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Look who I just met!!! She’s even prettier in person. She was more low key than the others who were all vying for attention. She sat off to the side and was curious but wasn’t scared, which is good because it means she wont be jumping for the attention of strangers while on walks. Her registered name is CH Krystal Golden Willow & she’s 3 years old. 

Her breeder wants to try to get her to have puppies one more time before giving her up. She told me the first time they all died and they don’t know why so she’s having tests done. She does insist on us having a fenced in area though, so it will become more of a priority as we look for a new place. We’re trying to look into a townhouse that has a fenced yard and is right by a lake. 

A negative is Willow will have to have a few of her top front teeth removed which she showed me. Not to be vain but I hope it doesn’t effect her facial structure. Aside from that she seems really lovely and I think shes perfectly adorable!      

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Idk if this is really unpopular but I think Anya deserved better than Xander

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Absolutely. It has been argued that Xander, Willow, et al treated Anya so poorly because she’s, well, a mass murderer, and such an argument is certainly not without merit. But if Xander could get past the crimes she committed enough to marry her (or nearly marry her), then surely he should have been able to treat her with a modicum of compassion and respect too? Similarly, even if we were to go with the “Xander treated Anya so condescendingly because she was evil” theory, then that still doesn’t explain the glaring differences in how he regards Willow’s, Angel’s, Faith’s, and Spike’s past sins as opposed to Anya’s…Or the glaring differences in how the show regards all five character’s crimes, period. But that’s a whole other barrel of fish. 

I digress, Anya totally deserved better than Xander. As did Cordelia. And Buffy. And Willow. It’s rather astounding how he treated them all a lot of the time. Even when Anya died he was cracking jokes about how “stupid” she was. She couldn’t even escape the humiliation and degradation from beyond the grave. Even when her best friend was murdered right in front of her eyes and Anya was left in crisis, Xander still felt it a good opportunity to tell her to not be such a “dope”.

Moreover, in season seven Anya has an episode reflecting on her character called “Selfless”. And I find it amazing how the episode title encapsulates her entire relationship with Xander in one word.

See, “selfless” can mean unselfish, sacrificial, and giving, like Anya was for her fiance. However, the word also implies a lack of self, as ‘less’ as a suffix to a word oft means ‘none’ (for example, hopeless = lack of hope, loveless= lack of love, selfless= lack of self).  

So in one word the writers summed up Anya; because she was busy giving and giving and giving to Xander, so dedicated to his needs and never her own, she sacrificed her sense of self, her identity. She radically changed who she was for his sake, and abandoned her values in doing so. 

So yeah; Anya deserved much, much better. 


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If you ran Btvs, how would you write Willow and Xander?

hmmmm i’m not a fanfic writer and really with the revisions i’d like, they would fail to be willow and xander anymore…instead of saying how i’d writethem, how about how i’d like them to have been framed/written

really, the only way these guys could become tolerable to my liking if they frame it in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia way we’re the show acknolweges and revels in the fact that they’re kinda trash?

Xander is could be a Dennis/Mac hybrid; he touts himself as the everyman and there for u understanding dude the heart of the team…when he’s actually super judgmental and i’d like the projected image he has of himself as The Seer  to blow up in his face and revealed as an illusion a la Dennis the Golden God

Willow should be written as a very Dee type; she is often touted as the low key, underdog voice of reasons, but manages to abuse every little spec of power she’s given. someone gave me an ask long ago about how i’d rewrite willow’s arc in season 6? get her out of the house. Unleash her upon a world where she realizes that the power tripping side was in her all along and magic was just hte current tool. Willow maybe gets into a hacker group and has like the exactly same power addition and dynamics she has with her magic friends except amongst computer nerds

i honestly think if willow didn’t get into magic, she would just mimicked the current arc she went on in computers becoming a hacker 

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2. What are your unpopular opinion(s) of the fandom you’re rping in?

Munday Questions

1.) There are way too many people who have stopped enjoying the show and only spend their time bitching about things on it. It’s normal to have gripes about the show and storylines and such. But if that’s the only thing you’re doing, without looking at the positives and giving them an equal amount of time, you’re just being negative for the sake of negative.

2.) Willow does not deserve to be demonized for bring Buffy back in Season 6. Yes, it was wrong. Yes, she ripped Buffy out of Heaven. But look at it from her perspective; Willow, and the rest of the Scoobies for that matter, did not know where Buffy’s soul was after she jumped into Glory’s portal. For all they knew, she was suffering. Henceforth, they tried to do what they thought was right, which was bringing them back. 

