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“Schopenhauer was a mistake.”

“Consistently bleak, unrelentingly grim, Schopenhauer’s modern contemptus mundi is so dark that one would be at a loss to explain its subsequent appeal if not of an important caveat. But mercifully, Schopenhauer stakes out one further path to renunciation. In aesthetic contemplation, he suggests, before the high altar of art, we can achieve temporary respite from the relentless prompting of desire. Standing before a great painting or a sublime natural landscape, swept up in a moving symphony, poem, or play, the observer may experience a momentary cessation of longing, a fleeting escape from the ‘thralldom of the will.’

‘The storm of passions, the pressure of desire and fear, and all the miseries of willing are then…calmed and appeased in a marvelous way.’ For an instant, we lose ourselves as we step into ‘another world,’ giving up consciousness of the subjective, aim-oriented striving that is our natural course. ‘All at once the peace, always sought but always escaping us on [the] path of the willing, comes to us of its own accord, and all is well with us. It is the painless state…the state of the gods; for that moment we are delivered from the miserable pressure of the will. We celebrate the Sabbath of the penal servitude of willing.’

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“[…] It was this aspect of his philosophy that endured. […] In Schopenhauer’s vision of redemption through art, [’a whole host of artists and thinkers’] found a powerful creed, one that anointed them with an extraordinary calling. A minister who suffers in sacrifice in order to offer his flock a fleeting glimpse of salvation, a temporary respite from pain, the artist in the Schopenhauerian vision is nothing less than a secular priest. For men and women losing the faith in a transcendent purpose to the world, this proved a compelling calling, all the more so in that it bid its followers to retrace, by secular steps, the way of a religious journey whose momentum remained powerful, however much this otherwise might be denied. Before a work of art, the modern pilgrim could stand still on a threshold and experience like his religious forebears the fullness of beatific promise.

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“But as he gazed across the way at the prospect of happiness, he must now wonder: Was this a window that opened onto a better world? Or simply the sacred space of art’s own making–a retreat–with nothing beyond itself?

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[…] Just as ‘Christianity stepped forth amid the Roman civilisation of the universe,’ Wagner observes [in an essay on Beethoven], ‘so Music breaks forth from the chaos of modern civilisation. Both say aloud: ‘our kingdom is not of this world.’’ It is Beethoven who bears this divine music aloft, spreading the word of a higher calling and deeper truth. ‘Let anyone experience for himself how the modern world of Appearance, which hems him in on every side to his despair, melts suddenly to naught if he hears but the first few bars of one of those godlike symphonies.’ Interpreting his hero in these Schopenhauerian terms, Wagner hears in Beethoven’s music the striving of the will–’a supernatural life, an agency now soothing, now appalling, a pulse, a thrill, a throb of joy, of yearning, fearing, grief and ecstasy’–which carries us, in the climax of the Ninth Symphony’s final ode, to ‘the nameless joy of a paradise regained.’

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“Wagner would develop more sinister fantasies of the ‘regeneration’ of man, reserving special animus for the Jews, who allegedly barred, like Typhon, the way to the happiness of the German people. Klimt never shared those thoughts, and indeed, whereas Wagner urged active engagement with the world, foreseeing a central role for art in the development of a ‘new religion’ and a new, glorious Reich, Klimt withdrew into the womb of his own creation.

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To flee the world into the image of art, or to remake the world in art’s image–both were Romantic fantasies, and they belied a common conviction:

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that the world, to the naked eye, was not a happy place. […]”

-Darrin M. McMahon, Happiness: A History. (2006) Emphasis mine.

…This is…

…This is one of those really old stories, isn’t it?


ASOUE Week Day 6: Favorite Costume

The story of this is that when I read “favorite costume” I assumed that meant TV costume that actors wear. After I already hunted down the right scenes from TBB and TRR to take screenshots of, edited the screenshots, realized I hated my edits, fixed it, and saved a custom adjustment shortcut called “Misery Pajamas” in Analog Efex Pro, I realized that this prompt was referring to, like, Captain Sham or Chabo the Wolf Baby. I wasn’t willing to abandon Misery Pajamas—because these pajama sets are so good—but I did redo the prompt. Anyway, the pics from my Detective Dupin/Officer Luciana post from early today used the same adjustment shortcut, but this was my first pass at it.

i can barely recognize myself
without the bags under my eyes
a bottle to kill the hunger pains
and wanting to die, but still i go back
back to that place
the pills, the powder, liquid
never wanting to sleep

to be sober was a suicide
a risk not willing to take
and misery, my only company
it seemed the only friend i could keep

HELP, my face hurts

Okay so I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this because it’s hard for me to ask for help, but I’ve reached my limit and am desperate at this point.

Most of you probably don’t know my living situation, but money is extremely tight for my family and I (to the point of donating plasma to eat). I’ve had some pretty severe wisdom tooth problems for about a year, and I’ve made efforts to get it taken care of but saving money is an impossibility atm.
In the last couple of days the pain has become so excruciating and unbearable that it’s left me unable to function. The left side of my face and neck are swollen and hot to the touch, my sinuses are completely fucked and the pain is indescribable.

That being said, I need around 800 dollars to be free from this hellish misery. I’m willing to take donations or art commissions (PayPal only please), and even if you can’t chip in I’d be eternally thankful if you would reblog this. My PayPal email is tasuki_ness@hotmail.com (yeah I know).

I appreciate you taking the time to read this, thank you.