Will has a sister AU, Part Three

[Parts One and Two can be found here.]

It’s such a treat to get to introduce Milly to each of the dogs in turn and watch her pure, unbridled delight with every one of them that for a while Will forgets to pay attention to a word their mother is saying. The woman has not stopped chattering since they stepped inside, apparently too used to being ignored by one child to pay Will’s inattention any mind, or possibly just remembering his taciturn nature and lack of eye contact at the rare few birthday parties and belated Christmases she attended and assuming he’ll absorb whatever relevant bits of what she’s saying through some kind of empathetic osmosis to be parsed later.

She is not entirely incorrect either. He catches enough to understand the gist of what she’s saying—some plan fell through, or she lost her last job or her last boyfriend, something along those lines, blah blah, the same old story her brother must have heard a thousand times both before and after she dropped a mysterious infant nephew unceremoniously into his lap and took off again a couple hundred bucks richer. It took awhile for Will to figure out that those surprise holiday visits she occasionally paid usually coincided with times she needed to “borrow” some cash, but once he did he’d resented her all the more for it.

He and his dad got by, of course, but they weren’t made of money. Those visits tended to result in a couple of hard weeks of Norman squeezing his paycheck tighter than usual, barely scraping enough together to ensure something made it onto Will’s dinner plate every evening at least if not his own. He could only be thankful that those visits were few and far between, the woman only ever seeming to show up on their doorstep as a last resort after she’d exhausted all other options.

Looking at it in that light, he realizes her eventual reappearance was inevitable. With Norm’s passing, it’s only logical that the torch should pass to Will as Lorraine’s new rainy day provider. He only wonders now how long it will take her to work up the courage to ask. He wants to be angry, offended by it even, and had she come here alone he would have probably tossed her out on her ear faster than she could longingly lay eyes on his wallet.

She didn’t come alone, however. He thinks of the little girl, currently trying to play hide-and-seek with Will’s lovable pack of mutts in his living room, spending who knows how many nights already in that cramped Mustang outside with their mother. He thinks about her being gone from his life forever just as quickly as she appeared, and knows that his decision has already been made.

“Do you guys want to crash here for the night?” he asks, getting the words out quickly before he can rethink them. He nearly offers the guestroom upstairs, but the possibility of one of them coming downstairs for a midnight glass of water and witnessing him in the throes of a nightmare makes him think better of it, and he offers the pullout couch in the center of the living room instead, resigned to moving back upstairs himself for the immediate foreseeable future.

He is shocked into silence by a pair of feminine arms clasped tightly around him. Her head is beside his, both staring at opposite walls over each other’s shoulders, for which Will is grateful because it means Lorraine can’t see the mostly terrified and slightly pained expression he is currently directing at a bland painting the last owners left behind of a bowl of fruit.

“Thank you so much, baby!” she says, her hair uncomfortably tickling his cheek, voice choked with achingly sincere gratitude and relief, enough to make him feel guilty over the things he thought about her earlier. It’s easy for his memory to paint her as a villain, selfish and self-absorbed and casually cruel because of it, and all too easy when she’s actually here to remember that she is still all of those things, yet also—painfully, warmly—fragile and human. All of which, of course, makes her just as impossible to hate as every other monster that occupies his headspace.

“I’m sorry,” she says quietly after a minute, having finally noticed his stiffness, and pulls back from him. “I forget you don’t like being touched a lot either.”

“It’s more that I don’t like surprises,” he amends, wondering if she is thinking back to the same moment he is, when they first “met” a couple of years after she dropped him off. Will had been four, and he still remembers it with the vivid clarity of that four-year-old, when the world was too big and colorful and strange. He remembers the bright, cheerful creature—with hair cropped short then, allowed to bounce naturally in its tight, springy curls and dyed a shiny, coppery red—spreading its arms wide and calling him Billy-bear and naming itself Mommy as it scooped him up without warning.

He remembers how he had screeched and thrashed wildly to get away—his adult mind making itself heard again for just a moment here, to point out what a small miracle it was that she hadn’t dropped him then and there—his fingers snagging no-doubt-painfully in her curls while trying and failing to claw at her now turned away face, desperate to hurt the monster so it would let him go.

He remembers his daddy rushing in to the rescue, taking Will’s continued thrashing and screaming in his own arms in stride, knowing better than the boy that this was not the time to put him down yet, not until the gentle rocking and soothing murmur of his voice broke through to Will at last, making him realize it was his daddy’s strong, dependable arms around him now and that the scary red witch wasn’t going to try and snatch him up again.

It was one of his earliest childhood memories and had left an indelible scar on his psyche. Strange though, that he had never once before today considered what sort of scar it must have left on hers as well. Or perhaps not so strange—he has, after all, made a point of looking through her eyes as little as possible throughout his life and marked his overall success at it as a peculiar point of pride. He does not remember what, if anything, his father must have said to Lorraine after Will had calmed down. He does not remember seeing her much the rest of that day at all.