And for another thing, stop fucking acting like the Scoobies were wrong for not keeping up with things after Buffy’s death. Have you ever owned a home? No? Then stop. No job that any of them were going to get, even Xander’s contracting business, would have been enough to pay off everything. Anyone who thinks so clearly doesn’t have a good understanding of money management. In addition, Willow and Tara were busy with their own things, such as college (WHICH BRINGS ITS OWN DAMN DEBT WITH IT), taking care of Dawn, and Slaying on top of everything.

Just fucking stop acting like the Scoobies are horrible people.

3.) Season 7′s entire purpose was mainly Buffy/Spike fanservice. I’m sorry, but the writing is so biased towards them that it’s hard to watch, knowing this was the final season and that they should have been paying a lot of time to wrapping up things with the Core characters. 

As much as I love the Buffy comics, every time I read season 8′s story line with Buffy and Satsu it hurts because they never even consider the possibility of bisexuality. They refer to the whole thing as Buffy’s ‘experiment’ in really negative terms, and even though it was selfish of her since she knew that Satsu was in love with her, it’s just so negative. Even Willow is nasty about it. Kennedy calls her a les-faux!!

Yeah, Buffy’s straight. But they didn’t even consider that she could be bi even as a “she’s not bi either, it was a one-time thing” - it’s just a “you’re not gay Buffy, what are you doing?” kind of thing. And it hurts. Bi erasure hurts me and I hate that it spoils my enjoyment of the story line.

every single time that i’ve mentioned i don’t like willow rosenberg, or willow’s relationship with tara, i’ve gotten at least two or three anons who don’t understand why. i usually refer people over to my willow tag, but i’ve always wanted to have a thorough post to give them, to explain the ways in which willow abused tara and generally treated her like dirt. 

this is that post. finally.

it’s very long, and it’s very negative about willow, so if either of those things bother you then you should skip past it.

i’ve talked a lot with people about willow’s actions toward tara, and one of the things i’ve noticed is that people consistently approach this conversation from willow’s point of view. the question is not how did this affect tara?, but rather, was willow justified in her actions?

i think i’ve made it clear that my answer to the latter question is a resounding no, but nonetheless, tara’s story is important to me and i want to talk about it.

tara spent the first 20 years of her life believing that she was part demon. she spent decades being manipulated into believing that she was evil, because her family wanted to keep her under their control.

the day that she escapes that emotional abuse is pretty much the happiest day of her life.

from that point on we see Tara get a lot happier, but she remains openly terrified with the idea of anyone messing with her mind. Remember this scene from Blood Ties, when Giles tells them about Glory’s method of harnessing mental energy?

she’s terrified. the idea of somebody tampering with her mind is worse than death to tara. it’s interesting to me that willow looks so sympathetic in this frame, too, like she completely understands why it’s so meaningful to tara.

and then of course, glory threatens her.

because tara is the bravest soul on earth, she doesn’t tell her, and glory goes ahead and does her thing.

alright. so that’s where we are when willow’s abusive behaviour starts. tara’s got a history of emotional abuse, a history of being violated, a history of viewing mental manipulation as the worst thing you can do to a person.

in episode 606, willow suggests doing some really dangerous magic that could potentially kill or injure dozens of people, in order to make their search for someone more convenient. when tara objects, they get into their first real big fight.

willow decides that the best course of action is to wipe tara’s mind of the argument.

their whole argument in the first place was about the fact that willow was using too much magic - and in particular, magic that could harm other people. and then willow turns around and does exactly that to tara. to make things worse, she does it in the specific way that she knows is most harmful to tara - by tampering with her mind.

and she looks pretty damn pleased with herself for it, too.

tara is understandably upset when she finds out.

And she confronts Willow about it in the next episode.

tara is exceedingly clear about what happened here. she was violated. she was betrayed by someone she thought she could trust. but willow tries to play it off as something totally benevolent.

willow still can’t even begin to acknowledge that she’s done something really wrong, though.

it’s only once tara tries to end the relationship that willow finally concedes and agrees to stop using magic for a trial period of one week. 

literally less than three minutes later, we see willow try to cast another memory spell on tara - to make her forget the outrage she was feeling over the first memory spell. good idea, willow! she includes buffy in this one too, because she apparently thinks she should be allowed to control buffy’s memories as well.

but it goes awry, and tara finds out that willow is trying to manipulate her mind again. after tara had told her that she felt violated, after she’d told her that it was the wrong way to solve their problems, after she’d practically begged her never to do it again - willow did. so tara leaves.

wait for this next bit, though. here we’ve got the episode after tara leaves. willow’s talking to amy, who’s still in rat form.

she starts off talking about amy, but it quickly veers into a story about her own life…

