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I know Willow tends to get a lot of flack on tumblr and a lot of it is deserved, but I always loved how understanding and non judgemental she tried to be when it came to Buffy's personal decisions like in 3.07 or in Interventions or in season 6 when they found out Buffy is actually having sex with Spike, even when she is concerned about her well-being or doesn't fully aprove of her decisions.

I definitely appreciate all the times she was supportive of Buffy.


LWD & SKOP challenge Day 11: Poppy & Sam’s day or Garrison & Willow’s day

“Take it,” she repeats, her opinion unchanging. Her neck elongates, like she’s holding her fucking breath. “I just want the best for you.”
“The best for me is to be with you.” His nose flares, restraining emotion. “I’m a better fucking person when I’m with you.” He rubs his face a couple times, and any doubt I’ve ever had about him just fucking disappears. I can see how much they emotionally care about one another. How much they probably have this whole fucking time.
“Don’t be afraid,” she whispers to him. “You can do anything on your own. I know you can.” Her glasses fog up and she takes them off.
His reddened eyes meet hers, and his brown hair brushes his lashes. He clasps her  hand, threading their fingers. And he says, “I love you.”
Tears squeeze out of her eyes.
“No matter where we are, you’re always going to be my girl.”
Four years is a long fucking time, but maybe it’ll work.
We all can empathize with first love.
Even Connor.


aty challenge: day 11 » sappy or gillow

“You shouldn’t be around me, and I don’t think I can be the better person and walk away from you, so you gotta do it to me. You have to tell me to stay away from you. You have to tell me to never come back here.”
“I’m not a fool.” I remove my glasses, wiping the foggy lenses. “I’m just a girl from Maine who wants a friend from Philadelphia. You’re my friend. I chose you as much as you chose me.” I put my glasses back on to see how reddened his eyes have become. “You’re the second friend I’ve ever had in my whole life, and I’m picky about my friendships. But i chose you.”

Oh god, another fic idea has just come to mind:

Amy Madison, from late season 6/early season 7 gets sent back to her body back when she’s 16, pre-Catherine stealing her body (so she makes sure that never happens). And now she has future knowledge.

This fic could easily be so Radison though - now that Amy knows Willow is gay, she’d 100% go after her. I mean, the only thing that stopped her is that Amy thought Willow was straight.

Goddamnit, now I want to write this fic too. :(