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basically, mlb + colton ryan don’t have their height listed everywhere. Heck right?


I need pictures of them where I can get an idea of how tall they are in relation to what’s around them(props, objects, other cast members, etc)*

If you have any photos like that, please submit them!

*or if youve met them irl or a friend has and you have a good idea of the height difference.

Thank you!!!!!

EDIT: I figured out mlb’s height(thanks to a lovely pic of him with ben platt; he’s 5"9) so all that’s left to be sorted is how tall colton ryan is!!!!!

Top 10 comic writers

I figured this would be a fun top 10 list to do as an aspiring comic book writer. I wanted to talk about my 10 favorite comic writers and why I love them. This is as of the very start of December 2015 i’m sure December 2016 i’ll have a whole new list. The rules for this list in particular are that my favorite thing about this person is their writing and not there drawn art. Since there is many artists/writers who are brilliant and could have made this list. I’ll likely do a top 10 artists and top 10 writer/artists list in the future. That said this isn’t to speak ill of the art of the writers on this list who do art I love all their art styles they simply aren’t doing published work really with their drawings. I also want to note I don’t think I’ve read anyone on this lists whole body of work maybe something on there would make them move up or down but I won’t know until I read them. 

Marguerite Bennett: Angela Queen of Hel one skyrocketed to the top of my favorite single issues after reading it. Even when I don’t love a story she does I can’t deny that the writing is on point. She is really great at making fantastic dialogue, she is amazing at representation, she is committed to making this awesome stories. I need to catch up on DC Bombshells because I really enjoyed that one and it really just shows everything she is best at in full force. I think she is one of the writers who could just sky rocket up in the names of best writers ever. 

Jeremy Whitley: Princeless yo, go read Princeless or better yet go read Raven the Pirate Princess. Raven the Pirate Princess is one of the best series i’ve ever read and that is something I can say about a lot of series I’ll mention in this list but Jeremy’s comics are really something special. He manages to blend more modern themes into fantasy seamlessly. He also isn’t afraid to go straight for the social justice and I love that about his writing. Oh also his Danny and Misty story in Secret Love was really good. 

G Willow Wilson: She is a Marvelous writer who with Ms. Marvel has managed to in every issue really illustrate what is great about super hero comics. She has done a great job with the X-men and has really proven her mastery of banter. She might have been even higher on on the list for Ms. Marvel alone but I just really didn’t feel the first run of A-force for many reasons and wrote a post on it. Even then I think she wrote some pretty good interactions I just had a problem with like a lot of other things. Seriously though she is fantastic and I only imagine great things in her future. 

Al Ewing:  Al is a person that has been doing work for a while but I just got savvy this year. His writing on Mighty Avengers transcended the art. His run on Loki is brilliant and you should go read it. That is the only Loki I really want to see right now or I at least don’t want to see Loki revert. I liked the first issue of the Ultimates a lot and I think despite me not being a fan of New Avengers art at all for the characters in the book he is still proving he has great ideas. Also I just love his commitment to diversity making sure to have queer characters, woman and people of color in his current books and pretty much all his books have a nice balance of gender and racial diversity. 

Kate Leth: Her writing is the most recent of my discoveries on this list and likely will soar up in future lists. Just her story in Secret Wars Too alone leaves me tingling with joy. She has done amazing things on the Bravest Warriors and Adventure Time comics. I love Adventure Time Seeing Red and Bravest Warriors comics might be be better then the show. Her little online web comic series is also super cute and funny. Kate is a real master of energetic humor. 

Noelle Stevenson: Earlier I mentioned Lumberjanes well here is the woman who spear headed it all until the mermaid arc. Lumberjanes is just so amazing that she sky rocketed up my list of favorite writers. Then she did my all time favorite Wonder Woman story in Sensational Comics.If Noelle is writing it I will read it. Even when I thought i’d hate the Secret Wars Runaways I ended up really loving it.  

Brian k Vaughan: The Runaways is the comic that is responsible for me loving comics and  Saga was my real gateway comic into indie comics. Brain is an amazing writer who knows how to just do everything so well. The only reason he isn’t like number one is because I find he likes to end on a low note and that’s not the kind of stories I like. Still he knows how to make a hell of a ride.

Kelly Thompson: Kelly Thompson will be one of the biggest names in comics I am sure. I love Jem and the freaking Holograms so much. This turned me a person who really didn’t care about Jem into a massive fan who is totally committed to the comic. It’s at the top my stack whenever it releases and I can’t help but jump at it. Then there is Heart in a Box a comic i’ve only read the first chapter of but it still created this amazing feeling of pacing in me. Like she really created a cool thing there from what I have read. Her work on Captain Marvel and The Carol Corps is also really great. Really she is this high on the list because she is a writer who no matter what she has her name on I’m going to be at least giving it a look. 

