I never liked the idea of Will’s dad being a jerk, (like he is in ALL fics) I always thought he was just a guy that didn’t know how to express his love for his son in more open ways, after all Will never talked in a bad way about him, and even some of the things he loves are things his dad taught him.

I ended up joking over twitter that his dad was Ron bc they share many hobbies and the way they live, and well a joke led up to this…(Hannigram are still on the run tho  but Ron doesn’t watch tv and lives in the middle of nowhere so he doesn’t know/care his son-in-law is a serial killer) 

Hannibal will never let Will live down that his dad accepted him officially, Will regrets it so much

Bonus (how do you know what human meat tastes like wtf?!?!)

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What can I say to I convince my mom to let me get kuhli loaches? My mom is willing to buy me fish and a 20 long fish tank with all the stuff you need and I wanna get 8 kuhli loaches and my mom said that she doesn't want to spend money on fish that'll hide and burrow all the time but they're my current faves (I wanna get a school of harlequins too maybe)

Kuhlis will only hide and burrow if they don’t have adequate coverage. The more places they have to hide, the safer they feel since they know the can dart to safety in a second. PVC pipes, driftwood, caves, rocks, aquarium decor, a ton of plants, etc! Also, the more kuhlis you have will also mean more active ones, they like company. 8 is pretty much the threshold you can have in a 20g though.

Pangio oblonga and other black kuhli loaches seem to be more gregarious than their striped cousins for some reason! Our cinnamon colored noodles need some loving too :)

“She wouldn’t have wanted this, but I do.”

Maybe Bismuth was right. Maybe Steven did become someone better than his mom. He’s willing to surrender if it means ending the cycle of violence.

Or maybe his sacrifice will come to nothing. The Diamonds still think Earth is living on borrowed time, and who will resist them if not the Crystal Gems?

In this moment though, this is Steven’s choice and no one else’s. 

Truth about Doctor Who actors I've worked with at cons
  • Peter Davison: Shy dad. Thinks bonobos are hilarious. Worried that he talks too much.
  • Colin Baker: Tough love dad. Best hugs. Weird jokes. Loves macchiatos.
  • Sylvester McCoy: Smol grump. Likes gin.
  • Paul McGann: Easily distracted child. Might kiss you.
  • Nicola Bryant: Possibly a Disney princess. Loves puppies and guinea pigs.
  • Alex Kingston: Actual mom. Just wants to hug babies and plan parties.
  • Anneke Wills: Best wine mom. You will be hugged.
  • Sophie Aldred: Darling caffeine ferret. Probably actually Ace. (ALSO I MISSPELLED HER NAME WHILE TYPING THIS HALF AWAKE ORIGINALLY ARGH)
  • Terry Molloy: Lovable grump. Brings his teddy bear everywhere with him.
  • Deborah Watling: Magic pixie. Once dated a Cyberman.
  • Wendy Padbury: Deadpan joke queen who secretly just wants chips.
  • Frazer Hines: Giggly joke machine.
  • Michael Troughton: Just loves everyone and everything I've got nothing else yo.

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Then that such a fanfic where Star, Tom and Marco are in Mewnie visiting the Castle of Star the two already are couple but, arrives the father of Tom of visit and then it is with the 3, he does not know of the relation of its son and Marco, he still thinks he's a princess boyfriend he wanted them to be together and that's why Tom was never able to tell that they broke up, so they start making comments about the two that may make them uncomfortable To Marco and Star, Tom is afraid

Okay! This was a lot of fun to write! I hope I read this right! I told you guys I’m not a good reader haha so I hope this is what you wanted! Enjoy! I hope you love it! I love you guys! And I like soap because it smells nice


“It’s a pleasure to see you again, Queen Moon.” Tom’s father greeted the queen. Despite her confusion for the visit, she showed hospitality to her guest. The underworld and Mewni had a non-aggression pact. But that did not make the allies, they didn’t like each other, so it made their arrangement fragile. Star grabbed Tom’s arm and pulled him aside.

“Tom! What is your father doing here?” Star demanded. Marco pulled her aside.

