-I’m being punished. I k—I kissed you just—just for a second, but it was enough. I let her go. I didn’t mean to.
-Kissing me didn’t mean th—
-No, she was never gone. She was with me. We should have been forever, and I— (cries) I let her be dead. She’s really dead. (breaks down into tears)


I just finished watching Buffy. I don’t know actually what my feelings doing right now. It was great btw.

Why does everybody hate Kennedy? She’s cute and smart and solid, she’s good for Willow.

Also I’m proud fuffy shipper. It was kinda obvious. And I’m waiting for the fic recs.

So, am I really the one who liked Kennedy?

I had no problem with her and Willow’s relationship.

I don’t understand why people compare her to Tara and to Oz.

Completely different people.

Completely different relationships.

I shipped Willow and Oz.

Seth Green is phenomenal.

I shipped Willow and Tara.

Amber Benson is amazing. (Have you seen Chance?)

I shipped Willow and Kennedy.

Iyari Limon? Yes, please!


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Evil Doesn’t Perish

Lily Anya Rosenbergportrayed by Allison Scagliotti

Lily is the hacker of the new generation of Scoobies just like her mother was. She takes after Willow in looks, inheriting her pale skin and red hair, but Kennedy’s brown eyes. However, she’s definitely not a witch. Keep her away from magic pleased. Lily is a certified genius, which occasionally gets on her cousins’ nerves. None of them are quite used to Lily correcting them when they’re wrong. She’s also the epitome of a geek. It’s not a rarity to catch her and Joshua discussing pop culture in more depth than anyone else in the mansion. There’s always some pop culture reference slipping from one of their mouths, but it wouldn’t be the Scooby Gang if someone didn’t do it. Computer programming is Lily’s true talent, although she also enjoys singing and playing guitar. Don’t tell her she can’t get into a system. She’ll only try to prove you wrong and won’t stop until she’s accomplished her goal. If something goes wrong with her hardware, Joshua is the first person she goes to, which is one reason they spend so much time together. She’s also found often with her cousins, Jesse and Gracin, and, most recently, Bowie. At a young age, she started showing signs of Slayer power, but it’s rare that she uses them despite her training.

Jasmine Alexandra Rosenbergportrayed by Maiara Walsh

Jasmine is the one child who hasn’t necessarily found her place in the world of vampire slaying and demon hunting and she thinks that’s for the best, despite occasionally feeling left out because of it. Unlike her sister, who is two years older, she takes after Kennedy more in looks. She’s inherited her darker skin tone and dark hair, but Willow’s blue eyes. While her sister and cousins have picked up skills to help save the world, Jasmine hasn’t found hers. Despite Lily being a Slayer, the line seems to have skipped Jasmine. She’s more of an artist. She enjoys painting. What she hasn’t realized, though, is that often her paintings are premonitions. But she’ll realize that soon enough. Music is her true escape, though. She loves playing piano which has helped her bond with her older sister since they often jam together. Her best friend in the Scooby home is her cousin, Elisa, who she enjoys gossiping with. She can also be found with Jacey, Joshua, and Joy, because they’re all so close to her age. And Bowie when Jacey is brave enough to bring him around.


Willow and Kennedy were a bad couple. I think Willow convinced herself to like Kennedy because she thought she needed to love someone again after Tara in order to keep herself from going evil again. She didn’t trust herself enough to be alone and that’s the only reason she was with Kennedy. It’s ridiculous that Willow and Kennedy were together in the end. 

Day 5: The pairing with the least chemistry. -- Willow Rosenberg & Kennedy [BtVS]

Day 5: The pairing with the least chemistry. 
     Willow Rosenberg & Kennedy [BtVS]

     I kinda wanted to throw up whenever I saw them together. I don’t really see the point of them at all. Sorry if that’s kina blunt… but that bratty little girl did not belong with the sweet and charming female witch. 

… a bratty potential slayer 


+ the coolest and sweetest witch in the world 



(and not in the good way) … and when when people say that they’re better than both Willow&Oz and Willow&Tara combined, I’m like… 

wingedsaboteur asked:

1, 20, 26, 37?

1. Talk about the first ship you ever had.

I think my first real ship was Brenda and Dylan in Beverly Hills 90210. I was really into their relationship and so angry when Kelly got in the middle of it and that Dylan chose her. I was a teenager myself then and it felt almost traumatic to me. Even years after Shannon Doherty left the show, I would be offended whenever Dylan and Kelly took another turn at getting back together (though I was fine with him being with other people) and got excited at any brief mention of her character having sent someone a letter or whatever. You could say I was a little bit obsessed.

20. Talk about a ship you feel alone in shipping.

Willow and Kennedy from Buffy. I ship Willow much stronger with Tara, and even Oz, but I really did like Willow and Kennedy together and thought their relationship was sweet and just what Willow needed at the time. I don’t think I’ve talked to a single person who feels the same yet. Anyone???

26. Have you noticed a pattern in your shipping? Is there a romantic dynamic you’re more drawn to?

Well, I have the tags: “love hate relationships ftw”, “inappropriate relationship love”, and “bad boy lust” for a reason. 

I am especially drawn to the love/hate style relationships where at least one of the members of the ship is very troubled and they kinda fight/sex their way through working out their issues together. Usually that ends up being a “bad boy”/“good girl” dynamic, but that isn’t the important part to me. It could be the woman who is the troubled one, they could both be troubled, it could be a queer relationship between same-sex partners, it could be a poly ship where several of them are the troubled ones, etc. 

My absolute fave in this department, for example, is spuffy - and that’s both of them sort of violently and sexually working through their various deep issues together. [Some day I’ll write more about why season 6 spuffy means so much to me. Some day.]


That said, there are other types of ships I’m drawn to: more fluffy love/hate ships where they just kinda banter a lot; ships based on solid friendships that slowly build into more; childhood sweethearts who grow together, apart, and back together again; and occasionally even the fluffy oh gosh they are just so perfect together they’re totally an old married couple the minute the meet type - though those are rare and have to be done really well to get me.

37. Do you have a favorite trope and/or AU for your OTP?

I adore the heck out of the trope of “we have to pretend to be in a relationship” while they slowly realize they’re really in love.

I get a kick out of the “we think this is forbidden because we might be related but it turns out we’re not thank gods we can finally hook up” trope.

Partner do-si-do can be fun - where two couples split up and the respective partners end up together. Even more fun if the two that cheated together end up not working out and the two that ended up together out of revenge and/or empathy end up falling in love for realises.

There’s the sort of irresponsible ex trying to woo their partner back by being a better person trope that can be cute if done right.

But mostly, as I said above, any variation of love/hate tropiness will draw me in. Every single damned time.


Willow/Kennedy - Passion