He thinks back to earlier this morning, when she had grabbed Milly’s arm and somehow been surprised, yet also resigned, by her daughter’s reaction. He thinks that Lorraine doesn’t learn her lessons well, but she does learn a little. A little, but not enough.

He tries to push the thought away by telling himself it’s not fair to judge an allistic parent with an autistic child too harshly, even as his brain whispers traitorously that his dad managed it pretty well and did a much better job. Even as his brain whispers treacherously that he could do a much better job, and not just because he is also autistic and can empathize.

He clears his throat. “Come on, I’ll give y’all a quick tour of the house,” he mumbles, and does not allow himself to look at either one of them for as long as such dangerous thoughts continue to linger too close to the surface.

Self care is purposely not doing ur science hw bc u know it’s better to turn it in late than to turn it in w/ everything wrong

Truth about Doctor Who actors I've worked with at cons
  • Peter Davison: Shy dad. Thinks bonobos are hilarious. Worried that he talks too much.
  • Colin Baker: Tough love dad. Best hugs. Weird jokes. Loves macchiatos.
  • Sylvester McCoy: Smol grump. Likes gin.
  • Paul McGann: Easily distracted child. Might kiss you.
  • Nicola Bryant: Possibly a Disney princess. Loves puppies and guinea pigs.
  • Alex Kingston: Actual mom. Just wants to hug babies and plan parties.
  • Anneke Wills: Best wine mom. You will be hugged.
  • Sophie Aldred: Darling caffeine ferret. Probably actually Ace. (ALSO I MISSPELLED HER NAME WHILE TYPING THIS HALF AWAKE ORIGINALLY ARGH)
  • Terry Molloy: Lovable grump. Brings his teddy bear everywhere with him.
  • Deborah Watling: Magic pixie. Once dated a Cyberman.
  • Wendy Padbury: Deadpan joke queen who secretly just wants chips.
  • Frazer Hines: Giggly joke machine.
  • Michael Troughton: Just loves everyone and everything I've got nothing else yo.

what she says: im fine
what she means: her name is obviously eleven so presumably the bad men have done this to 10 other children. what happened to them? how long have they been doing this? how does will manage to stay alive for a week in the upside down when barb was killed almost immediately? what did he eat if anything? the upside down has the same buildings and roads but how does that work? are there more of the monsters or is that the only one? what happens to the upside down after the monster disappears? what happens to the monster? what happens to eleven? are the bad men going to take a 12th child after this? whats going to happen to hopper? did wills mom ever pay off the phones and lights? wh

I’d like to say Merry Christmas with my own personal rendition of Jingle Bells for 2016:






2016 SUCKED!

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“God, (Y/N)…why haven’t you come to me about these things..”


season one // season six

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I really love your Sister AU. Happy you updated today and excited to see where it will go! <3

Thank youuuuu!! ^_^ It’s really starting to coalesce into a fullgrown beast of its own (which is never a good thing honestly, considering how monumentally bad i am at updating fics regularly ALREADY) so I can promise you there will definitely be more lol!

Also, because i just feel like sharing this, it’s my headcanon for this ‘verse that at least one small reason for Will’s immediate, intense dislike of Freddie Lounds on sight was her bright, curly red hair. He is, of course, not consciously aware of this since if he were he would be mortified and very, very annoyed with himself about it, but it’s a fact nonetheless ;)

I read a prompt completely wrong but it seems a waste to just delete the headcanons. So here, hopefully y’all still enjoy them.


  • Everyone is worried she’ll be violent or end up crying or something but no, Reina is a flirt
  • She’s a dang good flirt too but mostly just wants a bit a teasing and maybe kissing instead of getting anywhere raunchy
  • Is usually the responsible, sober mom friend willing to take you home so if she’s going to get drunk it’s a go big or go home moment for her
  • Remembers to drink water and leaves notes anyway for sober her and her drinking friends to find


  • Camilla is far from a lightweight but after a certain point ends up feeling moody and really does not like to be left alone once drunk
  • Becomes more hostile to strangers or people she doesn’t like
  • She becomes even more cuddly than before and that mixes with the fact that she likes to dance more when she’s drunk
  • Wakes up groggy and with a slight headache but not horribly worse for wear when she does get drunk


  • He knows exactly what he’s doing and if you think this is his first substance party you obviously weren’t paying attention
  • Glitter is everywhere, as are his clothes
  • Starts talking in other languages and doesn’t even realize he’s doing it honestly 
  • Is one of those horrible people that wakes up chipper and actually ready for the next day (with perfect hair)