“Don’t yell at him, this type of thing makes him nervous.” Marco told her. He took Tom’s hand. “Is everything okay, Tom?” Marco asked. Tom turned to face his friends and rubbed the back of his head. He looked guilty.

“I may have been lying to my dad about… some things for a while now.” Tom admitted. Marco leaned forward.

“Like what?” He asked. Tom gulped.

“I-I… he seemed so impressed when I told him I was dating Star all that time ago and um… he seemed to think it was acceptable, and I didn’t want to get him mad! I meant to tell him but I thought he would be upset with me…” Tom played with his thumbs. He felt awful about what he did. “I should have said something.” He muttered.

“You never told your dad that me and you broke up?” Star asked, amazed. Tom shook his head.

“Tom, it’s okay.” Marco assured. Star nodded and tried to offer her friend some comfort.

“Yeah, we’re not angry. I get it, telling your parents stuff you think they’ll be mad at you for can be really scary.” She agreed. “You don’t have to feel guilty, we’ve all been there.” She assured. Tom smiled a tiny bit and looked up at his friends.

“Thanks guys.” He whispered.

“We can keep your secret, I don’t want to make your dad angry with you. A little lie never hurt anyone.” Star assured. Marco made a face but nodded.

“I can see this backfiring… but I don’t think getting your dad mad is a good idea either.” Marco agreed. The kids spun around when Moon and the king of Hell reentered the room. They were talking lively.

“And I think as long as they have been together, it’s the likely next step.” The king finished. Moon seemed concerned, and nervous, but willing to listen.

“Mom? What’s happening?” Star asked. Moon tried to smile.

“Star, dear. I was just politely disagreeing with the ruler of the underworld, as he thinks you and Tom have been dating for so long… that marriage is in order. But Lucifer I do think they are a bit young.” Moon told him. Tom and Star gasped and they both jumped back, exchanging looks. Star then shook her head.

“No, no, no, no, no- Sir.” She corrected. “Tom and I are fifteen! We can’t get married!” She cried. “That’s waaaay too young to get married, right?” She asked. Star then realized she wanted to keep their cover for Tom’s safety. “I love Tom! I do, he’s just…. Dating me is what we are.” She tried. “But I don’t think that um…” Star trailed off and Tom facepalmed.

“A consenting marriage at your age is in order. Moon, I expected more of you to say the least.” Lucifer said in a low tone.

“Lucifer, I cannot wed my daughter at the age of fifteen despite her unwillingness. I agree as a queen or princess there are things you must do, even if you don’t want to, but this is too much! She is– Tom is– a child!” Moon continued.

“Tom is a child who has fallen out of line, and I believe your daughter can fix that. She is a lovely well-rounded girl.” He added. Despite the seriousness of the situation all three of the kids stifled laughs.

“Well-rounded.” Marco giggled.

“No.” Moon insisted. Lucifer looked her in the eye and opened his mouth to say something more, but Tom interrupted.

“Dad! Star and I aren’t dating!” Tom cried. “Stop pressuring Moon, she doesn’t need to do this for me.” Tom told him.

“Excuse me?” Lucifer demanded.

“I… Star and I broke up a long time ago… she dumped me, I was scared you’d be mad… I-I tried t get her back so you’d be proud of me but I had to respect her choice and I… I’m dating Marco now.” Tom whispered this last part and an angry aura filled Lucifer. He looked down at his son with fury.

“You LIED TO ME!?!! You lied to me and disobeyed me! As well as an act of treason by becoming involved with a human!” His father screamed.

“I-I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-”

“ENOUGH!” Lucifer screamed and cut Tom off. The poor demon jumped and fell to the floor. Lucifer raised his fist and swung it down. Tom gasped and covered his face, but when no impact came he opened his eyes and saw Moon had stopped his father’s fist with her hand. She was very small compared to him, but it seemed to take no effort in overpowering him.

“You dare hurt a child in my kingdom? My domain?” She insisted. “Think about what you’re doing Lucifer, endangering your child, my child, and an innocent human in an outworld dimension. With our non-aggression pact as fragile as it is now, I suggest you not do that in front of my whole army.” She threatened.

