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Just Little Dean/Seamus things

Not in chronological order

• Dean has gotten really, really good at Aguamenti. Because Seamus sets something on fire at least once a day.

• Seamus has a breakdown right before the OWLs because he feels like he’s not good at anything. Whenever he tries to do anything he ends up setting something on fire or having it explode and Dean just takes both of his hands and tells him that it’s okay if he can’t transform a rat into a freakin’ cup. Everyone has their strengths and Seamus’ just so happens to be ~pyrotechnics~

• Seamus just holding Dean when he breaks down about the safety of the muggle-born side of his family. Seamus is worried about his own family, but he puts that aside right now because Dean needs him to be strong. But, he sucks at…words. It seems like whenever he opens his mouth, he just makes things worse. So instead, he sits quietly, his arms wrapped tightly around Dean’s shoulders with Dean’s head rested against his chest. He presses kisses to Dean’s forehead.

• Someone dares Seamus to run up and touch the womping willow. Dean tells him it’s a ridiculous idea and that he’s going to get himself hurt. Seamus How About I Do Anyway Finnigan ends up in the hospital wing but he insists that he technically completed the dare because technically he touched the womping willow. Dean points out that really the womping willow touched him.


Project Disney Week 5 [Team Bjorgman and Flynn Rider]


Colors of the Wind

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Frustrated with how the conversation had gone, Tom stood up and kicked the sofa. Unfortunately for him, his sister chose that exact moment to come in. 

Willow: “Thomas, what’s wrong?”

Tom: “I don’t think my wife is ever coming home.”

Willow whispered so that the twins in the next room didn’t overhear. 

Willow: “Big brother. Look at me. I’m going to be honest with you. I didn’t like that girl when she first arrived. But she loves you so much. Her face lights up the minute you enter the room, I see it all the time. She just doesn’t love Clara. She’s taking some time out, that’s all. She’ll be home, and you’ll work through this.”

Tom: “Thanks, Wills.”

Willow: “You’re welcome. But call me Wills again and I will be forced to take action against you.”

Tom mumbled.

Tom: “Sorry.”

He wanted to believe Willow but everything seemed so bleak at the moment.

Willow: “As Elizabeth is staying with her mother this evening, how about you spend some time with the boys? I’ll make sure Clara keeps packing.”

Prom Night!

Lavender didn’t go to prom because her date cheated on her. Ruby had a boyfriend named Rickie and Willow started dating her friend Dominique. I’m going to have to wait and see if that was an experiment or if she’s actually bisexual. I say bi because she flirts with every guy, too.

Ruby won Prom Queen, which shocked my at first, but then i realized that almost half the school was in the art club and sh had become friend with most of them, so it made sense I guess.