THERE IT IS. there’s willow claiming that tara left her for no good reason. after the manipulation, the lying, and the betrayal, willow still doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong. she still thinks tara left her for no good reason.

not only that, but she goes on to become more manipulative with her magic, more careless and reckless, more dangerous to everyone who crosses her path. she nearly gets dawn killed. she disfigures people in the bronze for her own enjoyment. that dark willow was a suprise to anyone is baffling to me, because she was always dark willow on the inside.

willow doesn’t respect anyone’s agency. she can’t learn from her mistakes because she can’t even acknowledge that she might have made a mistake in the first place. and even when things finally come to a head, and she is forced to reform at the beginning of season 7, she STILL doesn’t acknowledge her shitty personality flaws. the blame gets put on dark magic. never once does willow ever talk about learning to respect people, about being cognizant of personal boundaries, or about reexamining her selfishness. instead she talks about ~*~earth magic~*~ and addiction. it’s lazy, it’s sloppy story writing, and it makes willow one of the few characters on buffy who never really has to repent for her mistakes. and it’s bullshit.

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Buffy and Les Mis


  • Favourite Female: Buffy Summers
  • Favourite Male: Giles probably
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters: Spike, Dawn, Tara
  • 3 OTPs: Spike x Buffy, Tara x happiness, idk what else tbh
  • Notp: Willow x Tara post season 5
  • Funniest character: Xander or Buffy
  • Prettiest character: Buffy
  • Most Annoying Character: lots Willow probs
  • Most badass character: Buffy Summers (with Dawn as close second)
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: Tara
  • Female Character I’d Marry: Tara
  • Male Character I’d Marry: idk like no one?
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like: not really a fan or Riley and I hate Willow

Les Mis:

  • Favourite Female: Eponine
  • Favourite Male: Enjolras
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters: Cosette, Marius, JVJ
  • 3 OTPs: Eponine x Marius (shhh leave me be) and that’s like it
  • Notp: n/a
  • Funniest character: Thenardiers musical wise
  • Prettiest character: Cosette or Eponine film-wise
  • Most Annoying Character: Thenardiers probs
  • Most badass character: Eponine/Enjolras
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: Marius
  • Female Character I’d Marry: Cosette
  • Male Character I’d Marry: Marius
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like: idk like everyone has their place and I don’t dislike anyone really

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I FEEL YOU ABOUT WILLOW like a LOT of what she does and how hypocritical she sometimes is pisses me off but I feel I relate to her the most like I want to be Cordy but sadly I am willow yknow??? Which makes it hard for me to totally hate willow bc I can understand a lot of her motives but on the other hand I really can't justify her actions with her 'good' intentions, which is something I always tell myself and try to learn from & this post has gotten way more existential than I meant it to aha

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I'm curious about how you can be such a big fan of the show and still hate one of the core cast, one of the "scoobies." I wasn't happy with Willow in S6 either (and was annoyed with her for 1/2 of S7), but my love was already cemented for her from the previous seasons, so, like Buffy, I was able to forgive her. She is a complex character & experiences a huge character arc that pretty much comes full circle by the series finale. I've seen each ep so many times that I can't hate any of them.

I totally understand your feelings. Sadly, for me it goes beyond annoyance when it comes to Willow in s6-7. I completely agree that she is complex and gets a great story arc though! The thing is her story arc does not start in season 6, which means that all the traits I dislike about her (selfishness, hunger for power, recklessness, disregard of others agency, etc) are noticeable from the start (I do give a pass to s1 Willow). I personally feel like the idea of ‘the scoobies’ is a lie to begin with, so I really can’t forget Willow’s flaws on account of that. If you want to know exactly why I dislike her, I will direct you to this tag in which pretty much everything is detailed. Again, I do respect if you like her, but it’s very important to me that people do not overlook her flaws.

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i think though that her storyline is helped by her increasing selfishness; at first, she's loveable and helpful, but as she becomes more powerful it corrupts and changes her, as does her horrible situation where death is ever-present in her life. it's an interesting metaphor for the power of negative forces such as addiction over life, and in the need for selfishness as self-preservation

To this I will quote: “wordsandzombies said: tbh personally the idea that willow “becomes” and “ceases to be” what she is in seasons 6/7 is to overlook her entire character development and only acknowledge the culmination of pre-existing traits”

I wanted to give more thought to your message because it’s an interesting point, but to me what magic does to Willow is give her the means to achieve things the way she wants, not change her. The addiction arc makes so she ‘changes’ and 'gets corrupted’ when in fact Willow abused magics of her own means. If the real message was magic corrupts, there wouldn’t be charcaters like Tara. To quote the movie The Craft (because I watched it this week-end and it was so excellent): “The only good or bad is in the heart of the witch”.