Lucifer backed away and looked at his son, then the queen. He growled and looked away. He was about to leave through a portal before looking back at Tom. “I hope you know what you’ve done.” He warned, and left.

Marco helped Tom up and the demon didn’t waste any time. He dashed into Marco’s arms and he hugged the demon close. “I messed this all up! I made him angry, I made him yell at Queen Moon and I-” Tom pulled away and looked at Moon. “Queen Moon! I am so sorry! This is all my fault! He yelled at you and caused tension all because I couldn’t tell him the truth!” Tom cried. Moon hushed him and put a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s alright Tom.” She assured. “You were unsure, it’s okay.” Moon promised. She then gave him a little push back over to Marco and Tom ran into the human’s arms again. Marco smiled and held the demon, he looked over at the two Butterflys’ standing across from him and Marco smiled at them.

“Thank you both.”

Service Dog Crash Course #1: Prospects

I’ve been wanting to sit down and do this for a while, but I keep putting it off because I have just absolutely not had enough spoons to write up a post.


I would really like to do a bit of a series on puppies, SD prospects, and training. Virtue comes home in a month, so I thought this would be a really good time to get started and get a training plan in place, and I figured why not share it with everyone so that maybe you guys can benefit from my mistakes. :’)

So first things first:

Picking out your SD prospect (and why you shouldn’t be like me)

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Lena Luthor Appreciation Week - Day [6/7]
↳ Favorite Scene or Episode

My favorite episode in 2x12 and this is my absolute favorite scene. 

I think we sometimes tend to overlook the obvious emotional abuse that Lena has gone through in her childhood and most likely into her adult years. We know that Lillian always hated her. And that she uses her love and affection to get Lena to do something. To manipulate her. We see examples of this in 2x08 and 2x12. She’s never been good enough to please her mom. We don’t know her relationship with Lionel besides her being Lionel’s favorite, but that doesn’t really tell us anything about the nature of the relationship. 

Plus, Lionel is dead. Lillian is still around. And I think Kara was right to a degree, Lillian is still her mom. There’s always going to be some part of Lena, even if it is a microscopic part, that wants Lillian’s acceptance. But every time she has the chance to gain it, even if it is used in a manipulative way, she always gives it up to follow her heart. She recognizes that Lillian is evil. And that isn’t what Lena wants to be. Despite all of the pressures of being a Luthor and all the expectations that she’ll be evil. Destined to be just another Luthor. 

And I think this scene highlights all of what is great about Lena’s character perfectly. There is no reason besides her own willpower for her to refuse to help Lillian. She could easily comply and still be considered the victim in the situation. If there is even anyone who would believe her in the first place. She knows that she probably can’t escape. Not with Cyborg Superman and Metallo there. And that Lillian isn’t above using force to get what she wants. Lena doesn’t know Kara has been in her corner the entire time. She thinks she’s on her own. She could have helped her mom to take the easy way out, even against her own wishes, because there is no other feasible option. 

But she didn’t. She had to be forced to put her hand on that pad. Even when Cyborg Superman was restraining her, she resisted. And she told her mom no. Standing up to someone who has emotionally abused you for probably most of your life isn’t easy. And believing that no one will stand up for you, because she had, by all accounts, escaped jail for a crime that, although she had been framed for, everyone believed she had committed. She was willing to buck her mom simply because she knows Lillian is evil. And because she wants to do the right thing. She takes the hard way out beside it’s the right thing to do. 

That’s what is special about Lena’s character. That’s why she is so beloved. And I really question people who can’t see that. 

University: The Unofficial List of Life Hacks and Advice*

*from a girl that figured it all out the hard way.

- Don’t underestimate the power of a list.
     If you’re anything like me (or 99% of the people I met at Uni) you’re not exactly organised… The night before, or the morning of a busy day, write down everything you want to get done that day. It lessens the nagging feeling that you’re wasting (or failing at) the expensive education…

Originally posted by misplaced-pho

- Do not make the first person you meet your BFF.
     Everyone is going to be nervous, or more probably, shitting themselves the first few days. Everyone wants to make friends and find ‘their place’ but DO NOT for the love of God make bezzie mates with the first person you get chatting to because you’re ‘PANIC FRIENDING’. Chances are that person will end up being the weirdest person on your course (not in a good way) and you’ll still be trying to shake them off by Christmas.

