this is my sweet postman. he’s friend with all my sims and always walk around in the morning, cheering people up, talking to kids and hugging elders. i love this guy so much and he’s just a random townie my game generated and never deleted since a year from now. always have been a postman to all my worlds.

yesterday i played for awhile and he was looking so down or heartbroken. i wonder how his life is going on. he’s so nice to evryone and nobody really know him… i should invite him for dinner or something. he’s just a full mystery.

By The Willow Shade

TITLE: By The Willow Shade


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a witch (on Earth) and accidentally summoning Loki. He gets angry and confused, but ends up actually liking your company and teaches you more magic.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I would like to apologise in advance for this chapter; except I’m evil and not actually sorry. It’s the thought that counts, right?


    Willow shifted self-consciously after she noticed everyone was staring at her, crossing her arms at her chest defensively when she heard a few sniggers. She hadn’t meant for that little outburst; she just couldn’t understand how anyone could think a girl like her could actually pose a threat to anything, even with what she’d learned from Loki. She wasn’t even that good, really. At least, so she thought. And now because of her big mouth everyone was staring at her and laughing.

    But then, what had she expected?

    “If that is the case, then we have little to discuss,” Odin replied after a moment, “I am, however, curious as to what bargains you have struck with Loki.”

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Cole’s bedroom

Cole is a 18 yo student at Windenburg University. He spends most of his time there but he often makes quick visit at his parents home’s for holidays. He’s the eldest of his siblings but may be the most naive and genuine of all. Also, Cole is a big basketball fan, even if he shows no talent in the discipline…

Nevertheless, he’s really good at running and is studiing sport and programming. Cole is “dating” a guy since a year now, even if no one really know about this. Cole’s parents - Lucie and Hansel - know that their son is gay but he’s really shy about introducing anyone to his family, yet. He prefers to take things slow.

bisummers asked: I think i missed the au party but buffy+ willow + an event involving formalwear

  • in her late twenties, buffy goes back to college to finish her degree. she is allowed 2 guests at her convocation, and invites willow (who is currently her girlfriend) and dawn.
  • dawn decides to wear the dress she wore to her own convocation (which was just a couple years ago), but buffy and willow shop for new ones. it’s kind of a big deal for buffy, so they go all out. willow ends up with something kinda witchy, but classy. buffy, still a prom queen at heart after all these years, buys something long and shimmery.
  • willow finds her dress pretty quickly. it’s sort of a hey-look-that’s-the-one-i-hope-it-fits kinda deal.
  • buffy, however, tries on about half the dresses in the mall. in each fitting room, with each dress she likes, she twirls in front of the mirror so that she can feel how swishy the material is. willow indulges her because buffy looks So Beautiful. (“okay. maybe not this one.” “i dunno, buffy. spin around one more time?”)
  • the morning of, once they’re all dressed up, willow conjures some flowers and places them carefully in buffy’s hair.
  • after the ceremony, buffy and willow and dawn go out for a Fancy Lunch at an expensive restaurant nearby, because they’re all dressed up, so they may as well, right?
  • it’s one of the best days of buffy’s life. (she tells willow this in the evening at their apartment when they’ve switched back to pyjama mode.)

Daisy was trying to corral a very hungry Vista towards the high chair, but the minute she set the food down he grabbed it and made a run for it.

Once again, this is a new camp, new child, same refusal to wear the clothes that make up 90% of their outfits. Next commune child, I’m not even going to bother with clothes….Plumbob help me.

Daisy: “Why you little…”