Kieron Gillen: Young Avengers and The Wicked + The Divine are two comics I read this year but have climbed to my favorite comics of all time. Even with me not really enjoying Siege I couldn’t take away points from him really when Young Avengers and Wic/Div are so powerful. I don’t even really like drama and Wic/Div manages to make me totally committed to the series despite all the death and despair that is in the comics. Young Avengers also turned a bunch of characters I could have not given a damn about really and turned them into pretty much my favorite characters. 

Ryan North: I feel like Ryan is in a lot of ways the opposite side of the coin to Gillen. No one rights joy as well as Ryan North does and he really knows how to make it radiate. From his amazing run on adventure time, to his web comic Dinosaur comics he knows how to make the giggles come. However, nether project is the reason why he is my favorite, it’s all about that Squirrel Girl in one year this writer with the rest of the creative team have made me totally fall in love with Squirrel girl. No comic has me more constantly in love with every panel, little jokes below the panels, and hell even the letters page then Squirrel Girl.

anonymous asked:

can you talk a bit more about what scorpios are actually like? i appreciate my scorpio friends and think theyre so sweet and caring and funny, but i don't have a good grasp on scorpio traits beyond that because there's no scorp in my chart :(

i’ve only known a handful of scorpios irl who are all amazing, but i follow a lot of scorpio celebrities and i’m friends with a lot of scorpios on here as well, and honestly the ONE common factor among all of them is a great sense of humor, like literally all of them are so funny, and not just by my standards, i mean like the scorpio bloggers i know are so funny they get tens-of-thousands of notes on their posts frequently and most scorpio celebrities are known as funny people as well, actually a huge number of them are comedians. scorpios really are not at all negative in the way that people think they are; they have that kind of dry and self-deprecating sense of humor that’s been popularized recently. some famous scorpios that are big right now are ryan reynolds and leonardo dicaprio, and both of them exhibit that same self-deprecating humor with other elements that i can’t really put into words, like they’re just relatable and real, and that’s why people love them. since i mentioned them tho, some other famous scorpios are drake, frank ocean, amandla stenberg, ciara, lorde, eliza taylor, future, emma stone, anne hathaway, ryan gosling, willow smith, lisa bonet, rachel mcadams, emilia clarke, alexa chung, and so many more. there are sooooo many famous scorpio artists and writers as well, including georgia o’keeffe and sylvia plath. 

another common trait among scorpios is how sweet and caring they are, as you mentioned, but none of them will refer to themselves as such. as a scorpio, even i feel fucking weird talking about it, but i’m trying to stay objective. a lot of the bloggers that i mentioned are also the same people who started the “emotional post” revolution on here and they are literally just constantly talking about love and positive things. like, scorpios really won’t spend too much time talking about negative things unless they’ve been severely hurt. if scorpios don’t like something or if something bothers them, they’ll get pissed about it for a minute, then ignore it completely bc it’s a waste of time. more developed scorpios don’t indulge in needless negativity. every scorpio i can think of is honestly so positive, and they all inspire me. scorpios are capable of such emotional depth that it just radiates and inspires, but that may only be apparent to those close to them bc scorpios are generally very private and reserved people, and they don’t like to expose themselves to people until they’re certain that those people will be good for them in some way. when a scorpio opens up, they’re loud, goofy, and surprisingly affectionate. they have a very adept sense of empathy as well, and they’re experts at reading people. they know when you’re happy, when you’re hurting, and when they should comfort you or give you space. they’re experts in reading body language, and much of their communication is expressed in silence. scorpios are observers and listeners more than anything, so it’s easy to have a comfortable unspoken bond with them. they just want to see the people they love happy, and they’ll do what they can to ensure that. i think this is where that scorpio “manipulation” you hear so much about comes in. more often than not, they have good intentions, and they will offer advice and suggestions to you to sway you in the right direction. this ties in with scorpio’s archetype of the healer or the chemist; scorpios will offer what they have to help or heal you. the sign is closely associated with sacrifice, medication, and protection. if a scorpio loves you, they’ll do anything for you.

lastly, i just wanna add to how emotional scorpios are. in comparison to the other water signs, scorpios’ soft side is talked about a lot less and often forgotten entirely bc of their unwillingness to share their vulnerabilities with the whole world. i’m gonna step back from being objective for a second to say that i am a cryer! my family calls me a baby bc i will cry at any movie that is even remotely emotional. this is really common among scorpio people. depth of emotion is every scorpio’s standout characteristic, in my opinion. they feel everything in extremes, but you may not always be able to tell. scorpios can have trouble verbalizing their feelings bc they can’t always find the right words for their complexity, and they often keep their feelings to themselves bc they don’t feel it’s necessary to share all the time, especially if they’re not entirely comfortable with you. scorpios love love, and while that may mean something different to everyone, it’s something that every scorpio wants and needs. scorpios can fear intimacy, but they need it, just like they can fear vulnerability in spite of wanting it so badly. they want to be with people who will love them as much as they love other people, and they’re endlessly loyal to these people when they find them. scorpios are honestly such loving and important people, and i wish ppl would wake up and realize that.


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