Originally posted by plumkat

- Join at least 2/3 societies.
     Even if you only go to the first mixer and basically think NOPE… It helps to meet people that aren’t on your course. Just don’t pay any sign up fees until you know for certain you’re planning on attending for the rest of the year. (£45 quid I never got back for joining the Ski and Snowboarding society - I never even got pissed with them, let alone went skiing…)

Originally posted by thinkingg-out-louud

- Make friends with people you have things in common with.
     I know you’re thinking ‘DUH that’s obvious’ but it’s easy to get sucked in by the ‘omg let’s go get mortal’ during Freshers, when everyone does nothing but drink cheap alcohol and cry into their 3am kebabs. PLEASE have an actual conversation (sober if possible) and get to know what people like to do when they’re not intoxicated. By November when you’re 1000% done with being perpetually wankered, don’t be that guy who (for example) gets stuck with the gym rats who do nothing but ‘lift bro’ and go to the sports bar for ‘the match’ when all you want to do is wear your pyjamas and watch Netflix.

Originally posted by spnfans

- Ignore the stupid reading list.
     No one reads it, and if you do need to read any of it, the tutor will remind you and probably even print out/email you the excerpt you have to actually look at. Please DO NOT waste valuable pizza money on books you won’t ever need. Learn to love yourself.

Originally posted by humorinrecovery

- Try not to stay up all night for the first week or two of classes.
     It’s nerve-wracking but have a shower and a warm drink and try to sleep…You’ll be given your first projects within the first 2/3 days of classes, and wasting the first two weeks enjoying your new ‘freedom’ will make your first term grades suffer… ALSO you’ll be given a summary of the year during the first class of each module, and it will seem a lot less daunting without a hangover/a groggy head from staying up on Xbox Live until 4am.

Originally posted by xtakemetoneverlandx

- Don’t worry about how ‘on fleek’ everyone looks for the first month.
     By January no one will care apart from the odd girl who will still painstakingly apply false lashes every day by June… At some point every person will drag themselves into class in joggers and a four day old tee-shirt. The unspoken agreement is they won’t judge you if you don’t judge them.

Originally posted by fuckyeahdragrace

- Make a meal plan.
     It’s kinda annoying working out what you’re going to eat all week, but buying specific ingredients saves a butt load of money instead of getting that fajita kit ‘just in case you fancy it’.

- Let yourself have the luxury of an on-tap comfort meal.
     After a shit/long/hard day, you’re going to want to kiss yourself when you remember you’ve got frozen chips, chicken nuggets (or some good old pizza), and beans waiting at home. It’s a relatively low-calorie feel-good comfort meal… Take yourself to bed with a movie and have some me-time.

Originally posted by imbrace

- Invest in a decent thermal flask.
     Not a hipster plastic version of a Starbucks to-go cup… But one with a proper screw on lid. Uni cafe coffee is fucking VILE and expensive, if you make your coffee about 8:30am it should still be hot pretty much all day. Amazon have proper Thermos ones for less than a tenner with free delivery here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Thermos-Thermocafe-Stainless-Steel-Flask/dp/B000TAOWC8

- Don’t underestimate how amazing a decent packed lunch is.
      Whipping out a proper gorgeous sandwich, crisps, and snacks that would cost (probably) £10 from the uni shop or worse, the ‘deli’ will make people hate you in a good way.

- Long. Life. Milk.
     Not for all the time, because it’s kinda gross and you cant have it on cereal because it tastes like shit on it’s own. But for about 40p you can get a carton from pretty much any shop, just keep it in a dark area of your room. At some point you will have to get up for an early lecture, to find your roommate has stolen your last bit of proper milk from the fridge, or you’ve let it go out of date without realising, and you’ll remember that long life milk in your room and want to happy-cry that you can still have your morning coffee…

Originally posted by souoalex

- Washing tabs VS. powder.
     Check in advance that the launderette washing machines have powder drawers, don’t buy £15 worth of Persil like I did, just to get to uni and find out the washers didn’t have BLOODY DRAWERS.

