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i feel like the whole baseball team knows dallas and malek are hardcore pinning over each other but all of them were raised right and arent snitches and mind their own buissness

This is such.. a Good ask. Because it’s true.Some of them even sit down Malek/ Dallas and have a Long and Serious Talk with the both of them (Not at the same time) but they’re both just so.. Stubborn. 

Tyler: Dallas, sit your ass down. I need to ask you something.
Dallas: Malek ate your trail mix I’m sorry I tried to stop him. 
Tyler: I knew it.. I mean. That’s not the point. I. Dude, do you like Malek?
Dallas: [90′s anime girl laugh] me?? I don’t think so. 
Dallas: [wearing and clinging to Malek’s Punisher shirt because he “left” his shirt at home] what makes you think that

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What if Professor Willow from Pokémon Go was Guzma's real dad and the father that is seen during the game isn't Guzma's maternal dad? Like Willow would always leave the house for long periods of time and would rarely have time to spend with his wife and child because he was busy researching Pokémon, so eventually they divorce and the wife remarries with the guy that beat Guzma with the golf clubs

Its always the fkn stepparents

If willow ever found out, he’d break those golf clubs over the stepdads stupid head


(Completely nonsexual (and the only exposed thing is boobs), but might as well put it behind a preview just in case.)

This is one of those unfinished things I sat myself down to complete (when I should’ve been doing school stuff instead :V). Fifty eons ago, @wigfrids posted this awesome picture of ram Wigfrid and I fell in love with the idea. That lead me to draw up stag Wilson and coyote Willow. (I also have a mouse Wes sitting around somewhere, but I don’t know if I’ll finish that one.)

So yeah. Have some nudist furries that probably won’t see anymore usage. :P