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After the Story of "becoming part 2", did Buffy every found out about Willows true message? I thought there was a conversation about this but I can't find it and by now I think it was just a dream I had.

It’s mentioned in passing in Selfless…

…which I think was mostly pandering to fans, who I believe had been complaining about this FOR YEARS, and with good reason.

Moreover, it was a throwaway line in the middle of an argument centered around a completely different topic, so from a writing standpoint, it didn’t make sense to shift the argument towards Xander’s lie. And it’s never really fully addressed beyond Willow’s “I never said that.”

Xander gets away with it, 100%. 

A few years later…

Helena contacted the police right after she left the hospital and told them the whole story, from the beginning. She gave them her parent’s and Isis address, so they felt safe and so that the police would know where her children were in case Dyrus showed up; they always had police around the houses just to be sure. Turns out Dyrus was in fact a wanted criminal, already accused of sexual assault and robbery.

Helena asked for a Restraining Order, and everything went smoothly for a couple of months. Sometimes she would get these weird text messages and e-mails, but she just tried to forget about them.

Life for Helena was not easy. She had to start her life again, this time in Willow Creek; she felt like every man was trash and that they wanted something from her. She got some serious trust issues. Helena also got a hard time finding a job… Who would have known that in Willow Creek people were very judgmental towards people who had tattoos?

She visited her parents every once in a while, she would drive for four hours straight, from Willow Creek to Oasis Springs, after the kids were asleep. She loved hearing all the stories about the twins, but it would also break her heart.

Soulmate gifts

Thank you @maruthor for helping me with these - based on @insideoflit’s soulmate Challenge

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While she was gone, Roy knew she was still alive because he kept receiving gifts

Maia once joked she could send herself, but accidentally sent her bra whilst in the middle of a fight. She almost died when a pair of Superman boxers landed on a guard she was talking to later.

Roy woke up to a dragon tooth, or rather Jason walked into Roy sanitizing a dragons tooth

Roy once accidentally sent a screwdriver which to his surprise she cherished and rubbed it in his face when it came in handy for a mission.

He also sent her food when he was super worried, attached with a typed out note so she wouldn’t recognize his handwriting.

Maia almost sent him one of the local breeds of dogs to the place she was in, luckily Morrigan talked her out of it, so instead she sent him a hand drawn picture of it - explaining about the canines.

Jason has also woken up to Roy shouting in surprise as he wakes up near weapons.

After they’ve known it’s eachother, Maia once got a text on that day that Roy needed a new shirt while abroad.

@insideoflit’s suggestion - Roy once bought her a dishwasher who promised him she would never use it, he found it in his bedroom a few months later on soulmate day. “Well I told you I wouldn’t use it.”

Well, I’m v tired but I just finished the crossover eps between Supergirl/Flash. The one with all the singing. And the dancing.
And let me tell you, if you somehow found that content unenjoyable, than you’re one of five things:
a) A Supergirl Hater
b) A Flash Hater
c) Devoid of that part of human anatomy that makes you happy when you see things like: puppies, rainbows, and Kara/Barry.
d) CLEARLY deaf - possibly tonedeaf - I mean, seriously…?
or e) All of the above