Originally posted by the-concrete-universe

- Only over-pack the actual luxuries.
     Packets of biscuits are about 40p, pop is next-to-nothing. BUT shampoo, conditioner and razors etc cost SO MUCH MONEY. Take all the toiletries your mom is willing to buy you and be thankful. Running out of deoderant and shaving gel is not fun when you realise that the ‘essentials’ add about £15 to your weekly shop.

- Don’t be a brand-whore.
     You won’t die if you eat off-brand beans. Put some butter in and get over it. Heinz is not the be all and end all. Buying the cheap brands will save major money, and when you’re the one left with £300 to buy Christmas presents your friends will all be crying into their John West tuna sandwiches.

- Don’t forget a colander.
     When you’re using anything you can find (the cheese grater, cling film with holes poked in, your roommates tennis racket) to drain your pasta, you’re going to wonder why you didn’t invest 99p in a colander/sieve from the pound shop.

Originally posted by kcgraphics

- Ear buds.
     If you’re living in halls, you’re really going to learn the value of peace and quiet. You can only bang on your roomies doors so many times before it’s just no use. Pop in your ear buds, and just choose your battles. (Also come in handy when you overhear the inevitable sex that IS going to happen. No escape.)

- Condoms.
     Even if you’re thinking ‘I’m never going to get laid’, ‘but I’ve got a steady boyfriend’, ‘But, I’m a lesbian’ personally, I was thinking the latter, but I took some anyway… Freshers week when I had a roommate who had brought a lady home and didn’t have any ‘things’, I was his hero. Basically, not accidentally getting knocked up, or saving your friends from doing so, is a good idea.

Originally posted by lilisister

- Surviving  l o n g  lectures.
     Take rustle-free snacks, and wear loose trousers (or a baggy top which will cover up your skinny jeans when you undo the button… sitting down with your belt cutting into you for three hours is not the greatest thing ever.)

(Disclaimer: These may not apply to everyone, they’re just from my personal experience. This list was composed originally for my best friend when she started her own uni journey; she suggested that I share it with the internet.)

The new girl -volume 5- The coincidence


Jonathan Byers x reader

warnings: none

note: Y/n means your name and Y/Ln means your last name

You can send an ask to request more.

requested: no/yes

word count:888


I turn around and fall on the ground immediately, I let out a silent ooh, and look at my leg. I feel it and it’s probably broken. The boys are slowly getting near me and the one that is least shocked by what just happened says.

“I’m Lucas, this is Will, Mike and…”

“And Dustin, I’m Dustin, you were amazing, omg you were like a ninja, just like pow, pow, pow…”

“Yea thanks you saved us..we should get you out of here when he wakes up you won’t be able to fight again cuz your leg is really broken when you were…you know choking him he ran into a wall, and smash you against it, so it’s probably really badly injured. We were just going to Will house, we can take you there and his mom will know what to do, it’s not far away from here.” Says Mike, he’s really caring, but he also looks really sad about something else…I don’t know.

“Yea thanks, I’m Y/n by the way, I’m new.”

“We can see that, no Hawkins girl fights like this, maybe except…, forget it she only knows how to swing a bat and shoot a gun.”

“Shut up Dustin, let’s get out of here.” Lucas is starting to get anxious about all of this. Dustin and Lucas help me up and help me walk to the house. Mike and Will are trying to get the bikes to the house, two each.

