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Headcanon: Willow replaces her fallen teath with magical abilties and for learning new language and stuff like this. Acacia replaces hers for mmore phyisical things, like being able to run faster or jump higher. Hank keeps his hidden and keeps them for when he really want things, and then he treads two or three at the time.

Gift Fic for Kathubs: All Was Right With The World

This is a gift fic for @kathubs, who is just an amazing person and a gift to the Buffyverse Fandom. And this is, after all Kathubs appreciation day.

“I don’t see why we couldn’t have just ordered room service.” Willow complained. Tara couldn’t help but smile at the exaggerated way that Willow stuck out her lower lip as she pouted. “The bed was comfy.” Somehow, Tara didn’t think the comfyness of the bed was really Willow’s biggest priority, though it really was a comfortable bed.

Tara reached over and took Willow’s hand. She’d always been tactile with the woman she loved, but she’d found herself even more so since she’d come back… come back from the dead. After over two years with no body, unable to touch anything or anyone, let alone Willow, Tara felt like she had to check often, to make sure she still could.

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TRIPLE BRIDGES by Beno Saradzic
Via Flickr:
This photograph features Ljubljanica river in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. There is mention of a wooden bridge in this location from 1280. It was at first called the Old Bridge (Stari most) and later the Lower Bridge (Spodnji most), in contrast to the Upper Bridge that was built in the location of the nowadays Cobblers’ Bridge in the same century. It was also named the Špital Bridge (Špitalski most) after the nearby poorhouse, which was established in the early 14th century. It was built anew in 1657 after a fire. The Triple Bridge is a group of three bridges across the Ljubljanica River. It connects the Ljubljana’s historical, medieval, town on one bank, and the modern city of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, on the other. In 1842, the Lower Bridge was replaced by a new bridge designed by Giovanni Picco, an Italian architect from Villach, and named Franz’s Bridge, (Frančev most) in honor of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria. It also became known as the Franciscan Bridge (Frančiškanski most). This bridge, opened on 25 September 1842, had two arches and a metal fence. The essentials of the bridge have been preserved until today, which is evidenced by the inscribed dedication to the archduke above its central pier, reading in Latin “ARCHIDVCI. FRANCISCO. CAROLO. MDCCCXLII. CIVITAS.”, which means “To Archduke Franz Karl in 1842 by the Town.” In order to prevent the 1842 stone arch bridge from being a bottleneck, the architect Jože Plečnik designed in 1929 the extension of the bridge with two footbridges at a sligh angle on each side of it. In collaboration with his student Ciril Tavčar, who drew the plans, he published the proposal in the same year in the journal Ljubljanski Zvon. Construction started in 1931 and continued until spring 1932. The bridge was opened for traffic in April 1932. The bridge was renovated in 1992. Since 2007, all the three bridges have been part of the Ljubljana pedestrian-only zone.

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top 10 Xander moments

Yes!!!! Love talking about Xander!!! Okay, top ten moments, this is going to be extremely hard. 

1) The Zeppo! I love how he got under Jack’s skin and got him to stop the bomb and of course the end when he didn’t tell a soul about what he did because what mattered was that Xander knew. 

Source sunnydale-scoobies.tumblr.com

2) Speeches of love and respect: too many to pick from, but Buffy, Willow, Dawn and Anya received plenty of them. I wish Xander got to give Giles a love and respect speech at one point in the series. 

3) Prophecy Girl! People tend to remember Xander in the episode as the boy who took rejection badly but I remember it for Xander jumping to Buffy’s rescue the second he learned about the prophecy and Buffy heading on her own to fight the Master - regardless of her rejection - and going to ANGEL of all people to lead him to the Master’s place and ending up saving Buffy himself. He never asked for thanks or to be rewarded for it. Give the kid some credit please.

Made by  bvffythevampireslayer

4) Innocence: I love when Xander is shown to be smart and insightful which happened a lot on the show but it tends to be too subtle that people barely notice them and the poor kid is dubbed dumb. Xander came up with the idea to defeat the Judge and also showed good leadership skills (He’ll be the Scoobies leader again in the summer between S2 and S3) And I just love, love, love how he noticed that something was off about Angel and rushed back quickly and saved Willow! 

5)  Sacrificing himself for those he loves. Inca the Mummy Girl shows Xander offering himself to be killed by Ampata’s kiss of death instead of Willow. He pushed Buffy out of the way in The Replacement - didn’t know what Toth’s stick did, could have fried him to death and he still took a bullet for Buffy. He refused to choose between Willow and Anya in Triangle and prefered to be killed instead. BtVS shows plenty of scenes where Xander pushes a loved one out of harm’s way and jumps into the fray. 

Made by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer

6) The Prom! Speaking of Xander pushing a loved one out of the way and jumping into the fray, this exactly happens in the shop where Cordelia works. This episode is a beautiful farewell to Xander/Cordelia. Xander makes up for cheating on her by keeping her secret about her family situation (which is interesting because Cordelia didn’t keep her promise not to reveal Xander’s family situation before. Xander could have used that moment for a petty tit for tat but he proved to be a good person and a gentleman.) Then he ended up buying Cordelia the dress with his road trip money! 

Made by  yourtinseltinkerbell

7) Killed by Death: Xander standing up to Angelus wasn’t only very brave and heroic, but also so incredibly sexy and launched off so many hot and dark Xangelus fics where Angelus makes Xander pay for making him look like a fool!!! 

Made by  darthmarion

8) Every time he rescues Spike and is gentle with him. That’s the Spander in me showing, but Xander saved Spike’s life on several occasions and it’s not all with fighting and there needs to be a gif set about it damnit! Xander lighting Spike’s lighter is the highlight - actually S5 was the best Spander season, both men showed plenty of signs that they could grow to be friends this season. What the hell happened in S6? 

Made by Mokalicious

9) The Harvest: Xander just learned that vampires were real, yet it didn’t paralyze him in place with fear because Jesse was in danger. Xander risked his life to save Jesse and it was the first heartbreak in the series when Jesse gets killed. “I don’t like vampires.” Poor Xander. 

10) Where the Wild Things Are: Buffy and Riley are trapped inside and Xander just goes in there to save their life, with Spike or without him. None of his friends wanted to back him up, and yet he just goes there. It’s exactly what Anya says about him in Storyteller: 

Anya: There’s no one like you, Xander. You were willing to stand up to danger, even when your hands had no weapons. You were ready to protect me with your life.

It wasn’t just for Anya and loved ones. He also did it for strangers and people he disliked like Cordelia in Some Assembly Required and Spike in Doomed. 

Made by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer

Okay, so this is my list and I do have way more moments like how he forgets about his pain to comfort Buffy in Beer Bad and Anya in Older and Far Away, but it’s supposed to be 10 moments and I know I cheated a lot. :D 

So, anytime I read another ‘holy crap someone purge Xander from this world with whatever it takes to remove that kind of grease-stain-on-humanity,’ I’ll just read this list and try not to shove it in that person’s face.