  • Is still trying to sell you things- even things that aren’t hers to sell at all
  • She does this speaking a hodgepodge of languages, and a bit of sign language when she’s busy drinking
  • Is so much less secretive when she’s drunk but nobody believes her stories about her families anyway so it works out in the end (if they even understand her)
  • Falls asleep trying to cuddle with the nearest pet, crying (or just whining loudly) when the animal doesn’t want to stay and won’t even be remotely bribed either

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“So what was that lead you had about an apartment Eli?” Teagan said as soon as they food had arrived on the table.
“Oh yeah right, I saw this girl putting flyers up around the gallery about wanting a roommate so I just snagged a whole flyer for you. I can give her a call later and see if we can come by and see the place if you’d like?”
“That’d be awesome yeah, thanks Eli.” Teagan smiled.
“An apartment in the city huh?” Millicent smiled “My little girl is growing up so fast.”
“Mom stop it.” Teagan chuckled.
“There is something I wanted to talk about actually.” Millicent said “Your father and I have been working on our wills lately.”
“Mom, come on - do we have to talk about this?” Ellis asked as his smile vanished.
“Darling.” Millicent chuckled a little and looked at him “It’s just a matter of fact my love. Don’t be sad, it’s all a part of life. It’s not like we’re dropping dead tomorrow.”
“Mom, jesus, don’t be so morbid.” Ellis said “I just don’t wanna think about you and dad like that, that’s all.”
“I know baby, and that’s fine. I just wanted to discuss some of the details with you guys so it won’t come as a surprise later.”
“Okay?” Teagan said curiously.

Solangelo HC

So I have this idea with Jurassic World coming out. So here it goes:

So basically Will invites Nico to join him and stay with him during the winter with his moms. (a different HC I love is where Wills mom gets remarried to a woman) Well, it’s Will’s senior year in high school and while Will is at school, Nico helps around the house, and runs errands for his dad.

One Friday they are watching tv cuddling on the couch and a trailer for Jurassic World comes on and Will flips out. Like stands up and jumps around because “OMG that’s my childhood!” And Nico is just like “????” And Will realizes ‘Ermagherd. Nico has never seen any of the Jurassic Parks’ and Will just freaks out and is like “WE ARE DOING THIS NOW!”

He plugs in his VHS player and puts those bad boys in and they cuddle and watch and Will gets so emotionally invested and When they are done he’s just looks at him with these huge eyes like “Please tell me you liked them…” And Nico is just like: “I liked it.” With a tiny smile and Will just beams because in Nico language that meant he loved it. By now it’s like 5am the next morning but the boys are too comfy to move so they just fall asleep like that. Tangled on the couch.

And that’s how Will’s step mom finds them the next morning. A drooling Nico tangled up with a snoring Will.


For book!Home I’m making Talia’s character Hopi and I just talked to a Hopi woman from a reservation in Arizona and she said (by some amazing crazy happenstance) that her daughter who grew up on the reservation moved to California and lives three minutes from my house (!!!!??!?!) so I got her contact info and I’m going to get a chance to MEET her and interview her!!?!

Malia is pulling away from Scott because she knows she’ll be breaking the most important rule of the pack: Killing. She is willing to kill her mom before she has a change to kill her and you can see that it pains her to reject Scott and leave him alone because she grow up to love him and respect him but she knows (thinks) he won’t want her in his pack after she do it. =‘( I’m emotional. 

My Opinion of the Gods and other characters (from two different routes)
  • ~Dui's Route~
  • Leon: Dick lion
  • Scorpio: Mean, but protective man-mom
  • Teorus: Willing to get into your pants, but also nice
  • Dui: Troubled Babe who needs protection and cherries
  • Huedhaut: Barely there
  • Ichthys: Nice and kind of acts like the older brother/wingman/bad influence (also still tries to get into pants)
  • Zyglavis: Interesting name. Even more interesting hair. Kind of creepy side smile face going on. Seems chill.
  • Kanro: Who the fuck is that?
  • Krioff: Reminds me of Zyglavis, and a cow for some reason
  • The King: The MC and Dui's ultimate shipper
  • ~Huedhaut's Route~
  • Leon: Still a dick lion, but has slightly earned some respect.
  • Scorpio: Calls Zyglavis by nickname. Man-mom has a man-crush.
  • Teorus: Still willing to get into your pants squad, mixed with some friendship and niceness. (also troublemaker)
  • Dui: Hardly there, but nice.
  • Huedhaut: Sarcastic, lovable...thing with great hair, but hurting on the inside babe
  • Ichthys: Also on willing to get into your pants squad, but has concerns for you. (also troublemaker)
  • Kanro: Why are you winking like that? Got something in your eye? You look mildly displeased while winking, stop.
  • Krioff: Who the fuck is that?
  • The King: Still the ultimate shipper, but this time also into sex life.