We get to the house, its small but I like it, a dog runs towards us
The dog starts barking and I can hear a person trying to get to the door as fast as possible.
In the next moment, Wills mom runs out of the house towards us. When she sees me she stops for a brief moment.
“O..O my god who’s this, what have you boys been doing…Is she hurt, is she BLEEDING, I mean hi I’m Joyce… I mean Will your late again… What the hell is going on?”
I can hear loud punk rock music coming from the house, it’s not a big house but I like it it’s so cute.
“I am Y/n.”
“She’s the new girl, the one that just moved in she saved us from some bullies, some big ones too.” says Dustin.
“yea, yea they had a knife but she won anyway it was so cool.” says Lucas.
“Bullies, what bullies,…Let’s clean you up, get her inside boys I’m gonna get some bandages,” says Joyce still looking worried and anxious.
The boys help me inside and to the couch, that’s when Joyce returns and starts cleaning my wound and putting bandages on my arm.
“That’s all I can do, we should get you to the hospital, but I’m busy right now, I have a shift in 10 minutes, but my older son can take you…” she looks at will “go get him, Will, quick.”
“Yea sure, sure.” Will looks confused but he puts on a fake smile and wonders away, something is wrong with that boy.
The music in the other room stops and you can hear will talking about his mothers’ orders.
You can hear two people coming down the hall.
“Yea but who is it, who do I have to take to the hospital?” wait I know that voice.
“Jonathan?”  What on earth?
“Y/n???” He practically runs towards me and awkwardly tries to hold my leg but moves away when he remembers we are practically strangers.
“Who did this? Are you Ok, we need to get to the hospital NOW, where are my keys, MUM where are my KEYS?” He starts running around the house and then finds his keys in his pocket.
“So you two know each other?” Says Joyce awkwardly.
“Yes, I gave her a tour of the town… I mean school.”
“You? Who picked you?” say all the boys at the same time.
“YES, ME why is everybody so surprised by the fact?”
“o…no…we just thought….” the boys just laugh and look away.
He sighs and looks at me again.
“Let’s go, before you bleed to death.” he smiles. He realizes I can’t walk so he gets to the couch.
“er…can I… you know carry you to my car?” He blushes, I laugh.
“It would be my pleasure,” I say. The boys that were just observing the whole thing slowly look at each other.
He slowly and gently gets me off the couch and carries me to the car like I am made of glass. He’s making sure that he is not touching any areas of my body that could possibly be inappropriate. He tells one of the boys to open the car door and he softly gets me in the car.
He looks at me to check if he hurt me in any way and then fastly closes the door, so I wouldn’t think that he was looking at me for too long. I giggle and he gets to the front seat and starts the car.
“Are you Ok back there?”
I laugh “yea, yea everything perfect.”
“well ok then.” he says and puts on a tape.
“Better get you fixed.”
I laugh and he drives away.

Will has a sister AU, Part Four

[ Parts One, Two, and Three respectively.]

Will is about to start making them lunch—boxed macaroni and cheese which, his mother assures him, is one of the few dishes that would pass the test of Mirabelle’s pickiness—when for the second time that day someone knocks on his front door. He curses, startled, and sets the pot of water down a little harder than he intended on the stovetop, creating another harsh sound that causes similarly pinched expressions to flit over both his and Milly’s faces before the moment passes.

“I’ll get it,” Lorraine announces airily. “You expecting someone, honey?”

“Uh, no,” he mutters, but doubts she hears it over the sound of her already opening the door. He makes sure to turn the stove off before he follows her back to the living room.

“Well, hello,” she purrs in a way that makes him feel sorry for whoever the poor bastard is at his door, at least until he hears the polite yet faintly inquisitive, “Good afternoon,” that answers it and moves his feet faster, feeling something more akin to panic now clawing up his throat.

“Doctor Lecter!” His surprised—and dare he admit, slightly alarmed—exclamation brings the man’s gaze up to him over Lorraine’s shoulder, his diffident smile shifting ever so minutely into something more genuine. It still feels like a small victory, the way he’s slowly been learning how to detect the older man’s microexpressions, especially since faces are typically not one of Will’s stronger suits, though that likely has more to do with how often he avoids them than actual lack of skill.

“Baby, aren’t you gonna introduce me to this doctor friend of yours?” Never has Will wished harder for the earth to swallow him whole than in this very moment. Rather than wait for an answer, Lorraine takes the reins and offers her hand for Hannibal to take. “Lorraine Graham, charmed I’m sure. I’m Will’s momma.” Well, at least she didn’t call him Billy this time.

Will would never have known there was anything stiff about Hannibal’s posture, if not for the way his shoulders loosened just a bit after Lorraine introduced herself as Will’s mother. Interesting. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Graham,” he answers, shaking her hand. “I’m Hannibal Lecter.”

“Oh, it’s Miss Graham, not missus. I’m afraid I’ve still yet to meet the man who can successfully tie me down.” Oh god. He has to stop this woman’s misguided flirting before she scares away his friend.

