Jada, Jaden, & Willow Killing it! Dancing


Carefree Black Girl Friendships (Celeb Edition):
Willow Smith & Amandla Stenberg

Black girls that genuinely love each other, to the point where they are rooting for the growth of the other, for the wellbeing and freedom of the other, for the everlasting love they have for each other, I do a jig inside.

These friendships are so important. And I’m so glad that these two, two conscious Black girls who are targets in the spotlight yet continue to thrive in their own versions of their carefreeness, chose each other as friends and sisters.

I hope they create together and share their creation with us. Can’t even imagine the awesomeness that could spew from their heads and intertwine with each other.


So what you’re telling me is that girls can wear sweatpants, basketball shorts, and other “male” type clothing but a boy can’t wear what a girl typically wears? That’s so screwed up. We live in such a hypocritical world where things are only seen okay if it goes by what we regularly know. Things are meant to change, we are meant to change, so why send negativity towards it.
Jaden Smith is causing a movement and I will back him until the end. He sets his own goals and is fine with being himself. Since he was little he was amazing in my eyes and I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes. I applaud him and his decisions.