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For those that have looked forward to the Wisp Folklore AU, I have mixed news for you:

I fell more in love of the idea of Demongo being a Wisp than making the folklore story itself. However, that does not mean Fandango is cancelled. It just means I have other plans to set it else where. For now this is just basic stuff that came to my mind in figuring Demongo’s speices. I’m looking at it without Aku being apart of the formula.


So tell me now, O tell me this: a forest’s son, a river’s daughter

A willow wand, a will-o-wisp, our ghosts will wander all of the water.

So let’s be married here today, these rushing waves to bear our witness

And we will lie like river stones, rolling only where it takes us

But these hazards of love

Never more will trouble us.

As The Years Go By (2/5)

Blaine moves into the house behind Kurt’s, they grow up together as best friends and then more.

Part one or read on AO3

Warning for this part: Mentions of bullying and assault. Hospitalization.

Kurt knows he’s different, is now acutely aware of his differences even if he can’t quite get his finger on the pulse of exactly why. He doesn’t have just a few friends at school now, he has none. He is not just a social pariah, he is a target. Every day he walks into battle and leaves weary and broken. He’s frustrated and afraid and he takes it out on Blaine because he’s there.

Blaine is different, too. He likes show tunes just like Kurt. He dresses oddly and fashionably like Kurt. He likes to sing and dance and sew and do crafts like Kurt. But Blaine has friends, lots of them. Friends that he plays football with and goes to sleepovers with and is aways being invited to birthday parties or a day at Cedar Point or the lake and Kurt gets invited nowhere ever.

“Are you gonna go get your overnight bag or just borrow stuff?” Kurt asks, in the middle of watching The Sound of Music again. 

A flibbertigibbet. A willow-o’-the-wisp. A clown,” Blaine sings in his sweet, beautiful voice. He grabs a handful of popcorn and eats a few kernels. “Actually, I made plans. Going to see The Dark Knight with Sam later.”

Kurt pulls the popcorn bowl onto his lap and scoots against the other end of the couch. “Why do you hang out with him? He’s like—A dumb jock.”

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ADAW 28/52 - Fairy lights

“Before she decided to search for her son Willow lived in a swamp. As long as she was there it was always fall and the leaves were shining in bright colors. As queen of Will-o-Wisp Willow ruled her kingdom wise and all the creatures loved her. So much that some of them joined her later on her quest. But humans never should enter the swamp … some dared and never were seen again.

As said the summer heat is just awfull, I thought I was melting during taking the photos OTL but I really like the fairy lights and taking photos of Willow next to them was on my list for quite some time <3

What if?

Willow: H-have you … ever thought a-about … us? As a… couple?
Ghost: If everything would have been different, if we had met first… yeah I had this thoughts.
Willow: O-oh…
Ghost: But now.. I’m happy with Fire. I love her.
Willow: Yes.. yes I know…

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I don’t get it…

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