Stepping forward, he pushes her out of the way without actually touching her, under the guise of opening the door wider so he can allow Hannibal inside. “Come on in,” he says.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to impose,” says Hannibal, stepping inside nevertheless so they can speak without standing in the open doorway.

“You’re not imposing.” Truth be told, Will is glad to have a familiar face here. It will also give Lorraine someone else to blather on to for a little while. He spares a sliver of guilt over the thought of latching onto the other man to use him as a buffer between himself and his mother.

“I brought lunch with me,” Hannibal says, lifting the heated bag in his other hand for them to see. “I made too much,” so he could insist that Will keep the leftovers for later, the younger man thinks but doesn’t say out loud, “which is fortunate, it would seem, as there is more than enough for all of us to share.”

“Looks like there’ll only be mac and cheese for one then,” says Lorraine. “Speaking of, I’ll take over at the stove so you can help Dr. Lecter set the table,” she adds with a wink before sauntering back into the kitchen.

If Hannibal is offended by the implication of anyone preferring store-bought macaroni over his own cooking, he has the grace not to show it. The look of curiosity he gives Will instead as she leaves the room reminds Will that he’s going to have a lot of explaining to do later.

“After lunch,” Will promises. Though he’d much rather wait until their next session, he feels he owes it to the man now for coming all the way out here. “What made you decide to come out this far anyhow?”

“You’re weren’t answering your phone,” Hannibal explains. “Alana was concerned so I assured her I would check to make sure nothing was amiss.”

“Oh shit,” Will breathes out, immediately diving for the phone he’d left in his jacket, which he had hung up again once he realized he was no longer leaving the house. “I forgot to call. I was gonna ask her to take over my classes today.” He cusses again when he sees that he has a few texts and a couple of missed calls from her, and one missed call from Hannibal as well.

“I believe she already has, but it will relieve her to know you are safe.”

“Right, I’ll call her now,” Will says, coming back to the door to step outside for some privacy. Hannibal moves to step out of the way, but abruptly stops mid-stride, eyes focused elsewhere. Will turns to look and sees Milly peering up at them from around the other side of the kitchen doorframe.

“Hey, sprogget,” he says, one of his dad’s old terms of affection for him tripping easily off his tongue without him giving it any thought. She steps cautiously into the room and he comes to meet her halfway, crouched beside her at a turn so he can look up at her and Hannibal both.

“This is Hannibal. He’s a friend of mine. Hannibal, this is Mirabelle, my sister. You go by Milly too, isn’t that right?” he asks, realizing he hadn’t thought to do so earlier. He’d hate to keep calling her that now if it turns out she feels the same way about it as he does about ‘Billy.’ Fortunately, she nods readily, looking at him rather than Hannibal as she sways back and forth on the balls of her feet again, lips puckered around the conch shell in her mouth to hold it in place.

He smiles, feeling silly for being pleased by something that seems so trivial, but he knows her like he knows himself at that age, knows that maintaining her gaze so steadily and so often on somebody—not even on his eyes necessarily, which would be difficult on both of them if done too much, but just on his face in general—is not something that happens with just anyone. She hasn’t glanced at their mother more than once the entire time she’s been here.

A soft sound pulls Will’s attention back to Hannibal. For all the shocking things Lecter has surely seen by now since meeting him, Will has never seen the man look surprised as he does now. It softens him in a way Will never would have expected either.

Setting the bag carefully on Will’s lure-making table, Hannibal crouches to be on eye level with the both of them as well. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Mirabelle,” he intones softly. “May I call you Milly as well?”

Rather than give a direct answer by word or gesture, the girl looks at him assessingly, her head tilted at a quizzical angle. “Persian?”

Hannibal blinks at the unexpected answer, or possible question. “Pardon?”

Will huffs an inaudible laugh, one that draws Hannibal’s gaze back to him momentarily, an almost quelling look that belies just a hint of embarrassment, though to anyone but Will perhaps none of that would register. Both men turn their attention back to Milly when she shakes her head, still not an answer but rather a dismissal of her previous statement.

