a paypal account so my cousin (that lives very far) can transfer me the money. I'm only 15 but my mom is willing to give me her credit card to create it. Once I have it how can my cousin transfer it????

oo I’m not sure I’m sorry :( can anyone help them??

m was a young femin inine kdi and he was lliterally willing to kill my mom for her money fjdfjkckkkkkkckkfkkfkfkkkfkkfkckckkkkfkkc

i .. . am … . done .. ..
not in a negative way though. my mom is willing to buy me a binder im so happy. thisll erase at least a bit of my dysphoria.
and i also came out as ace and she was like “ok i dont have to worry about you bringing someone home” and no thats not how it works mom and i explained it. but i also told her that im not interested in romantic relationships in general and she doesnt mind which is actually surprising

Really feeling for Taylor Swift right now. I know exactly how she feels. When my mom was diagnosed I was devastated. Of course my mom, like most moms put on a tough front and acted like it never bothered her, but I know deep down it did. I watched her struggle, but I also watched her grow. I know a lot of people say that their mother is their hero, but when I say it I honestly couldn’t mean it anymore. Even though my moms been cancer free for four years I still worry, but I know where cancer led us and I know where it can take us again. God willing my mom will be cancer free for the rest of her life. My prayers go out to taylor and anyone that is a child of a cancer patient. Keep your head held high, your hearts close together, and let love be your cure. Best wishes to all of you.