“Golduck,” she says firmly this time with a short nod as if that settles the matter. She turns back to Will, her eyes not quite staring into his but instead appearing to focus on the dark circles underneath them, and pats him on the head in a sympathetic manner. “Psyduck.”

Will’s throat tightens, keeping him from offering anything up in response. He doesn’t have to understand what the word means to realize she’s even more like him than he first thought, with a sharpened insight that allows her to see more of who he is than most grownups seem capable of figuring out after knowing him for years.

This first initiated contact is not lost on him either. Slowly, to let her know the comforting touch is welcome and reciprocated, he places his own hand on the one still nestled in his curls and lets it rest there, gently holding it in place without exerting any pressure.

“Mac is ready!” Lorraine calls out cheerily from the kitchen. Milly gives a tiny smile that Will returns before both of them lower their hands and Milly returns obediently to the kitchen.

He clears his throat after a moment, glancing down at the phone still in his other hand. “I should call Alana now before I forget again.” He stands and stretches out the stiffness until he hears a soft pop in his knees. Looking at Hannibal, he realizes the other man is still kneeling in the same spot.

Hannibal stands swiftly not a second later, turning to retrieve his bag from the table behind him. “I will set the table while you are outside,” he says with his back to Will.

Will feels oddly like putting a hand on the man’s shoulder, but before he can make a move Hannibal is already walking towards the dining area and the moment passes. Shrugging to himself, Will steps out and dials the number to his worried colleague.

what she says: im fine
what she means: her name is obviously eleven so presumably the bad men have done this to 10 other children. what happened to them? how long have they been doing this? how does will manage to stay alive for a week in the upside down when barb was killed almost immediately? what did he eat if anything? the upside down has the same buildings and roads but how does that work? are there more of the monsters or is that the only one? what happens to the upside down after the monster disappears? what happens to the monster? what happens to eleven? are the bad men going to take a 12th child after this? whats going to happen to hopper? did wills mom ever pay off the phones and lights? wh

Spell struck by you- Shance Week Day 4

So it’s this is a Harry Potter AU, that was created by me and my friends over on a Shance chat the day of my school’s Harry Potter dinner. Enjoy
AU-Harry Potter (Hufflepuff!Shiro/Slytherin!Lance)

Shiro watched as the howler in front of him ripped apart and the entire Great Hall became utterly silent. He blinked at the paper before looking up towards the Slytherin table. It wasn’t hard to find the person he was looking for; he just had to look for the one Ravenclaw brave enough to sit at a table of snakes.

Keith Kogan was looking over his shoulder as Lance McClain tried his best to hide behind him. Lance, a Slytherin, sent him a howler telling him how he felt. The howler had also asked if he’d be interested on going on a date on the next Hogsmeade day.

Lance was known amongst the students. Not a lot of them liked him because he was mischievous and a prankster. The added fact that he was in Slytherin seem to spell a bad name for him. Shiro himself didn’t pay much attention to him until he saw him defend Keith from his own housemates. He heard Lance give the excuse of falling down the stairs to other people while also reminding Keith that if he got into another fight, he’d be pulled from the Quidditch team. Lance might fit some of the characteristics of a Slytherin, but Shiro had seen him break those tight fitted rules to be his own person. And apparently, liking a Hufflepuff was one of them.

“He’s not serious right?”

“No way Shiro would go out with him.”

“As if the golden boy of Hufflepuff would bother with a Slytherin.”

Those comments and ones similar started spreading throughout the Hall. He narrowed his eyes. Who were they to decide the type of person he’d date? Lance actually seemed like a nice person and hearing – quite literally – that he was interested made him pretty happy. He’d seen Lance be happy and outgoing and he surprised himself by wondering what it’d be like to have that smile directed at him. He was going to say something but Lance moved first. He bolted from his seat and was out the door in seconds. Keith, after glaring at anyone close by, went after him.

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[Through tears ] the fact the clip been tittled inshallah means if god willing ,Sana and her mom talking abt what kind of guy she gonna marry and she told she wants her husband to cook and then her mom respond with ‘Inshaallah’ in other word its like recitting a du'a/pray (espacially when a mother said it) and then Yousef appeared .